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Beautiful Music. A very well-done, yet heartwrenching look into reality…


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I Told You, My DiMattCa Clan, that I’d have something for ya……..are you sitting down? Sit down.

We left off with Matt impregnating a dolphin…
so while you guys passed out on me
here are the treasures that I stumbled upon.
(Which then in turn lead to adventures and creative genius. Don’t you just LOVE when that happens?)

We wondered what the baby would look like..
well, here’s Matt and Flipperina’s child, as a teen.
(Takes more after Matt it seems.)

When he was a baby, we weren’t quite sure who the father was.

Kewl pic I came across while on the search of Matt’s porpoise offspring pics.


Sweet, no?

Diana’s porpoise offspring.
Cute little thing.

Remember my adoptive family?
Found a pic of my brother. His such a pimp.

Imagine takin’ this guy to bed.
(Actually, it might make a threesome kinda fun. Or at least, interesting.)
Nice butt.

Which then brought me to multi-limbed frogs.
Believed to be caused by a parasite called Ribeiroia.

Awwwweeeeee. Why are baby things always so cute?

Which brought me to him…

And then to polydactyly. No Photoshop here. Tiz real.

A guy in my class had thumbs like this. HE could actually control it like a crab claw.
Twas neat. There was a girl in my same class that was missing a thumb
because when she was younger she sucked on it and to stop her, her mom bandaged it up.
Well, that thumb eventually fell off.
I always thought, “HEY! Why don’t you give your thumb to her!”
(BALANCE, no?)

Then KFC came to mind…

Which all at once inspired an ad campaign.
C’mon. Just TELL me I’m not a advertising GENIUS!!!
That’s why they pay me the BIG bucks!


Then, a buncha other randomness.
A freaky fish face

With all the work to create the frog tongue, don’t you think they coulda
Photoshopped the damn fillings out of her mouth?

Oh Kermie. What would Miss Piggy say!

Throwback to the topics:

Oh wait.

I got something for ya.

Right. I’m back.
To ma Dragomir:
Your very own Dragominater poster.
Coming to a theater near YOU!
I know you gonna just LOVE this. Again. I’m good.
You love it, yes??? Say you love it.

Shit’s good when I’m not distracted by you. Huh?
Me likey. Makes me smile.

Hope this finds you to a pleasant “wake up” once you rise again to greet another day
well, the SAME day…just later on in the afternoon.


Great ideas that become disastrous and silently rip the voids within…when there’s nothing left to grab

I just watched this movie a few hours ago. Seemed like a good idea at the time……..
But doesn’t every disastrous decision?

Last Night with Keira Knightley.
I’ve never thought of Keira much. I enjoy most of her movies though and today…
I’ve come to appreciate her name. I like it. KNIGHT-ley.

I feel the movie was well executed?
However the ending left me, unsatisfied?
And, on the whole…it brought me to a place I try to run from.
The reason I fill myself with everything and anything that strikes my fancy.
One of the reasons I fly and jump, from place to place.
I need the change. It’s like a drug that numbs me with distractions.
Filling the emptiness.

The void of past experience that you sometimes forget
and actually TRY your best, to leave behind
but which SMACKS you down, hard on your ass when you least expect it
reminding you, that its still alive and well.

Following your every move, waiting.
Waiting for the moment you are weak and attacking you with its brute force.
Leaving you conscious, but unconscious and immobile at the same time.
Ripping you at your core…til you become the nothing you desire to release.

This is what happens when you are “graced” with perfection, and the world decides to
flip on its irony…and take it all away.
It is the fulfillment of every and anything you’ve ever NEVER dreamed of
and then having it drained right out of you.




And with every last drop…a piece of you is taken away
leaving you emptier than before you were filled.

Now ain’t THAT a bitch.
SO what then?
SO what now?

I run.

I dive.

I breathe.

Because, that’s life, right?
Peaches and cream.
A meadow of golden sun.
And the rot that follows freshness.


Everything we want…

everything undesirable.


ย As I was listening to this:
(I really like the beginning songs, when you get into mins 18 or so, it varies…for my ears, at least.)

I just laid back in my bed. Another hotel bed I find myself in.
Just staring.
Staring into the walls, then closing my eyes to the ceiling
letting the music just take me away.

It felt nice. It brought me some peace…
however, it may have had some help from the Mozart White Chocolate Cream Liquer
I got from my new, dear friend here, Nathalie.

Finally finished.
Thanks again my love. You have been more of a blessing than you realize.

I came up with a cool idea for a friend.
Shit I can do, to bring a smile…always brings me one.
Especially if the SMILE’S gonna be HUGE.

However, as I came up with my MASTER plan…
and WHILE I was putting it into action
the website I needed, is “temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance.”


Just another one of life’s jokes. Huh?
K, well. I’m off. Pulling myself outta this room, grabbing a drink
(some…no, LOTS)
with a friend
and catching a movie and din din.

The sister of a dear friend I care a lot about posted this on my FB wall today.
It made me smile. She said it made her think of me.
It’s always nice when people see things or experience things and it brings you to their mind.
(And vice versa)
Kinda crazy when you haven’t even met a person. (We connected through Facebook)
Physical time is becoming more and more
of an UN-necessity to me.

Sometimes, the more you don’t spend with a person, the more you get to know them.
Especially with the way we communicate nowadays.
Just because you haven’t seen someone, within arms reach…doesn’t mean you can’t love them.
At least, that’s how it is for me.

Right. Blah. Whatever. Time to make a move.




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What’s your WHORE status?

What are your priorities in life?
What do you do with your days, weeks, months?
At the end of the year do you look back and find fulfillment in what you’ve accomplished?

Does it even matter to you, if you make a positive impact on the world around you?
Just curious.

Back to whores….


So many people, women especially, like to quickly judge prostitutes.
When in the overall spectrum…

WE ARE ALL WHORES in some way.
(and the sad reality is most street prostitutes aren’t doing it by choice)
Or, have been.

Too busy pointing the finger out and ignoring the 3 slappin’ you right in the face.
I’m the first proponent for WOMEN embracing their POWER.
(The “jewel” they have between their legs)

For me, my attitude has always been:
“This, is priceless. You gotta EARN your way down between these puppies.”

I’m far from a 10. I’m NOT a supermodel
but I’ve always had self-respect in that aspect of my life.
It tiz I who have the prize buddy!

Some girls/women don’t utilize their power and just let guys through
the “Pearly Gates” so easily and regret it in the end…
If a guy is truly into you and respects you, he will wait.
HE MUST wait, unless you wish to categorize yourself
mainly as a piece of meat.
Which is fine too, if that’s what you want.
(Guys just LOVE me. **yes, sarcasm** Well, guys actually do, it’s the lazy, dirty bag scums who
hate me for making their lives more difficult by empowering women around me.)
Cara loves you.

I know a lot of high end “girlfriend” type women.
(Comes with the territory of having very rich businessmen as friends)
If you can do it, GO. Might as well get something outta the suckers.
Essentially, all it is, is a transaction.
The majority of people in life, do things, for something in return.
People need to know, “What’s in it, for me?”


Some people do it for a nice meal and night out.
Others, for jewels.
Some to get high.
Some to get by…
A lot of the ones who are blinded by their own whoring…do it in the form of marriage.

The high horse mega million dollar wives who think the 40 year old age
difference between her and her man, doesn’t SCREAM
“Gold digger.”

But whatever man. It’s all a trade and if you can live with it, who am I to judge?
Just watch how quickly you judge others, cuz you may just be pickin’ apart
pieces of you.

Even a job you do, that you don’t wanna be doing…
is essentially whoring yourself out without spreading your legs.
Because, in the end, it’s all a means to MONEY.

Anything you do, that goes against the grains of your natural desires
for the end result of money


YOU are a WHORE.


Greatย revelation, no?
C’mon. Bend over and take it with a smile.

You know you wanna.

And if you don’t, I’ll pay.

Cuz everyone has a price. Right?

Doesn’t she look sweet here?
Sasha Grey.
(pics in this entry)

I didn’t know this, as I thought she was just another actress…
but thanks to the quick’n’swift knowledge base of Mr Rick V…
I’ve discovered she’s a porn star.

Porn star who’s turned to mainstream acting, modeling and music.
I wish you the BEST of luck sweetheart!!!!
(From the movie The Girlfriend Experiment that I spoke about an entry ago.)
I liked it, give it a watch.

I actually felt like I was watching my friend Diana in the movie…
NO, Diana’s not one of my high-end girlfriend type friends
they just have a similar look I guess.
However, Sasha smiles in her pictures.

I’m not scared of Sasha.

Even though they can both look kinda wicked.


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(GFE) Girlfriend Experience – โ€Ž”If it flies, floats or fucks…it’s cheaper to rent.”

Sometimes after I have sex, I wish, I dunno like, you know I hadn’t done it.
I hate it when it’s over. It’s like, is that it?
The chase is the best part. That’s where all the excitement is.
You know, it’s, it’s…it’s a turn on that somewhere there’s a girl,
standing on a corner and she’s waiting to have sex with me.

You can approach these perfect 10s and you know you are going to get somewhere.
I can have plenty of good sex with tons of decent looking women, but what I can not get is that kick ass
super tight body 19 year old man, I would DEFINITELY pay for that.

Well, we all wish we drove a Porsche, but realistically all we are ever gonna own is a Honda
so we are lucky that we can always rent one for a couple of hours.

** Priorities. Guess I should be “lucky” that I’m not ugly, gross and pathetic
and can have my “Porsches” (I’ve actually had a 911, don’t know what all the hooplah’s about)
and “drive” em too? **

I guess for me, I think of it as…”If you put ALL that energy you use (waste) into trying to get laid…
into something of actual substance, can you imagine all the awesomeness you can generate?
Instead of just shootin’ a load…?”

Therein lies my frustration.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience (2008)
Love is more expensive than sex.

Stumbled upon this by accident while lookin’ up the original stream for the above movie.
The Girlfriend Experience (2009)

Yes, different movie.
A drama set in the days leading up to the 2008 Presidential election,
and centered on a high-end Manhattan call girl meeting the challenges of her boyfriend,
her clients, and her work.


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Portrait of a Marriage & Atonement

Interesting little creatures, aren’t they?
They live and die without a set or even average life expectancy and no one seems
to know how to properly raise and nurture one in order for it to live a long
fulfilling and rewarding life.

Sad, no?

Well, we aren’t here to discuss marriages, cuz who wants to anyways?


Portrait of a Marriage

A 1990’s TV mini series by the BBC.
Gotta damn LOVE the BBC.
(British Broadcasting Corp.)

It’s based on the real-life love affair
(turned possessive, psycho and slightly on the disturbing side.
Oh look, I just describe a typical lesbian relationship! LOL)
between feminist writer Vita Sackville-West (who was best known for her affair
with Virginia Woolf, FYI)
and Violet Keppel during post-World War I England.

You can try and watch the entire series on YouTube for as long as it’s up
starting here:

ย I also watched Atonement.
I believe I’ve watched it before, but I’m never JUST watching something.
I’m always doing a million other things…however, during these past few days…
I’ve been pretty good at just blocking out the world and actually fully watching a movie.

Yes, basically still in mute zone. Day 3? I can’t even remember when I started.

I watched it for research for the book/movie I’ve had in my head for years
which some people around me are impatiently trying to KNOCK out of me.
Life’s about timing, and especially with me, flow.

It will come, when it comes.

I like EPIC love stories set back in the day.
Back before love became so wishy washy.
You felt the depth, the devotion, the “undyingness” of passion for the one you love…

not like today in the one night stand and friends with benefits era.

Which is a fine lifestyle to lead, not knocking it.
It’s just, that today, nothing much seems to lie beneath the surface anymore…
and I find that sad.

I also find it sad that so many live in loveless marriages/relationships.
Marriages and relationships that a few people who are near and dear to me, are almost “forced” into
and dying, emotionally, every day.

As I said before, I can’t save you all.
But I’m still out here trying.



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What is the MOST important thing in life? – DESIRE

“You can achieve anything you want, all you need…is to desire it.”
To CRAVE for something.
To want for something.
To YEARN and…
LONG for.

With a line like that, you know you’ve got a great movie.
1 out of 4 movies I watched yesterday.
Yes, I’m still in my Batbitch Cave.
Silence. Mute. Zoned.

Starring Eva Green. Great movie, a little on the disturbing side…
but what great girl’s boarding school movie isn’t?

The Terminal (Tom Hanks) Awesome movie. Cute. Only saw posters when it came out, never saw an
actual trailer, if I did, I wouldn’t have taken so long to watch it.

After Sex. Entertaining. Simple. And a kinda girl scene betweenย Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana. More people.
We needed MORE.

The Beach. Watched it before, but a friend I met in Mexico is moving from Mexico to NYC…
She said she needed a change, to start anew and experience anything that strikes her curiosity.
I asked what happened, she said, “Just think of the movie, The Beach.” Hmmmmmm.
Hope she didn’t get doped up, go crazy and kill somebody.

Was re-introduced to this yummy morsel.

Virginie Ledoyen, who, surprisingly enough looks like my Mexican friend. I’ll grab some pics once I decide to re-enter
the world of Facebook.

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