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What are YOU made of???

‘Bout to head out to Den Haag (The Hague) on a Starbucks mission, lunch and just…whatever floats by.
Looked down at my shirt just now and spotted this:



I liked the cut and the shirt instantly caught my attention (not its contents). I needed some new threads.
My packing, or shall I say last-minute-lack-thereof, before I came to Europe was
quick…basically non-existent (besides socks and underwear)
so needed to plump up the wardrobe lest I walk around naked or
in dirty clothes.

In Mexico or somewhere warm, I might have been able to pull off the prior


Tiz COLD out dere!
Picked it up at the Sting.

Cool store. I can run in and run out with some nice stuff.
NO stress.
I hate shopping so it’s a great hit and run store.

Right. I’m OFF!!!!!!
Adios muchachos!



Vell daaaaym. Alicia Keys and Da Brat?

Was just informed of this union of days gone by.
I gotta have her now.

If even, for a make out.
That’s all I’d need.

Yummy ass picture below eh?
Your welcome.
And, boys, grab ya tissue/towel. Don’t guber up your keyboard.

The pic reminds me of the pic I took of my yummy little morsel of a friend Christy when we were in Costa Rica.
Who knew SEXY and SWEET could go hand in hand.
Absolute doll.

The Brat. What did you do to Alicia to turn her over to the darkside?
Bad Brat! Bad!

And NOW, she’s married with a kid!!!
Just how I like ’em!

C’mon Swizz Beats…sharing, means caring.

I’ll even be your nanny!!!
Contact me, let’s work a deal. I’m great with kids…

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A Better Life & Other In-Flight Shenanigans

I started watching this movie, but never finished it, on my way to Holland.
So, finished it on my way back to the Bahamas.

Great movie.
Had me in tears, mostly, because the main actor reminds me of my dad.
He has the same heart, values and approach to life.

He always aims for the right, no matter the situation and no matter if those around him
use the “wrong” ways to bring him down.

It’s a great insight into the struggles of illegal immigrants and, as the name states, their fight for “A Better Life.”

I always watch Cadência just so I can get the sounds of Brazilian Portuguese in my ears.
I’ll be sad once they take the movie off of the Continental Airlines playlist.
However, I will be DELIGHTED once they finally CHANGE the movies!

A beautiful documentary. Watch it!

I sat next to a Friezen from Friesland in north Holland.
Cute, sweet older lady flying to New Jersey to spend time with her kids and grand kids.
Was really cool getting to know about her little community.

I left the hotel at 6AM (been up all night, so no sleep) and finally arrived home at 10PM.
(which would be +6 so, 4AM Holland time)
That’s almost 24 hours off travel time!

AFTER ALL the flights and layovers, I get on my puddle jumper for my 45 min flight to Freeport.
As the pilot announced our decent, we hit a pocket of turbulence and dropped.
I was like, “God, you MUST be kidding me. I know you didn’t make me travel
ALL this way just to kill me 15 mins before my FINAL destination.”

It got me thinking of a “death pill.”
Something you can take, incase you’re REALLY in a plane crash situation.
I’d like one.
Whenever I fly, I accept that there’s a chance, it’ll be my last flight.
I accept death quite easily, it’s the pain/discomfort that I don’t like.

If they made a “death pill” there’s obviously room for abuse. Unfortunately, cuz people suck.
If we were ever to have one though, I was thinking, everyone should get ONE in their lifetime attached to a social security type number of sorts so it can be tracked incase it was used to kill someone else.

There. Just things that go through my mind.
Brain’s not functioning today.

Slept for most of the day again.
Dunno why.
Holland, I slept too little, here I sleep TOO much.



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I NEED My Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Who’s coming???

One of the best 3 months of my life was spent in Playa del Carmen, MX.
Went for a month, ended up staying for 3.
I love my Mexicans!
Go south of the US of A and you come across some of the sweetest, loving and most down-to-earth people on the PLANET!

I miss them all so much.
I still have a suitcase worth of shit I left there over a year ago.
Was supposed to go back, but ended up traveling elsewhere.

However, NOW, it’s TIME!
Also, helps that they have one of THESE suckers waiting for me!!!!!

YESSSSH. 2011 Yamaha R1!

Yes, be jealous and CREAM your pants, RIGHT NOW!

I NEED to run back to the warmth.
Dunno what I was thinking stickin’ my ass here in COLD friggin Europe during the winter!

Oh dear. That’s a waterfall wall as well by the way.
“Cara getting wet as usual.”


Los extraño un MONTON!!!!!!
Nos vemos en 2012!!!

Video of the Mexico Shenanigans of 2010.

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The Powers That Be…

I’m telling you.
I’m powerful.

ha ha

No joke. But what I mean is, shit keeps “falling” into my lap
and piecing together.

It’s like that which I desire, with a pure heart, drops like blocks
building my foundation, stronger and stronger each day.

People might think this sounds crazy or whatever, but trust me.
If I could write out my life, they’d see.
I’ve never really planned my life.

I just know what I love, what I’m passionate about and flow with those things as a constant in my mind…
and the rest, is “gifted” to me.

Sounds crazy, yes, but how else can I describe it?

A friend of mine wrote this to me the other day:
“Thanks for the post about Juarez. An interesting phenomenon I never heard about.”

Then, the very next day he shoots me a story that just happened to cross his path.
I’m telling you, the “forces” are behind me.

2012. I’ve got some major projects in the works, and if things fall into place as my gut signals me
they are…

I’mma start ROCKIN’ shit up BIG TIME I mean, BIG!!!
**Keep them fingers crossed for me, any bit helps!!!**

Mexico activist in Juarez women killings wounded

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December 2, 2011 11:38 PM EST | AP

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CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — An activist representing relatives of women slain or missing in the border city of Ciudad Juarez was shot Friday in what authorities called an apparent robbery attempt.

Chihuahua state prosecutors said Norma Andrade, 51, was shot twice outside her home and was in stable condition in a hospital.

Andrade was the second activist to be shot this week in northern Mexico. Anti-crime activist Nepomuceno Moreno was killed Monday in Hermosillo. He had protested the kidnapping of his teenage son.

Andrade founded an organization of relatives of women who have gone missing or been murdered in Ciudad Juarez to pressure authorities to solve the cases. Her daughter Lilia Alejandra Garcia Andrade was tortured, raped and killed in 2001 when she was 17.

Arturo Sandoval, spokesman for the state Attorney General’s Office, said Andrade told investigators that a man approached her outside her house and tugged at her purse. When she tried to hold on to it, the man fired his gun wounding her right hand and left shoulder, Sandoval said.

Authorities were still trying to determine whether it was a robbery or a murder attempt, Sandoval said.

Andrade’s daughter, Malu Andrade, told The Associated Press that teachers at the middle school where her mother works said suspicious men had been asking about her whereabouts Friday morning. The attack happened in the afternoon.

“Authorities knew that we had been threatened,” the daughter said by telephone.

A series of eerily similar killings of more than 100 mainly young women began in Ciudad Juarez in 1993, but appeared to had tapered off by late 2004 or early 2005.

The killings have been the topic of books, documentaries and the 2006 movie “Bordertown” starring Jennifer Lopez. Lopez in 2007 received a special recognition from Andrade and her organization, Bring Our Daughters Home.

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