Sex Slavery & Human Trafficking

This is a subject I’m most passionate about. It consumes my days and my happiness. Beyond hunger, beyond starvation, beyond people living and dying, homeless and sick…unlike those, which I consider survival of the fittest and natural “life” SLAVERY is something brought upon others by the greed and heartless acts of another.

My desire is to one day eradicate it BUT we all know, that day will never come. It’s a battle with depressing results.

This year, I tested “humanity.” And oh my God. We’re doomed. So, what’s the solution? If we can’t count on each other, then, what’s this life for? With this site, I’m giving myself 365 days to figure it all out. I may just come out an entirely new person…….

Cuz as I dig deeper, into myself and into the darkness existing around us and within us…
I feel myself starting to JUST NOT GIVE A SHIT cuz for every cup of evil scooped out, a bucket more comes pouring on in. **frustrating how fast evil multiplies**

So jump aboard, hold tight…and let’s GO see what happens!

Links from previous site. (

Amsterdam – Red Light District

Let’s Talk SEX: Red-light district MUMBAI style

Go Poppy Project! – Sex trafficking victim gets PAY OUT! $$$

If Only Heaven’s Tears Could Wash Away the Sins of the World.

There’s probably more. I’ll add ’em as I have the time. If you wish to search content
on Crazywheelies. Type: Crazywheelies and sex slavery, human trafficking, etc into


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