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A Peek at Perfection. (Ass, Ink and Skin…what more do you want?)

This picture is absolute perfection. Stunning. Captivating. Alluring.
You name it, it’s there. Lighting is spot on.
Just stare. Ain’t nothing sacrilegious about appreciating such tremendous beauty.
I’ve already put on mountains of mileage just cruising up and down this delightful land mass.

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I Told You, My DiMattCa Clan, that I’d have something for ya……..are you sitting down? Sit down.

We left off with Matt impregnating a dolphin…
so while you guys passed out on me
here are the treasures that I stumbled upon.
(Which then in turn lead to adventures and creative genius. Don’t you just LOVE when that happens?)

We wondered what the baby would look like..
well, here’s Matt and Flipperina’s child, as a teen.
(Takes more after Matt it seems.)

When he was a baby, we weren’t quite sure who the father was.

Kewl pic I came across while on the search of Matt’s porpoise offspring pics.


Sweet, no?

Diana’s porpoise offspring.
Cute little thing.

Remember my adoptive family?
Found a pic of my brother. His such a pimp.

Imagine takin’ this guy to bed.
(Actually, it might make a threesome kinda fun. Or at least, interesting.)
Nice butt.

Which then brought me to multi-limbed frogs.
Believed to be caused by a parasite called Ribeiroia.

Awwwweeeeee. Why are baby things always so cute?

Which brought me to him…

And then to polydactyly. No Photoshop here. Tiz real.

A guy in my class had thumbs like this. HE could actually control it like a crab claw.
Twas neat. There was a girl in my same class that was missing a thumb
because when she was younger she sucked on it and to stop her, her mom bandaged it up.
Well, that thumb eventually fell off.
I always thought, “HEY! Why don’t you give your thumb to her!”
(BALANCE, no?)

Then KFC came to mind…

Which all at once inspired an ad campaign.
C’mon. Just TELL me I’m not a advertising GENIUS!!!
That’s why they pay me the BIG bucks!


Then, a buncha other randomness.
A freaky fish face

With all the work to create the frog tongue, don’t you think they coulda
Photoshopped the damn fillings out of her mouth?

Oh Kermie. What would Miss Piggy say!

Throwback to the topics:

Oh wait.

I got something for ya.

Right. I’m back.
To ma Dragomir:
Your very own Dragominater poster.
Coming to a theater near YOU!
I know you gonna just LOVE this. Again. I’m good.
You love it, yes??? Say you love it.

Shit’s good when I’m not distracted by you. Huh?
Me likey. Makes me smile.

Hope this finds you to a pleasant “wake up” once you rise again to greet another day
well, the SAME day…just later on in the afternoon.


New TAT!!!!!!!

My baby Indy sent me this.
I want!

I told her, and WHEN I get it on my NECK…I’ll tell my parents (especially my father)
that they have HER to thank.


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Qualms and QUAMS.

An example of how an “L” can go a LONG way!!!!

I was writing a friend today and wanted to use “qualm” in a sentence…
but I’ve never written it out before so did a bit of googling.




an uneasy feeling or pang of conscience as to conduct; compunction: He has no qualms about lying.

a sudden feeling of apprehensive uneasiness; misgiving: a sudden qualm about the success of the venture.

a sudden sensation or onset of faintness or illness, especially of nausea.


Well, THAT was found in the Urban Dictionary meaning:

No…not this
Their “sample” sentence:
last night i got some quams
Didn’t really want to post…as it’s before 10am and a bit graphic for even me.
But I did.
Oh yes I did.
Class dismissed!

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No Wonder My Laptops Don’t Make it Past a Year…OVERLOAD!!

Searching for video to make a new 2011-2012 world travel compilation
and Mmmmmmmm. Found some fun stuff.
ha ha ha

Time whisks by and ya kinda forget some of the “precious” moments.

These are the PG-13 pics.
My favorite part of a woman is her back.
Back…but I’m sure that’s not what you are looking at in this pic.

Awwwweeeee. Someone was sitting down for too long.

Are you a pervert?

This is the tramp stamp on my back.

Someone just decided to pinch in my back.
See…told ya I had “Mental Patient” written on me.
Sucks the pic’s kinda blurry.

These are the only pics out of hundreds that I could actually post.
You had to be there.


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Awwwwwwww. I think this is rather sweet.

But good God. Crack a smile man!
She posin’ all gangsta!


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Picking Out Pregnancy Tests……

I went out twice today.
First, was TOO early. Met up with Indy.
She was near my house so muscled me outta my bed.

So right now, I feel rather “off.”
When I’m here, and I don’t know why, I don’t get out of bed before 12PM.
Bed’s too comfy?
I dunno.
And she had me up at 10:30AM.


Then, I headed out to pick up a pregnancy test for a friend.
For a person that never needs one, I’ve bought so many, it’s not even funny.
I dunno why friends come to me to buy them.

Maybe they find the image of my discomfort while buying it, amusing.

LUCKY me, I bumped into everyone and their mother at the pharmacy.
A family friend and computer techy guy was in line in front of me
and let me go in front of him.
He’s this proper, well-mannered, a little too polite guy.
You could tell when he noticed my purchase.


My “innocent” reputation…RUINED!!!!!

I got an email from my exes brother yesterday.
Made me smile.
He started it off with “manitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
Which is an endearing way to say sister in Spanish.

I miss him.
We chatted for a bit and got all caught up with each other.
I like when little surprises pop up like that.

It warms my heart.

Yes, I’m sappy.
I blame my age.

Went to the food store and bumped into more friends.
One of them who’s wife is getting a little tired of the island.
They aren’t from here and both of them are young.
I feel bad for her.


Cuz, I’d die if I was stuck here YEAR ROUND!

I’m feeling quite alien…cuz SOMEBODY disturbed my slumber!

Gonna zone out on the couch and watch me my NY Ink.


Mi manito precioso.

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