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Transforming Transitions of Transient Travels Thru Solitary Sediments of Existence Eventually Emerging Blissfully Content, Free and Smiling. BE JEALOUS.

I think I just hit a record for title length!

I just closed my eyes, typed, and deleted…
which gave me two “déjà vu” moments.


I’m listening to Jewel’s “Foolish Games” right now.
I’ve included the video below. I forgot about her wonky tooth.
I love it. I hope she never decides to “fix” it to conform to the “norm’s” view
of perfection.
I find it perfectly, precious.

When I was younger, it was one of the songs I used to zone out to on the piano;
from early morning 4am-ish to sunrise.
The first set of notes slides me into the music and out of “existence.”

Melodically mind-numbing, but welcomingly so.
I stopped what I was doing just now so I could ride fully with the notes as the song began again.
Man. I can’t help but smile.
“Take me” my mind says and off I go.

I have a slight headache from a little too much wine and port last night
however, with this song piping through my earphones…
my braincells are doing a graceful dance number inside of my skull
with moments of opened-armed, running towards the front of the “stage” glee
releasing me of the punishing tension and agony from the
“offensive” and demonic reactions of evil grape distillates.

I think I’ve realized WHY I love plugging in (earphones).
It’s me, blocking out the world.
Blocking out the noise of influence.
Of outside voices which wish to seep into my head and take it over.

Blocking out the world, gives me my mind back.
Gives me my peace to settle my thoughts, monitor my movements and THINK.

THINK, for myself.
Not as the “world” wishes to program it.

The world most of us live in today, is too consumed.
Consumed by useless distractions, routines and “responsibilities.”
Fruitless desires to achieve!
To control.
To gain POWER
and to then, what?
What is it that you gain, when at the end of the day…

you’re always dreaming of your “vacations?”

What about, just being?
Or living?

 When did we go from necessity being life
to life’s obsession with luxury?

Throughout my 32 years on this planet, I’ve taken breaks from the world.
I used to think they were deep depressions…which in a way, they were…
because I was just not happy with the world around me so I left it

to be on my own.
To think, to create, to “protect” myself from what it’s become?
I have managed to position myself with a lifestyle that allows me to
escape the world, when I wish.

I mold my life into what I wish it to be.
And, if I can’t in that EXACT moment, I’ll find a way to get myself there.
I don’t follow “what should bes”
I follow, “what Cara bes.”

So many people think they’ve got the “Path to Success”
all mapped out.
(And aren’t SHY about SHOVING that JOYFUL “know it all” knowledge down your throat.)
I really don’t think there is such a path, well, not society’s definition of it.
(Which starts as a failure in itself just as is.)
Life’s too unpredictable for that…so I just do as I do, and embrace whatever comes of it.

 A prime example. I had a friend who was JUST about to graduate from University as
a brain surgeon…however, before her big day, she discovered she had brain cancer
and died shortly after her diagnosis.

I’ve seen the way my aunt used to study and pin her nose into a book while I was growing up.
I’d hate to have put all that effort and sacrifice into something, just to get jipped at the end.
However, if it’s something you enjoy and are passionate about, that’s different.

Wow. How appealing???

For the most part, I’ve always done, anything I’ve wanted to
and am grateful I wasn’t born into a shackled life.
I’m not sure there’s much I’ve wanted to do and haven’t done.

There’s #1 place in a superbike race, but I’ve given myself until 35.
Need to get my ass back on the tracks soon. Time’s running out.

Stay tuned, it’ll happen.
I give myself between 1st-3rd place. Podium-level.
Ain’t about to make things TOO stressful for myself!
(Especially since I’m not “supporting” lost causes anymore)

THIS TIME, for real, I’m putting myself FIRST.
(Excluding my parents)
No more charity cases. Indy, you better help me stay strong on this one.
I’m counting on you baby!!!
My life’s filled with helping others get to where they want to be, while placing my dreams
on the back burner. I’m hoping I can finally put a stop to that silly little habit.

I won’t mind going back to it, but I’d finally like to make this one dream a reality as it’s
been one of the only unfulfilled constants in my life.
2012 baby. The Year of MY Dragon…as I like to say.

In closing, if yer stressing, if you feel my life an inspiration and don’t think
YOU can be where I am…

 Sit down, without distractions and think about the things that control you…
that you are enslaved to
and start to break free from them.

In one, broken down, “do-you-speak-English” word: SIMMM…PLIIIII…FY!!!!!!!!

These past few weeks I’ve taken a step back, shook the glitter off my distractions
and have returned, refreshed, focused and lighter
and ready to create new footsteps into a revised unknown.

Spring cleaning baby!

(Apparently, a part of this new “transformation” and “awakening” of mine, I have now
begun to speak via pictures.)

Carafuscious say………………

Have a BEAUTIFUL humpday ALL!!!!!!!!


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Engineering Humans to Save the Environment and Finding the Humane in Humanity

How far would YOU go to save the environment?
Me? I do my thing, here and there. If I don’t need a bag, shopping, I don’t take it.
If it’s paper, I always crack the joke: “Nah, save the trees.”
I try to utilize what I have and try not to go beyond what is needed.
But far from a saint.
It’s crazy to see, how much the average family accumulates in trash…

Especially, from my observation, families with boys.
Endless pits of activity and EATING
They’ve got singly packed prunes now…
have you seen that?

C’mon. Talk about waste.
Convenience is making the world FAT and is also destroying it.
But in the end, who cares? Right?
That’s tomorrow’s worries, not today’s.

Coming from the Bahamas, I’m exposed to how global demand
can damage ecosystems and rob oceans or their bounties.
If we were to live, solely on what our surroundings can provide…
we’d be one step ahead of the game.

But instead, we have our massive meat factories, over-fishing of oceans
and waste.

In order to make a significant impact on mending what we’ve destroyed
we’d need a world-wide, ALL TOGETHER NOW!!

And we AREN’T going to get it…
because, simply, people SUCK.

I’ve already “tested” ’em out.
Most people are too selfish, too ignorant, too blind, too corrupt…
too much of what we don’t need
and too little of what we do.

Let’s take this Kony movement.
Most people get this HIGH for thinking they are helping.
For being a part of something “good” and BIG.
My friend Ant and I write and share important issues all the time
yet…once something gets sensationalized and “Hollywood”

It takes off.
However, what are you really doing?
How are you helping?
Do you really think, the ailments of Africa will magically heal after the capture of Joseph Kony?

He’s “small fry.” Merely a puppet of the higher, evil of GREED fed by consumer demand.

If the “world” of this fleeting and substance-light “Let’s save it”
movement truly wanted to make an impact on the lives which are sucked under in chaos and suffering in this world…

they’d have to do a HELL of a lot more
than a simple “like” and “share” on Facebook.
However, beyond that, is where we unearth the TRUE nature of most of humanity.

Most people are only willing to give up that which does not
bring them discomfort. Natural, no?
The relationship between the desire to make a difference
and the effort and sacrifice it takes
is inversely proportional.

Desire decreases when one’s comfort level’s disturbed.

Liking, sharing and giving money to someone
is a small, quick act. Bravo to you…
but what else?

Yay. We can all recognize Kony and the elephant-donkey merge pic.

Now what?
How long will this “fad” last for?

And, what about all the other warlords and violent leaders?
Oh what? Huh? There’s just him?
Ahhhhh. Ok. Sorry, my bad. I didn’t know.
Yay! The bright future for Africa and its people is on its WAY!


Let me give you a small list of things you CAN
do, to eradicate the multiple harsh realities of those in Africa.

Stop buying these:

Who’s onboard? Ready to save the world!!!
Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!
(Yeah, I thought so.)
Hard to separate this “new” world we’ve created for ourselves
without damaging the less fortunate worlds we use(d) to get here.

A line, a damn line to get the latest and “greatest.”
Fucking pathetic.

 Camping out for an iPhone.
Nice to see where priorities lie in some.

And guess what?
I bet a nice percentage of these folks…with their latest and greatest in technology
are the same supporters of Occupy Wallstreet.
Crying over the “evil” 1% like spoiled brats not getting their way.

The lovely west. No wonder so many people hate and want to destroy it.
Would be nice, for some, to be able to stand in line…just to merely get something to eat
or freedom from slavery, rape, abuse and violence.

Where’s that line?

Conflict minerals.

Gold, coltan, tungsten, wolframite and cassiterite.
These commonly mined minerals are estimated to be worth

$30 trillion dollars.

Yay for Africa, right?
I mean, LOOK! Just look at the luxurious lifestyles of the citizens of this RICH nation!

Some of the beautiful faces of repetitive rape, torture and slavery.

And…a once beautiful face, unrecognizable.

Hard to look at, huh?
This is “life.”

These are the faces and lives, or lack there of (life that is), of your precious diamonds and minerals.


Doesn’t look so pretty/flashy now huh?

This is why kids that WHINE about video games, iPads, phones, useless material wants, etc etc etc
need a damn SLAP. Anyone for that matter who whine about shit they WANT
yet don’t NEED.

It’s fine to “enjoy” the finer things in life, if you can afford it.
But crying about material and useless luxuries
when people are out there shedding tears for the simple “luxury” of a decent life
without the option of even trying to create a better one…

I dunno.
to me, is just.



You’re so quick to see the “EVIL” in the top dawgs. The 1%.
How about the “evil” that lies in you?
The 1% just supplies.
If you stop the demand…

where would they be?

1% can’t support the 1%.
Ever thought about that?

 ((This wasn’t the “stay tuned” entry I was talking about yesterday. But, it just came. Flowed. Sprung forth from an article a friend sent me. I started reading it but then my mind went off on its own little “adventure.”)

I dare you…

The world can only begin to repair itself
after it finally realizes that it’s broken.

Open someone’s eyes, today.

Quickly touching on the “engineering humans to save the environment” part in bullet point because I just can’t be bothered to write out what I initially started off wanting to write about:

  • A stop eating meat pill
  • Genetically engineering humans to be smaller (Thereby consuming less)
  • Drugs to increase empathy and altruism (over the counter ecstasy??? 🙂 I’m up for that! Prescribe me please!)
  • Making human’s eyes more cat like so they’d need lighting. (decreasing energy demand) Yeah no, like really.

So what say you?
Ready to save the environment too?

You can read more on that here:


Welcome to Garbage Island!!! (Video included)

You think oil spills are devastating on the environment? Try the chemicals used to make that soda bottle your sipping on.

Over 7 billion pounds of non-recyclable plastic is generated per year.

Bioaccumulation has become quite rampant in all species, including humans; bioaccumulation is the accumulation of a substance such as a toxic chemical, in various tissues of a living organism.

Bisphenol A (BPA) – is a colourless solid that is used in polycarbonate products soluble in organic solvents but poorly soluble in water.
In Sept 2010 Canada declared it a toxic substance

Every person examined has these chemicals in their body. Women with high levels of these chemicals in their body are found to be the ones having miscarriages and never able to have a successful pregnancy.

We’re effecting hormonal genetics of the all the species on the planet just for “convenience.”

Fabulous, no?

(North Pacific Gyre)
The largest ecosystem on our planet, and ALSO, among all the world’s oceans
the place with the highest concentration of man-made debris.
(The Great Pacific Garbage Patch)

Watch to learn more.
(Guy uses the word “fuck” more than me…that’s my only “complaint” of the film)

ha ha

I feel like my mom now.

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