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Happy Birthday to My Moldovan Madam

Since asking you to marry me on March 12th and warning you I don’t bite, it’s been a journey. A perfect flowing symmetry with surprises and amazing discoveries around every corner.
Even though religions are pretty whacked…
they do have a core basis of truth when it comes to life:


Like us, today.
As you mentioned…
(age-wise *cough*)

Within this short time I believe you know my ins and outs
better than many who have been in my life for years.

This can all be in part DUE to our insomnia and the mutually late hours we keep.

 You once laughed at how quickly I became someone’s muse…
then I, not as quickly, became one of yours.
And you, one of mine.

Funny how “life” works huh?

Speaking of muses…
I just did a calculation which brings 13 into play today!!!
I’ll privately message you that one.

Serendipity and circles.
It’s like today reconnects the “whole.”
You’ll see.

Maybe we have too much time on our hands.
What do you think?

I was initially thinking of getting you a subscription to Netflix
for your birthday, but then thought
you were gifted with ME…so, what else could one ask for?


From castrating missions, to pirates,  to virgins and everything in between…
from today and for the many to come
I, as we always seem to say, with everything
you want and desire wish you:

“Good Luck With THAT!”


I hope I can continue the path of giving you smiles and boning your mind.
Which may be on the difficult side nowadays as I’m sleeping more
which in turns seems to have zapped the energy in my brain.

Or, maybe it’s just my multiple personalities
switching shifts?

I never know with them.

(Yes, I stole this off google. Couldn’t be arsed. You know I’d do so much better. Hence
why I wanted to reveal the “lie” before it was discovered.)


The SUPER Freak in Stalker 13 and The Distraction of a Lil Asian Muse.


Also, that day, during a conversation…I mentioned “top hat” in a joke.
Top hat, is NOT in my regular vocabulary. I can’t even recall when I’ve ever USED the damn word.

Diana was like, “Why’d you say top hat? I’m painting one.”


Seriously people. Y’all aren’t freaked by this? 

This was after discussing another reflection. Jesus.

** Awwweeeeeeee. Just got a notification. (Like just now) **

The little shit went quiet, I knew she was up to something.
I can sense, sneakiness!

I’ve been in a zone today. Not bad nor good really.
Just a silent “BE”
Braincells are on cruise control.
(best way to describe it, I guess)
I’m just merely a breathing shell today.

But, this got me to smile…so sweetly.

Just what I needed.

I feel like the day, overcast and cold.
But, you’ve managed to cast a bit of sunshine and smiles.

I’m so spwecial.

It’s kinda crazy how she “dropped” into my life.
Ever since the “d-day” (Drop Day…Diana Day) ha ha ha
It’s been a cool, insanely serendipitous, little ride.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Father Alberto Cutie – First cums the Fame…then cums da PUSSAY!!!

So, what exactly are the limits of YOUR priest to parish relationship?
If ya want a little more “heat” take it down to MIAMI
(like we ALL didn’t know THAT!!!)
where Catholic life, all the way up to the master (priest) pastor himself…
gets a little “jiggy with it.”

OK my child. That will be 3 Hail Marys, a Glory Be and a blow job.

“Meet me in the confessional in 5.”

So, how’s YOUR priest lookin???

Do YOU have enough Pussy Power to bring your priest down to HIS knees?

Do I hear challenge?!?!!?

As I googled Ruhama which is the now wife of Father Cutie…
this is the TOP result I got.

It’s actually prostitution AND trafficking.
Yet another of the many serendipitous moments in my life.

Right. Gonna check ’em out now.


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A Babe Named Benazir, Nom Noms from the Orient & Sweet’n’Sexy Surprises.

Fell into a zone after the Thai Oil massage blog.
Then, got into an annoyingly frustrating verbal spat with someone.
(In regards to the post)
A person shouldn’t need to know the “whys”
in order not to inflict discomfort on another. Just my take, sorry.
I have a short fuse for useless conversations.
Anyways…after that I just wanted to escape. I haven’t done a solo adventure in a while…
so I downloaded a few fresh tunes on my iPod, grabbed the book I carry around like a Bible
(but haven’t had the mental serenity to visit in AGES)
and I was off.

Planned to hit the Thai place we discovered the other night in Schiedam Centrum.
Khan Thoong.
Once I jumped off the tram…I remembered.

So, waited for the next tram. 16 mins. Twasn’t the time, that was the problem.
Twas the damn COLD!!!!!!
I tried to keep my mind off it while my body began to tremble.
(I don’t layer. Just jeans and a jacket. 41F/5C No biggie)
To make matters worse, it was LATE!

Anyways…so on the tram into Rotterdam I go!
Planned on going to See Me See You but as I approached it:
The universe was testing my patience!
Lime Leaf, although my 3rd in line for Thai restaurants (out of 3) was open.
I had my heart set on Tom Kha Gai so…
here I was.

My view.

Educate yourself on ma lady.

So not satisfying. Need to hit Khan Thoong tonight for some ultra orgasmic Tom Kha Gai.
This, was a mere vibrator with 10 secs of battery life.

Needed MORE spice!!

Softshell crab. Had an old musky flavor to it.
Yet another, thumbs down. Looks good though, no?

Chicken Pad Thai. I’m very predictable when eating at a Thai restaurant, NOT in Thailand.
Still lacking. Only thing I’d “dance” about in regards to this restaurant
is the chopsticks. LOVE EM!!!!!!!!!

I paid, made my way to the restroom and asked for my noodles to be packed.
When I came back, I asked one of the waiters for my food…
and you could tell, they forgot and threw the shit out.
Then, my Chinese waiter began to mumble in Cantonese something to the effect of:
“I can’t believe she wants to save that little bit.”
Which WASN’T just a little bit, thank you very much!
But hello? You don’t speak asian talk in front of an asian! I shoulda mouthed something back.

They made me a fresh little set to go.

Best thing I had.

Gas station near the hotel.

Best thing to BRIGHTEN my evening.
There I was, locked in thought, heading towards Rotterdam Centraal
when this chick stands in my way with her arms out all smiley and shit.
I was so locked into myself all day that it took me a minute to snap back into reality.
(my sexy’n’cute Moroccan who’ll be my tour guide when WE go)

Man. See how amazing the universe is?
It always knows when I need an extra dollop of whip cream to brighten my day.

I haven’t seen Wafa (right) since my trip to Holland last year.
Since finding out I’m back,  she’s been promising to kidnap me…but, Cara still waits.
She just came back from the gym with Lois. (left)

K. That’s it. We gotta get this shit ON bitches!!!!!

I’ve seen these guys for the past few mornings.
I’m like, damn. Breakfast of champions! I found out the other day that they are on the night shift
at a project here. HA HA Cuz I’m always like, man. Really? Wow!!!!!
Party on brothers!
I also found out, that they know my name…
as they said, “BYE Cara” the other day.

Boy, shit does travel fast ’round here, doesn’t it?

Kewl guys. They are leaving Thursday, so before separation anxiety kicks in when all’s left is an
empty space where they once were…

I snapped a pic.

Right. Tiz a brand new day. Get to it!


The Powers That Be…

I’m telling you.
I’m powerful.

ha ha

No joke. But what I mean is, shit keeps “falling” into my lap
and piecing together.

It’s like that which I desire, with a pure heart, drops like blocks
building my foundation, stronger and stronger each day.

People might think this sounds crazy or whatever, but trust me.
If I could write out my life, they’d see.
I’ve never really planned my life.

I just know what I love, what I’m passionate about and flow with those things as a constant in my mind…
and the rest, is “gifted” to me.

Sounds crazy, yes, but how else can I describe it?

A friend of mine wrote this to me the other day:
“Thanks for the post about Juarez. An interesting phenomenon I never heard about.”

Then, the very next day he shoots me a story that just happened to cross his path.
I’m telling you, the “forces” are behind me.

2012. I’ve got some major projects in the works, and if things fall into place as my gut signals me
they are…

I’mma start ROCKIN’ shit up BIG TIME I mean, BIG!!!
**Keep them fingers crossed for me, any bit helps!!!**

Mexico activist in Juarez women killings wounded

stumbleupon: Mexico activist in Juarez women killings wounded   digg: US Works With Sudan Government Suspected Of Aiding Genocide   reddit: Mexico activist in Juarez women killings wounded Mexico activist in Juarez women killings wounded

December 2, 2011 11:38 PM EST | AP

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CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — An activist representing relatives of women slain or missing in the border city of Ciudad Juarez was shot Friday in what authorities called an apparent robbery attempt.

Chihuahua state prosecutors said Norma Andrade, 51, was shot twice outside her home and was in stable condition in a hospital.

Andrade was the second activist to be shot this week in northern Mexico. Anti-crime activist Nepomuceno Moreno was killed Monday in Hermosillo. He had protested the kidnapping of his teenage son.

Andrade founded an organization of relatives of women who have gone missing or been murdered in Ciudad Juarez to pressure authorities to solve the cases. Her daughter Lilia Alejandra Garcia Andrade was tortured, raped and killed in 2001 when she was 17.

Arturo Sandoval, spokesman for the state Attorney General’s Office, said Andrade told investigators that a man approached her outside her house and tugged at her purse. When she tried to hold on to it, the man fired his gun wounding her right hand and left shoulder, Sandoval said.

Authorities were still trying to determine whether it was a robbery or a murder attempt, Sandoval said.

Andrade’s daughter, Malu Andrade, told The Associated Press that teachers at the middle school where her mother works said suspicious men had been asking about her whereabouts Friday morning. The attack happened in the afternoon.

“Authorities knew that we had been threatened,” the daughter said by telephone.

A series of eerily similar killings of more than 100 mainly young women began in Ciudad Juarez in 1993, but appeared to had tapered off by late 2004 or early 2005.

The killings have been the topic of books, documentaries and the 2006 movie “Bordertown” starring Jennifer Lopez. Lopez in 2007 received a special recognition from Andrade and her organization, Bring Our Daughters Home.

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My God honey. If I were to rank today, I wouldn’t really know what to say. It was an awesome day, but mentally, without reason…I went UP and DOWN, and UP and DOWN. From on top of the world, down to not wanting to be a part of it anymore. Right now, I’m in a down state. What is that? It was a full day filled with beautiful weather, adventures and company. (it even included a beach!!! Yes, here in Holland! It’s an awesome boardwalk type place called Schevenigen. I like going there cuz it reminds me of PDC – Playa del Carmen , MX)

I was having some issues with my breathing. Remember those? Yeah, it still happens. I hate it. Maybe my brain’s not getting enough oxygen and it’s beginning to deteriorate and malfunction. Ha ha

What do you think?

Also, as I lay here in bed, I can feel my heartbeat, fluttering and spazzing out. Remember that nurse? The one we met at the hospital when I was having these problems and you were worried and made me go check it out? Crazy how she was later the one in the ER who could get you in to see me. Interesting how life can link together key points like that, huh?

I thought about her the other day. Do you remember her name? I don’t even recall what she looks like. My memory’s such a piece of shit when it comes to names and now, even faces. If Facebook wasn’t created, I don’t know how I’d keep track of everyone in my life.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind, that life, may take one of us away before we ever see one another again? That’d be sad. Wouldn’t you say? It makes me think of that Creed song, “What’s this life for?” Thru the love, the struggles, the dedication and time…to come up empty handed at the end, would be sickly ironic, no?

Sometimes I feel I keep going for the ones who count on me and love me. Beyond that, I find life to be so pointless. Is this it? Why is not having a DRIVE to live looked upon so negatively? Do people not see, we are all wired differently and sometimes, the brain is so outta whack, that in order to feel “at peace” you just want it to stop?

I’ve been blessed and have made a path in life, that in all surrounding ways should be ideal, yet, it’s still lacking. Nothing really excites me and if it does, it’s like a match. Lit and gone in an instant. I feel spent, like I’ve poured too much, out into the world and now, am left unable to top up again.

I had an accident the other week. I coulda fucked myself up pretty bad, I could have even died. Not trying to make you sad or anything, just discussing the reality of what is.

I’m starting to fall asleep now. I wanna sleep away this feeling. Tomorrow’s another day. Maybe I’ve just been overdoing myself and need some rest. Anyways…no point in BOTH of us down. So, here’s a pic to make you smile. I KNOW it’s one of your favs. If anything ever takes me away, I want you to have these days, always, to refer back to so you know just how I’ve love you, cherished you and have forever had you in my heart and mind.

Kisses to you love.


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