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Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone? – Must Watch Video

Exactly. Yet another serendipitous moment in life which connected me to this video.
Here is where I’ve been for the last few weeks and it’s refreshing to HEAR it back.
Disconnect from your distractions and truly CONNECT to yourself and the REAL world.

If you could watch a video…of a “fictional” time in the future of WHERE we WILL
be heading if we don’t slow down, disconnect and change our ways…
you’d think it scary and foolish.

But it isn’t.

We are becoming robots of flesh, soon to befriend, connect and find comfort in the

Here was my status the other day:
As I step back to absorb what’s happening in the world I feel like I’m in a movie. One of those movies where I’m one of a scant few that sees the evil slowly coating our existence, microchipping humans into drones, and programming them into mindless, thoughtless bodies walking straight into their own destruction – with a smile. I’m not allowed to say what I’ve seen, all I’m saying is “WAKE UP!!!” and “BALANCE” your technological connections. Facebook is merely a big domino in a line of seemingly harmless yet HARMFUL innovations. – Wake up, balance and learn to detach. Shit’s about to get a bit CRAZY! Take baby moonwalks back to Mother Nature. She misses you. ♥♥

Enjoy the video. Take the time and watch it. Trust me.


OMG. A seriously “talented” tongue…and a MASSIVELY insane one. (Videos)

Apparently I’m “late to the game” on these…
however, if I haven’t seen it, there must be a few of you that haven’t either.
The world is definitely filled with some “unique” creatures.

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Just BE the Buddha……..Footsteps of a Murderer and WHIPPED CREAM. Mmmmmmmmm.

Yeah so……..that “DETOX” thing.
It took a little detour last night. For GOOD reason though!
Had to go out and celebrate my new inspired project. It has to do with the 13 Eastern European
countries I have planned starting in May.
However, in between I may add MORE…cuz it’d work well with the rockingly SWEET idea I have in my head.
I was on a high for like 3 hours. So psyched. Couldn’t stand still. Can’t wait to start planning it.

Answer is NO.
You’ll just have to wait and see.
I imagine it to be finished some time in July/August…depending on how many countries and cities I
decide to include.

** Work in Progress…stay tuned! You’re gonna wanna! TRUST ME!!!! **

Headed out for Thai, again.
I can basically hit 3 restaurants now, between Schiedam and Rotterdam…
2 Thai 1 Italian
WITH my earphones in (if I’m alone)
and have my drink and meal all decided without saying a word.
I love it.

Little shriny thing at the entrance.
(sorry, iPod pics)

This is MY kinda Buddha.
Buddy’s chillin and lookin’ out the window.
Buddha-life. Observe and chill.
Take notes.

After a beer for the car ride and about 4-5 glasses of wine I was like, Hmmmmm.
I should get a bottle, huh?
(I don’t remember what the waitress said, but it was along the lines of…
“You drink fast and much!”
Just because I was on my 3rd while everyone was nursing their 1st.

And yes. bottle ALL mine.
(That MIGHT explain the headache today.)

2-in-1 cappuccino. 1st one didn’t cut it.
Willem hooked it up for me.
This hotel makes me feel so special and loved.
(Well, except when my room’s cleaned and I’m missing things…)
And yes, they satisfy my slagroom (whipped cream) desires quite well, as you can see.

Went for a walk the other day and spotted this “horrific” explosion of feathers.
You’d think I’d find a carcass of a bird WHACKED by a car…
however, couldn’t find it.
No body, no crime?

Why? Why is this done? Does anyone know?
If you have a PUBLIC video…why block out different parts of the world?

Also got to use the night to meet up with my “brother” Anthony (as a last drink before he head’s off
to the Bahamas)
who gave me a jacket he wore, that I liked the other night.

I failed to calculate our difference in size.

Going to see if I can get it altered tomorrow.
Thank you Anthony.
LOVE YOU and SAFE travels!!!!!!!!!!



Great ideas that become disastrous and silently rip the voids within…when there’s nothing left to grab

I just watched this movie a few hours ago. Seemed like a good idea at the time……..
But doesn’t every disastrous decision?

Last Night with Keira Knightley.
I’ve never thought of Keira much. I enjoy most of her movies though and today…
I’ve come to appreciate her name. I like it. KNIGHT-ley.

I feel the movie was well executed?
However the ending left me, unsatisfied?
And, on the whole…it brought me to a place I try to run from.
The reason I fill myself with everything and anything that strikes my fancy.
One of the reasons I fly and jump, from place to place.
I need the change. It’s like a drug that numbs me with distractions.
Filling the emptiness.

The void of past experience that you sometimes forget
and actually TRY your best, to leave behind
but which SMACKS you down, hard on your ass when you least expect it
reminding you, that its still alive and well.

Following your every move, waiting.
Waiting for the moment you are weak and attacking you with its brute force.
Leaving you conscious, but unconscious and immobile at the same time.
Ripping you at your core…til you become the nothing you desire to release.

This is what happens when you are “graced” with perfection, and the world decides to
flip on its irony…and take it all away.
It is the fulfillment of every and anything you’ve ever NEVER dreamed of
and then having it drained right out of you.




And with every last drop…a piece of you is taken away
leaving you emptier than before you were filled.

Now ain’t THAT a bitch.
SO what then?
SO what now?

I run.

I dive.

I breathe.

Because, that’s life, right?
Peaches and cream.
A meadow of golden sun.
And the rot that follows freshness.


Everything we want…

everything undesirable.


 As I was listening to this:
(I really like the beginning songs, when you get into mins 18 or so, it varies…for my ears, at least.)

I just laid back in my bed. Another hotel bed I find myself in.
Just staring.
Staring into the walls, then closing my eyes to the ceiling
letting the music just take me away.

It felt nice. It brought me some peace…
however, it may have had some help from the Mozart White Chocolate Cream Liquer
I got from my new, dear friend here, Nathalie.

Finally finished.
Thanks again my love. You have been more of a blessing than you realize.

I came up with a cool idea for a friend.
Shit I can do, to bring a smile…always brings me one.
Especially if the SMILE’S gonna be HUGE.

However, as I came up with my MASTER plan…
and WHILE I was putting it into action
the website I needed, is “temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance.”


Just another one of life’s jokes. Huh?
K, well. I’m off. Pulling myself outta this room, grabbing a drink
(some…no, LOTS)
with a friend
and catching a movie and din din.

The sister of a dear friend I care a lot about posted this on my FB wall today.
It made me smile. She said it made her think of me.
It’s always nice when people see things or experience things and it brings you to their mind.
(And vice versa)
Kinda crazy when you haven’t even met a person. (We connected through Facebook)
Physical time is becoming more and more
of an UN-necessity to me.

Sometimes, the more you don’t spend with a person, the more you get to know them.
Especially with the way we communicate nowadays.
Just because you haven’t seen someone, within arms reach…doesn’t mean you can’t love them.
At least, that’s how it is for me.

Right. Blah. Whatever. Time to make a move.




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Goldman Sachs – Investing in the Sale of Prostitutes, Sex Slaves & Underage Children

Goldman Sachs owns 16% of Village Voice Media.
Village Voice Media owns

Backpage is the leader in ad space for prostitution.
(It replaced former lead, Craigslist)

Not only until it was uncovered, 2 years prior to March 30, 2012
did Goldman Sachs report:
“it had just signed an agreement to sell its stake to management.”

Interesting that GS was exposed in 2010
the same year that Goldman managing director, Scott L. Lebovitz (who sat on the Village Voice Media board for many years) stepped down.


Online websites that advertise escort services and their publication counterparts
are making hundreds of millions of dollars a year advertising illegal services.
These services make it easier for pimps and traffickers to promote their “products.”
If they ARE to profit as the ‘middlemen” they should be taxed upon to help fund services
in which to fight/protect victims of sexual slavery/trafficking.


However, it’s also evident that Backpage plays a major role in the sex trafficking of minors. Kristof cited “a recent case in New York City where prosecutors claimed that a 15-year-old girl was drugged, tied up, raped and sold to johns through Backpage and other sites.”


I know it’s entertaining seeing the pics in the back, or advertisements online.
Or even collecting “playing card” like advertisements for escorts in Vegas.
But, if you knew the damaged lives each of these advertisements bring…
maybe you’ll start taking it more seriously.
Whoever wants to sell their body, go right ahead.
But there are countless others who are forced into it.
We should not allow/support something where the few are free
and the majority are suffering/enslaved.

Kick ’em in their “Goldman Sachs”
not suck ’em.

Please share if you believe there needs to be a change.


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A day free of Facebook.
How fabulous!
The last time I made a conscious attempt was in 2010 when I was in Mexico.
Was gonna walk away all together but after 10 days of NOT being able to contact anyone
efficiently…I signed back in.

It has been brought to my attention that there’ve been ads on my blog.
Since I view my blog signed into I don’t see them.
Sneaky bastards.
SO…fixed that.

Sorry, I get annoyed with ads.
My room can be cluttered, but not my online presence.

I had people approach me for ad space on
and I was like HELL NO. I don’t like disrupting layouts just for some cash.
However, if we up the anti to 5-6 figures…I MAY consider it.


I get emails about putting ads on my YouTube vids too…but the shit annoys ME…
why in the hell would I want to SHARE ANNOYANCE?

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What happens, when I TRY to be a LAW-ABIDING Citizen!

Sometimes, I get lazy and actually do…”the right thing.”
Yet, sometimes, I’m met with obstacles which make me question…”WHY???”
When with a little less effort, and no financial loss, I can get the same results.


A life of crime chose me. I didn’t chose it.

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