For When I’m Gone…

You’ll never know, when life will decide to say…
play time’s over.

So I’m leaving this note, for all my loved ones
incase that day may come more suddenly than expected.

For each flight, each ride, each drive…

my heart was always filled
because I’ve had you all in it.
Whenever my time will come


That I will die, with a smile.

I wish for you the same end.
NOW…make me proud

and live it up!!!

With love, forever yours.




One response to “For When I’m Gone…

  1. larado edward morley

    February 15, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    beautiful enchanted enlightened withe eyes like gemstones voice of harmony actions upliftment memories of fantasy extravagent to belief as far as the eyes can see enlightened in harmony angel i light angel in life to what you beleive can only prosper i see immortal hoping one day you’ll shine on another immortal like me forever with you if you beleive larado edward morley
    redeye good e.


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