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Beautiful Music. A very well-done, yet heartwrenching look into reality…


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How do I love thee (Marion Motin)? Let me count the ways………

I ♥ this woman! (Sucky screenshot, BTW)
Talent, sweetness, grace, CUTE AS HELL, with a strong personality without a hint of annoying cockiness.
GOT to love it. Back off, she’s MINE!

Go to minute 6:21 if you don’t speak French. (STILL WORTH IT THOUGH)
She’s a KICKASS dancer. CHECK CHECK!

I LOVE the Mad…MOI…Zelle too. Kewl name.

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Adorable Spiders??? Is that like saying “cute” instead of “creepy” crawlers? Vids, check for yourself.

Watch til end to see what he does. One word: Spazz!

I just found this guy to have an interesting face.
Kewl to look at.

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Skillz!!! Unleash Your Fingers!! LOVE THIS VIDEO! Check it out!

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This Video is just TOO Amazing and Cute. You must watch!!!!

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OMG. A seriously “talented” tongue…and a MASSIVELY insane one. (Videos)

Apparently I’m “late to the game” on these…
however, if I haven’t seen it, there must be a few of you that haven’t either.
The world is definitely filled with some “unique” creatures.

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This Video Just Makes Me Smile…Cute Russian Dancer Chick

Has my head boppin’ side to side…especially starting on the 30th second of vid.
OK, and not to mention bangin bod, moves and jeans. LOVE the jeans.
Psssst. ((Call me)) HA HA

(Found out her name Ksyunya Alimpiyeva – Roman Alphabet – Kcюня Aлимпиевa – Russian)


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