Site’s sometimes too serious.
Let’s have some fun, yes?

I love when I finally muster some “calm” alone time, barren of distractions, so I can create vids of my travels.
I smile all the way through because it helps me relive some of the happiest moments
in my life, with the GREATEST of people to ever exist.

Maybe someday we’ll get YOU in one!!!!

My FAVORITE compilation to DATE!!
June 2011 – Feb 2012
Spots included:
Bahamas, Holland, Copenhagen, Sweden, Thailand, Belgium, Las Vegas, Florida, Boston and Dubai.

Coming Home video. Tried to get all my loved ones who live in the Bahamas in it.
But, yeah. IMPOSSIBLE.
Forgot about the kiddies that would watch the video. Used the “explicit” version of Pink’s song. OOPS!
Well, they all know me as “Rated R” potty mouth anyways.

A video I made for a dear friend who’s sister passed.

An AMAZING 3 months.

Worldwide compilation of trips 2010.
Dominican Republic, California, Texas, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize & the Bahamas.

Invading Nevada.
Amazing time with my American, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian friends.
Yes, you should be wishing you were there.

Tearin’ up the streets with 2-Wheels in Trinidad.


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