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Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone? – Must Watch Video

Exactly. Yet another serendipitous moment in life which connected me to this video.
Here is where I’ve been for the last few weeks and it’s refreshing to HEAR it back.
Disconnect from your distractions and truly CONNECT to yourself and the REAL world.

If you could watch a video…of a “fictional” time in the future of WHERE we WILL
be heading if we don’t slow down, disconnect and change our ways…
you’d think it scary and foolish.

But it isn’t.

We are becoming robots of flesh, soon to befriend, connect and find comfort in the

Here was my status the other day:
As I step back to absorb what’s happening in the world I feel like I’m in a movie. One of those movies where I’m one of a scant few that sees the evil slowly coating our existence, microchipping humans into drones, and programming them into mindless, thoughtless bodies walking straight into their own destruction – with a smile. I’m not allowed to say what I’ve seen, all I’m saying is “WAKE UP!!!” and “BALANCE” your technological connections. Facebook is merely a big domino in a line of seemingly harmless yet HARMFUL innovations. – Wake up, balance and learn to detach. Shit’s about to get a bit CRAZY! Take baby moonwalks back to Mother Nature. She misses you. ♥♥

Enjoy the video. Take the time and watch it. Trust me.


Skillz!!! Unleash Your Fingers!! LOVE THIS VIDEO! Check it out!

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Laptops and Ketchup. Mmmmmmmm. Tasty!!!

Great start to the day, wouldn’t ya say?
Yes. That there’s ketchup. Just another day in the life of one of Cara’s laptops.

It was a packet of ketchup I had in my backpack.
I didn’t know that the back makes its way to the front without barrier.
See my fingers?

Good to know. Good to KNOW!

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The Art in Inhumanity. From Brothels to the CIA.

As I was plonkin’ around, doing my “thing” I decided to find ART.
Brothel Art.
Why connect the CIA to brothels?
Operation Midnight Climax.

The CIA opened up brothels, gave the “customers” LSD and then watched them have sex
through one way mirrors. They did it in brothels to ensure the men wouldn’t report
the incident to local police. (because of embarrassment)

OMC stemmed from the CIA’s Project MKULTRA.
It’s aim was to explore the effects and use of “mind-control” drugs
such as LSD, Heroin, and Sodium Pentothal (Truth Serum).
(War drugs)

When I was younger, I wanted to work for the CIA, mainly because I wanted to know.
I wanted to know the “EVIL” that happens behind their corrupt, misguided and unethical doors.
(But then I’d be their puppet and no better then they are)
There’s no difference between the CIA (government) and the mafia.
One’s just got the “legal” green light behind them.
Or, shall we say, a bigger cloak to protect themselves with.

In short: Power.

Shit’s FUUUUCKED up and it starts from the top
so how do we expect a change from the bottom?


First step is for a massive awakening.
However, with Facebook, Instagram, the Jersey Shore, Farmville??? etc etc numbing our minds
and quietly re-programming REAL action into a simple “like” and “share” making
folks think they are actually making a dent in serious global issues…


And the “reality” phenomena where people rather sit on their couch and WATCH other people live
their fabricated lives?


K, I’mma stop the blabber.
Hope you enjoy the art.


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I just CREAMED my pants…CUM check out some of life’s Treasures. You know you wanna.

And it wasn’t for a motorbike…OR vibrator.
However, if this has enough “shake” to it…I’d slap my legs around it and take it for a spin.
My buddy Lamar posted this on Facebook.

This is like the (I’d say the 2010 Agusta MV 1000 F4) but I think most of you would understand…
of boat engines. Holy shit. Problem is, if I ever had these puppies on the back of a boat
in the Bahamas? It’d cause such a stir, they’d be gone once my back was turned.

I’d need to build one of those boat garages…WITH Tungsten 1 foot deep thick doors and strategically
place mines around the entrance and surrounding area.
Even then, I wouldn’t feel my babies were safe.

So I guess, the good news…is my fear is going to save me $70,000 a pop.

If you want more info…

But IF…just IF I were to get these beautiful engines…
We’d have to join the forces.

The red two-wheeled slice of heaven.

The Red Hello Kitty Ferrari.

All of my sweetest’n’sexiest friends in their FINEST red bikinis…
Or not. Free will. Clothing optional…however, maybe AT LEAST a red scrunchie to keep with
the theme. I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

This one. (below) is mine. Don’t make me throw you off the boat, in VERY deep water
VERY, VERY far from any piece of land mass available.

I can’t forget my Indy.
Need something for HER to play with as well.
Bald and speedo. This is the best I could do honey, sorry!

Nah man. Those weren’t good enough for you.


Photoshopped for your fantasizing pleasure.

Photoshop makes life just THAT much more entertaining…doesn’t it?

Diana. I dunno man. Your guy, is followin’ me! Where do you see “red speedo” anywhere here?

So, who’s in???


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Time to give my baby some anxiety.

I love you.

Time for the weekly de-clutter.
(Wish I could hire a cyber maid, but then again…I’d have the same problem as with any maid
I don’t want people IN and touching ma shit.)


 I didn’t even notice til a few weeks ago that I was using the wrong font for my

It’s no surprise, I’m a mess…from the inside, OUT!
At least, I’m consistent.


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De-Virginizing Illustrator

A quickie.
Plonkin’ around for a quick 10-15 min sketch.
Didn’t really time, all I know is I ended at 11:14AM.
(Mom’s bday)

Not usually what I’d post, but I’ve never used Illustrator before and I haven’t sketched…
God. In who knows how long.
10 years?

I’m not understanding the tools, used the brush one for this as it seemed to be the
only semi-free flowing tool. Guess in time, if I start dedicating myself to it
I’ll figure out the ins and outs so I can actually produce something worthy
and not so damn frustrating. I’m so used to using real pens.
Sketch woulda been so much quicker, but tool seems to have a mind of its own?
Any tips will be GREATLY appreciated!

As in life, will learn to re-adjust to the present.


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