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What’s your WHORE status?

What are your priorities in life?
What do you do with your days, weeks, months?
At the end of the year do you look back and find fulfillment in what you’ve accomplished?

Does it even matter to you, if you make a positive impact on the world around you?
Just curious.

Back to whores….


So many people, women especially, like to quickly judge prostitutes.
When in the overall spectrum…

WE ARE ALL WHORES in some way.
(and the sad reality is most street prostitutes aren’t doing it by choice)
Or, have been.

Too busy pointing the finger out and ignoring the 3 slappin’ you right in the face.
I’m the first proponent for WOMEN embracing their POWER.
(The “jewel” they have between their legs)

For me, my attitude has always been:
“This, is priceless. You gotta EARN your way down between these puppies.”

I’m far from a 10. I’m NOT a supermodel
but I’ve always had self-respect in that aspect of my life.
It tiz I who have the prize buddy!

Some girls/women don’t utilize their power and just let guys through
the “Pearly Gates” so easily and regret it in the end…
If a guy is truly into you and respects you, he will wait.
HE MUST wait, unless you wish to categorize yourself
mainly as a piece of meat.
Which is fine too, if that’s what you want.
(Guys just LOVE me. **yes, sarcasm** Well, guys actually do, it’s the lazy, dirty bag scums who
hate me for making their lives more difficult by empowering women around me.)
Cara loves you.

I know a lot of high end “girlfriend” type women.
(Comes with the territory of having very rich businessmen as friends)
If you can do it, GO. Might as well get something outta the suckers.
Essentially, all it is, is a transaction.
The majority of people in life, do things, for something in return.
People need to know, “What’s in it, for me?”


Some people do it for a nice meal and night out.
Others, for jewels.
Some to get high.
Some to get by…
A lot of the ones who are blinded by their own whoring…do it in the form of marriage.

The high horse mega million dollar wives who think the 40 year old age
difference between her and her man, doesn’t SCREAM
“Gold digger.”

But whatever man. It’s all a trade and if you can live with it, who am I to judge?
Just watch how quickly you judge others, cuz you may just be pickin’ apart
pieces of you.

Even a job you do, that you don’t wanna be doing…
is essentially whoring yourself out without spreading your legs.
Because, in the end, it’s all a means to MONEY.

Anything you do, that goes against the grains of your natural desires
for the end result of money


YOU are a WHORE.


Great revelation, no?
C’mon. Bend over and take it with a smile.

You know you wanna.

And if you don’t, I’ll pay.

Cuz everyone has a price. Right?

Doesn’t she look sweet here?
Sasha Grey.
(pics in this entry)

I didn’t know this, as I thought she was just another actress…
but thanks to the quick’n’swift knowledge base of Mr Rick V…
I’ve discovered she’s a porn star.

Porn star who’s turned to mainstream acting, modeling and music.
I wish you the BEST of luck sweetheart!!!!
(From the movie The Girlfriend Experiment that I spoke about an entry ago.)
I liked it, give it a watch.

I actually felt like I was watching my friend Diana in the movie…
NO, Diana’s not one of my high-end girlfriend type friends
they just have a similar look I guess.
However, Sasha smiles in her pictures.

I’m not scared of Sasha.

Even though they can both look kinda wicked.


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(GFE) Girlfriend Experience – ‎”If it flies, floats or fucks…it’s cheaper to rent.”

Sometimes after I have sex, I wish, I dunno like, you know I hadn’t done it.
I hate it when it’s over. It’s like, is that it?
The chase is the best part. That’s where all the excitement is.
You know, it’s, it’s…it’s a turn on that somewhere there’s a girl,
standing on a corner and she’s waiting to have sex with me.

You can approach these perfect 10s and you know you are going to get somewhere.
I can have plenty of good sex with tons of decent looking women, but what I can not get is that kick ass
super tight body 19 year old man, I would DEFINITELY pay for that.

Well, we all wish we drove a Porsche, but realistically all we are ever gonna own is a Honda
so we are lucky that we can always rent one for a couple of hours.

** Priorities. Guess I should be “lucky” that I’m not ugly, gross and pathetic
and can have my “Porsches” (I’ve actually had a 911, don’t know what all the hooplah’s about)
and “drive” em too? **

I guess for me, I think of it as…”If you put ALL that energy you use (waste) into trying to get laid…
into something of actual substance, can you imagine all the awesomeness you can generate?
Instead of just shootin’ a load…?”

Therein lies my frustration.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience (2008)
Love is more expensive than sex.

Stumbled upon this by accident while lookin’ up the original stream for the above movie.
The Girlfriend Experience (2009)

Yes, different movie.
A drama set in the days leading up to the 2008 Presidential election,
and centered on a high-end Manhattan call girl meeting the challenges of her boyfriend,
her clients, and her work.


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