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Ugly Beautiful – The World…Cracked. (Please share)

I’ve got a headache and hangover fit for screwdriver-in-skull insertion.
I have never felt so “beaten” from a night out.

I’ve tried my best to write out this entry, but I’ll have to postpone the rest for later.
I’ll have better concentration on getting my thoughts out and organizing info
once I get some sleep and this cringing pain has subsided.

How can one find amusement or enjoyment out of the existence of such things like Amsterdam’s Red Light District?

It’s a place of seediness and sadness.
If you smile, or laugh or find any positive enjoyment out of such things, you are
laughing in the face of suffering.
People aren’t objects for sale, purchase and control for our weak and selfish desires.
This shit always brings me to tears. I can’t wrap my head around a world that accepts and creates
such environments.

Such evil.

Such disregard for the life of a human being.

I naturally seek the happiness of others.
I love bringing smiles to those around me and being the catalyst for ultimate lifetime experiences.
I hate suffering.
I hate sadness.
For the most part, I work and spread happiness like MAGIC.


But, for the individuals of slavery…
there’s JUST SO MANY!
I want to save them all.
I want to give them the life they deserve for falling prey to such repulsive, revolting and WICKED
acts of the malignant sectors of humankind.

 I want to buy an island and give them a paradise where they never have to suffer again.
No stress. No bills. Just exist. Be happy.
Take care of them, rehabilitate them and give them the tools to ATTACK life again, properly.
If they want to leave, they can leave. If they want to stay forever…
Well, they can damn well stay forever.
(wish me luck, this is my vision and I’d love to make it a reality in some form)

WE as people of the world have FAILED these individuals.
FAILED to protect them, so I believe we OWE them.
We owe them because we sit back with the knowledge of everything that’s happening…
yet, still allow it to flourish.

On my last trip to visit my parents, my father said to me that I’m a lot like him.
I’ll take less to give others more.
I’m not sure if he was saddened by this or not. Meaning, I don’t give myself enough.
Like, it’s a curse.
However, the gift of a genuine smile from those around me
is worth so much more than anything I could EVER buy or do.

I think I have a sour taste for money, because of all the evil that’s CREATED because of it.
It’s so disastrous in the wrong hands.

And not enough of the RIGHT hands have enough to combat it.

This is how I’m beginning to feel on most days.
Disgusted with money.
Hence, the inspiration of this photo.
So many people are blinded by the CHASE of these shitty pieces of printed paper it’s pathetic.

To the perpetrators, I’d love to run a knife deeply across their necks.
My dream is to get them all in ONE building and BOMB it.
There’s just so many, I don’t have time to have each and every one tortured and kept alive to be tortured some more. I see them as cockroaches that must be eliminated for being pests.
But, like cockroaches, no matter how much we try to squash them, they live on.

Holland pulls in about 700 million EUROS each year from prostitution.
They need to start allocating funds out of that SIZEABLE profit to protect women victims of sex trafficking
because, essentially, the country is PROFITING from the abuse, torture, kidnapping and constant RAPE
of the commodity of these women.

Money –> Power –> Sex
First you get the money, then you get the power…and then you get the sex.

Sex Slaves of Jefri of Brunei

The Saud family continue to be the prime purchasers on the international slave trade and are known as high end buyers. The Saudi Arabian Government continues to refuse to sign the United Nations treaties on slavery or other human rights issues because they do not want to be subject to their provisions. They will not sign extradition treaties even with Washington.

Who gives a fuck if they sign or not?
There should be a universal “I’m coming to breakdown your house” rule of
law where justice can prevail over borders.

A Law of Humanity to protect each and every person that walks the earth.
Why is that such a BIG fucking thing to ask for?

 Washington allows Saudi princes and their entourage to circumvent customs and immigration which allows them to ship their child sex slaves out of the US without need of the customary passport. The children are then escorted directly onto the Saudi princes plane and flown to Saudi Arabia never to be seen again.

Like, WTF?
Am I the only crazy one that sees this as RIDICULOUS????

When members of an international sex ring are caught Washington allows them freedom from criminal and civil actions by either giving them diplomatic immunity, retroactive diplomatic immunity or other State Department protection under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.


We must save the future and protect the present.
Everyone should have the SIMPLE right of living life freely
and hopefully grab happiness within the world around them.

The innocence and purity of our children are a TERRIBLE thing to destroy.
Let’s find a way to keep the beauty found within the laughter of a child and give them the future
that they all deserve.


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