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I Have…Returned! Cool motorcycles, automotive pre-war eye-candy, Turkish hot sauce, alcohol, alcohol and MORE alcohol.

I took the day off yesterday (from blog-world – couldn’t be arsed)
like a Romanian on their Orthodox Easter Sunday.
(Many Orthodox churches base their Easter date on the Julian calendar)

Do these easter egg painting skillz make you feel inferior?

My friend Mark spotted this lovely beast when he went out for dinner the other night…
Nice, huh?
(Apparently the “lady” friend of the guy who owns this bike, is rather on the yum side.)
I dunno why he tells me that and doesn’t bring her to me?
(Quality “help” is a rarity nowadays)

Ran out of Tabasco, jumped into the Turkish market and picked this up.
Can’t put anything in my mouth without PEPPER!!!!!

My lil Dragominator took this at the Second Saturday arts thingy in Sacramento, CA.
Sweet pic. I made a few tweeks. Didn’t really need it but I thought I’d have some
fun with it since I also changed the name of the brand.
She said this: “Yeah I love how the colors came out. I could just eat that one in front. It looks like chocolate”
Did you KNOW that C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E
has the same amount of letters as: C-H-E-V-R-O-L-E-T?
Sweet, huh?

Passed White’s today while going into Rotterdam.
It’s an upscale, LIKE UP-FUCKIN-SCALE brothel. If I remember the convo correctly, it’s $300
JUST to enter…
I talked to someone about it last year sometime. Their company takes clients there to “seal” deals.
Their “tab” went upwards to $30,000 one time.
(And THAT number MAY have been in Euros, not USD. I can’t remember now)
Link to site will be at the end of this entry. You’ll wanna check it out.

2 of the many, MANY glasses of port last night.

Cheersing to my dessert.

Sweetie pie JoJo. Such a cutie.
Someone gave me a port in the wrong glass. Ummmm…the word “JIPPED” comes to mind?

Just plonkin’ around…as always.
Switched to white cuz we drank them out of red.

Think I should give some of these key cards back?

See the plastic thingy that’s holding the lemon?
I think that’s one of the saddest and most wasteful inventions.
It’s used for like, what? The time it takes a waitress/bartender to deliver a drink?
And then possibly a few minutes thereafter then gets thrown away?

One of the many buildings I appreciate in Rotterdam.
The green lights sporadically shift all over the building.
You know me… “LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTSSSSSS!” Thank GOD I’m not a moth. I’d be dead by now.

Boohooooo. Cloudy day filled with bursts of drizzles. Oh Holland.

Went for a walk the other day and spotted this poster. It reminded me of my friend in NYC.
Whatchu think girl? C’mon. Kyant say dat ain’t you! <– Sorry, I went Bahamian for some reason.

This is only a sample. I’m so behind on the adventures.
Will put more pic stuff up tomorrow. TRUST me, you don’t wanna miss what happened this weekend!
Let’s just say it involves…a buncha nudity, getting oiled up by a cutie named Kimberly,
great food, Colombians and back injuries.
(May or MAY NOT be in the same order)

My little leave of absence has something to do in terms of my personal mental
journeys into solitude which in turn will change the “flow” and approach
of this blog.

I hope you enjoy the evolution!!!


Forgot to give you the link on the first upload. WHOOOPS.


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Breaking the Seal of Overindulgence

Good God.
I think it’s DEFINITELY time for detox!
Red wine OVERLOAD yesterday.
After about 4 glass of wine at the hotel bar…headed into Rotterdam.
Started off with a softijs.
Reminds me of my daddy. I’m not a dessert kinda person…but these have become a, AT LEAST,
once a week addition to my Netherlands diet plan.
Stopped into the Mexican restaurant across the theater for a quick beer to kill
time before the movie.
This was SUCH an uncomfortable scene to watch.
Chick was YOUNG and obviously not all that interested.
When her eyes met mine, it was almost screaming: “HELP ME!”
As I was mesmerized by the spectacle before me, someone got in the way of my view.
I was like, “Ha. Funny…she looks like…oh, it is!”
(Was my friend Vessi.)
This place is just ONE big spread out small town or something, cuz good God.
For a person who doesn’t live here, I sure bump into a lot of people I’ve met!
(Population is around 650,000 Between Schiedam and Rotterdam)
I’m starting to feel I gotta really watch myself, I no longer feel (enjoyably) incognito here.
The demon himself.
TOO many of these. TOO many!
(We ended up closing the restaurant and the owner sat down to chat with me…
along with 2 bottles of red wine.
(This, on top of the bottle or so I already downed)
See You See Me…again. As always. It’s become my sanctuary here in Holland.
Great atmosphere, food and service.
Below is some new mango concoction.
There’s always a new treat to try as a “welcome” to See You See Me.
Mmmmmmmm. My Pad Thai.
Erin, I told you I like my cilantro!
No mercury in ME man!
At the restaurants I have cappuccino at…I’m pretty well-known now
for my need for SLAGROOM!
(whipped cream)
I don’t however need THIS much…but, as the proper little asian that I am
polish it off as “respect.”
(People spoil me here)
It was really cool getting to know the owner.
She was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but has been in Holland
since she was 7.
We discussed stock trading to tennis to opening up the restaurant to human trafficking to how much I can drink.
(Her observation. **sigh**)
(and get THIS, the woman in the house RIGHT across from hers – Chinese – was/is a part
of a HUGE human trafficking ring. She’s currently in jail but business still runs as usual;
Judging by all the fancy cars the kids and family still continue to consume.)
I’m trying to find the articles, as she said they are splashed all over the internet
however, I have to do it in Dutch. Yikes, just the kind of mission
you want to take on after a night of overloading on red wine.
(Maybe I’ll have Chu or Ant do it for me. Yes, yes. That sounds like a plan!)
Do me a favor, remind me to DETOX.
I need to be a good girl for a few weeks. Lest my liver divorce me.
(Also, gotta be in good form for my new restaurateur friend who’s obsessed with clay court tennis)


Occupy what?

What’s this camping in the city thing again?
(I prefer just the sex, but who’s asking me?)

I thought the memo just didn’t reach the Netherlands yet…

with a quick little tap of the keys and a search in Google…
I discover things are still “alive and well.”

Chant of protesters in NYC yesterday:
** “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Ray Kelly has got to go,” steadily morphed into “Hey-hey, ho-ho, every cop has got to go”. “Fuck the police” was also a popular refrain. **

I have a soft spot for NYC cops. Dunno. It’s just my town and I love the uniforms.

I’m not a fan of cops…especially Florida Highway Patrol piggies…
(and mainly because I have a problem with authority figures on the whole)
but, I’d wanna pepper spray and smack around some of these nuisances myself, if I were in their shoes.
How are these people eating and sustaining themselves every day?
Are they getting unemployment instead of looking for/creating work?
In addition to gobbling up massive amounts of tax payer dollars and draining precious police resources for their child-like hippy antics…what are they accomplishing?

Help me out here…maybe I’m not seeing the “bright light” of purpose and resulting accomplishments.

Quick fact:
For many cops, this street “duty” is attractive because of the extra pay. The city announced last week that, in these harsh economic times, it spent $17 million dollars in police overtime to protect Wall Street from what it sees as a subversive mob.

In other news…
my friend Diana said she liked Vanilla tea and that it was the only tea that doesn’t go bitter after time.
Or some shit like that, all I knew is that I wanted to try it.
Went to the supermarket…
bought up mounds of tea…
yet forgot the Vanilla.
(LOL – Purpose of trip: Strawberry and Vanilla)
However, in my defense, there WAS no vanilla as if I saw it, I would have remembered.

Everyday I’m in Europe and not being able to get exactly what I want…
I begin to miss the land of plenty and EVERYTHING.
Oh America.
I shall return baby.


(FYI – Mango tea SUCKS ASS! More ass than Mango. Only thing Mango about this tea is the package)



Drumroll…please?!?!?! NEXT camera in the Chanderlust Arsenal is…??? (And some “Ha ha” COME CHECK!)

Oh daym. I thought only the Sony α NEX-7 had external flash capabilities.

I like the α NEX-5.

It’s sleek, sexy and feels sinful in one’s grip.
The design of the body gives you better control and handling…which is KEY
for me because I can be found dangling, with my legs wrapped
around the railing, off a (moving) high speed boat.

I went to see them at an electronics store in Rotterdam today, Media Mart.

Held ALL models from the different brands in my hand.
I already had a “no thanks” to my team, Nikon cuz of the compact DSLR’s association with Ashton Kucher.
I just didn’t think that was necessary. (the Ashton) Thank God Sony made such a yummy beast.

 You gotta see this in person. They’re just HELLA-SEXY!
You just want to make out with it.
(I MAY or MAY NOT have licked one)

I got home, online and discovered THIS baby though.
The Sony α NEX-7

I like the viewfinder as I’m accustomed to it with my old DSLR.


Back to the drawing board.
But at least, I’m down to TWO!
Plus, I like the white.

I love white.

Yes, I’m a racist…even though I’m yellow.


Which brings me to a pic I took today.
(Yes, my brain’s just random like that.)

I know, I know. WOW. Right?
Also, I wouldn’t have known the colors of the car without this clarification.
How thoughtful.


Tons more pics and adventures from today to come…
but I’m tired and I ain’t YO bitch! So, hold tight til tomorrow!

While I go figure out which one of these bitches I’mma add to my harem.

Or, as they say here in Holland…TOT ZIENS!!!!!!!!

(And yes, I too think Sony should PAY me for this entry!)


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Ridin’ Around w/Whitney Houston

After a gorgeous day out in Rotterdam…
(pics to come)
I’m back at the hotel and am ready for a mini nap before heading out to grab some Thai with friends.
(Yes, I’ve become obsessed w/Thai)
Mainly, my Tom Kha Gai.

Anyways…while riding back this song came on the radio…
(Could I have this kiss forever)

I hadn’t heard it in forever…and Rick was like, I’ve never heard it before.
I’m like, “Are you kidding me?”
I was telling him, there’s a woman vocal on here as well…
and as I began to say that
simultaneously, I remembered it was Whitney

Her voice comes in.

I began to get slightly emotional.
(Like, I had to catch myself and take a breath to hold back tears)
Awwwwwwww. When she died, for me, she died.
It was sad, but what are you gonna do?
That’s life.

I believe, I got a slight twang of emotions today because it’s unfortunate.
When I remembered it was Whitney that sang this song, I remembered her radiating smile…
and it saddened me.

Cuz her death could have been prevented.
It’s an empty road, when you don’t have control over your life and when you don’t find true peace
within yourself.

You can have all the money and fame in the world
but nothing beats good ole PEACE OF MIND.

RIP Whitney.

(Quick stupid photoshop. It was just for the laughs.)


A Babe Named Benazir, Nom Noms from the Orient & Sweet’n’Sexy Surprises.

Fell into a zone after the Thai Oil massage blog.
Then, got into an annoyingly frustrating verbal spat with someone.
(In regards to the post)
A person shouldn’t need to know the “whys”
in order not to inflict discomfort on another. Just my take, sorry.
I have a short fuse for useless conversations.
Anyways…after that I just wanted to escape. I haven’t done a solo adventure in a while…
so I downloaded a few fresh tunes on my iPod, grabbed the book I carry around like a Bible
(but haven’t had the mental serenity to visit in AGES)
and I was off.

Planned to hit the Thai place we discovered the other night in Schiedam Centrum.
Khan Thoong.
Once I jumped off the tram…I remembered.

So, waited for the next tram. 16 mins. Twasn’t the time, that was the problem.
Twas the damn COLD!!!!!!
I tried to keep my mind off it while my body began to tremble.
(I don’t layer. Just jeans and a jacket. 41F/5C No biggie)
To make matters worse, it was LATE!

Anyways…so on the tram into Rotterdam I go!
Planned on going to See Me See You but as I approached it:
The universe was testing my patience!
Lime Leaf, although my 3rd in line for Thai restaurants (out of 3) was open.
I had my heart set on Tom Kha Gai so…
here I was.

My view.

Educate yourself on ma lady.

So not satisfying. Need to hit Khan Thoong tonight for some ultra orgasmic Tom Kha Gai.
This, was a mere vibrator with 10 secs of battery life.

Needed MORE spice!!

Softshell crab. Had an old musky flavor to it.
Yet another, thumbs down. Looks good though, no?

Chicken Pad Thai. I’m very predictable when eating at a Thai restaurant, NOT in Thailand.
Still lacking. Only thing I’d “dance” about in regards to this restaurant
is the chopsticks. LOVE EM!!!!!!!!!

I paid, made my way to the restroom and asked for my noodles to be packed.
When I came back, I asked one of the waiters for my food…
and you could tell, they forgot and threw the shit out.
Then, my Chinese waiter began to mumble in Cantonese something to the effect of:
“I can’t believe she wants to save that little bit.”
Which WASN’T just a little bit, thank you very much!
But hello? You don’t speak asian talk in front of an asian! I shoulda mouthed something back.

They made me a fresh little set to go.

Best thing I had.

Gas station near the hotel.

Best thing to BRIGHTEN my evening.
There I was, locked in thought, heading towards Rotterdam Centraal
when this chick stands in my way with her arms out all smiley and shit.
I was so locked into myself all day that it took me a minute to snap back into reality.
(my sexy’n’cute Moroccan who’ll be my tour guide when WE go)

Man. See how amazing the universe is?
It always knows when I need an extra dollop of whip cream to brighten my day.

I haven’t seen Wafa (right) since my trip to Holland last year.
Since finding out I’m back,  she’s been promising to kidnap me…but, Cara still waits.
She just came back from the gym with Lois. (left)

K. That’s it. We gotta get this shit ON bitches!!!!!

I’ve seen these guys for the past few mornings.
I’m like, damn. Breakfast of champions! I found out the other day that they are on the night shift
at a project here. HA HA Cuz I’m always like, man. Really? Wow!!!!!
Party on brothers!
I also found out, that they know my name…
as they said, “BYE Cara” the other day.

Boy, shit does travel fast ’round here, doesn’t it?

Kewl guys. They are leaving Thursday, so before separation anxiety kicks in when all’s left is an
empty space where they once were…

I snapped a pic.

Right. Tiz a brand new day. Get to it!


I Dim U Dim We ALL Dim for Sum!!!!!!!!!!

My refuge from the prison of blandness around me.

I don’t think I’ve eaten so much ASIAN in my life!
(Food, that is)

One of my amazing gifts of a friend here in Holland and her momma.
She surprised me with the white goodie bottle.
White Chocolate Liquor!!
I feewl so spwecial!
Thanks again lovely!

Reasons why, a simple STEAK and potatoes just doesn’t do it for me.
Nor does just one person.
(oh I joke)

I’ve been cursed with variety and multiple selections since birth!

Took this pic for my mom.
Who suffers from the asian limits of the Bahamas.

Glasses I found on my walk to the parking garage.

Little light I found a little further down same path.
(My mind-control, anti-sleep device implanted in my skull by aliens)

The picture Chu Yun calls “My mom at work.”

Guess what I’ve got!

Yeah, saw spoons in a window in Prague.
(I suffered the humiliation of “tourist-type” behavior, walked in and picked up another spoon for you!
Holland and the Czech Republic.
Mandy, you will forever be my spoon lady now.
So…sit tight. I have more countries to go. By the time I make it back stateside…
I may need a forklift to pick up the box of em!

Whenever anyone places “EXPECTATIONS” on me…
they usually lose out…so, take this as your blessing, for just being YOU!
Mandy’s a Facebook friend who I met when the Graffiti app was all the rage.
(she’s a great artist)

Here are some cool samples…

She mentioned how she collects these tourist spoons
while I was in the Schiphol airport…
so I checked to see if any were there.
And voila.

Got her one.
Now…it seems wherever I go, I’ll forever grab up a spoon for my buddy who I have yet to meet in person.

When some of my past gfs, got too “comfy” with the way I spoil and “take care” of them…
and begin to “expect” things and fall into the revolting realms of “entitlement”

they’d soon enough get the bitch slap wake up call of:

Yeah, bitch.
**yanking rug up from under them**
There. Feel that nice, hard ground? Stay there…cuz that’s where you belong.

**Beware, niceness can easily create MONSTERS out of seemingly sweet individuals…or
maybe it just brings out what was there all along!?**

What say you?

The world belongs to those that don’t even know how much they deserve it.
And remember, when I bring you into MY world…

I can also, very swiftly, kick you the fuck out.
Happy 13th folks!