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Meet Afghanistan’s NEXT President!!!

Afghan Parliament member and NOW declared Presidential candidate…Fawzia Koofi.

She was initially condemned to death by her own family for being born female
(She should’ve KNOWN BETTER! Pssssht!)
and she’s already had a few assassination attempts.

In 2014 she plans to run for President…the very same year
that all foreign troops are supposed to withdraw from the country.

I wish you well Fawzia.
Evil doesn’t take well to those wishing to change it.

RIP Benazir Bhutto


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“the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”

How many of you would describe YOUR love as such?
I “love” this definition, because it pinpoints exactly how I feel and what I mean
when I tell someone I love them.

“I love you”

those three words, to me, mean:
(when I say it)

I will do anything within my power, to be there to any extent in which you may ever need me.
You are, exactly as I desire you. Nothing more, nothing less, in every minute and at every turn.
I appreciate the person that you are.
Your heart, is golden.
Your happiness and well-being is always my concern.
Get on my back, I rise, you rise.
You are important to me.
You are AWESOME!
My shoulders are here for you to lean on, always.
To betray you, would be like stabbing myself, because you are now a part of me.
Thank you, for being you and enriching my life while doing so.
If you are sad or in pain, so am I.
My world, is yours because it’s now ours.

I think Paris Hilton really kicked it off, or at least made it ULTRA trendy to just spit out
“Love you!”

Most people who just throw around these words are too toxically in love with
themselves to even know what it truly is to love someone.

Love is almost always confused with:

None of these exist within love.
To love, is to let go.
Love is freedom.
To love is to nurture not suffocate.
Love is respect.
To love is to embrace not segregate.
To love is to want the best for someone not just what’s best for you.
Love is understanding.
To love is to look beyond yourself and your wants to truly focus on another.
Love is gentleness not aggression.
Love never lives in your loins.

Love is powerful.

The wolf that hides behind the sheep of false love…

is what destroys.


“I’m a fucking monster when all I wanted was something beautiful.”

I live in a world of distorted perceptions.
Where good intentions are met with attacks
and masked wickedness is met with adulation.
I sit outside of my bubble and watch the world in silence.

My silence…

and what I see, creates tears in my heart.

Tears may be interpreted in whichever definition comes to you, because it’s all the same.
I travel the world, inside my head and my tunes, a lot.
When I walk through crowds and city streets I always feel like I’m a ghost in a realm
not of my own.

A spirit floating through an altered dimension seeing those around me
with them, unable to see me.
I’m the air.

I have collected some of the best souvenirs along my travels.
Those who have become everlasting friends and permanent fixtures in my happiest of thoughts.
Yesterday, there was a moment where I was jazzed. Pumped. Feeling really good about my present…
The thought: “My life f-in rocks!”
Rushed through my veins.

Then, as all the confetti falls to the floor…
I’m alone again.
Feeling detached from the world and the wavelengths of most around me.

“I’m a fucking monster when all I wanted was something beautiful.”
That’s a line from Meg Myers song, “Monster.”
She’s referring to a relationship but that line’s perfect to describe the way I feel sometimes
because it starts with anger and hurt then ends of with softness and beauty.

And that’s my ying and yang.
My frustration and disgust towards a world that really doesn’t give a shit…
and my heart that wishes, you could open your eyes and begin to see.

 Take the time to step towards something greater.
Something more?

You can never please 100% of the world, but why even bother, when most of the world
doesn’t even give a shit about anything beyond their bubble?

No matter how much I shake it off and push forward…
the darts of the enemies still manage to prick my armor.

If what doesn’t kill you, truly makes you stronger
my God, please SAVE the person that DARE step in my path
when my time has come to really, fuck shit up.


Disappointments, that Inspire

I’ve been in a zone for the last couple of days. Staying mainly inside myself.
In my head. Not really saying much and not wanting any other energy around me but my own.
Today, I went through my friend list on Facebook.
Since I’m in Holland I wanted to tag people, time appropriately for the early AM hours.
I haven’t been down my friend list in a while. When I had more time and energy…
I’d periodically go through it so I’d remember people and write to them if I hadn’t heard from them in
a while. I don’t want people to feel forgotten or unimportant.

 However, with all the traveling, the list just grows and becomes quite overwhelming.
Anyhow…what’s COOL about Facebook now is people that DELETE you or put their accounts on hold
are shown.
I love that, cuz if someone removes themselves, I want to know WHO it is.
Ya know?

I’m very vocal on FB. I speak my mind and my actions (what I’m doing at the moment)
which is mostly for entertainment, but some tight-asses take it to offense.

Sometimes it’s too much for people to stomach, but it’s kinda sad though.
Cuz, it’s ME!
So, if you aren’t accepting what I write or say, then you don’t except/appreciate me…
and that “kinda” hurts?

But whatever, I can’t let that get me down. It’s just rather, “blah” cuz I love and see the brightness in all
of my friends and see our differences as a part of us being individuals.
And you know what? The friends that I’ve lost along the years, through stupid Facebook…ha ha ha
are the ones I’ve known the longest, but who…I guess, never knew the real me?
Or have never had it IN their FACE as loudly as Facebook can provide.

It also gets to me, that the sexy bikini pics and sexual matter I post gets SOOOOO much more attention
then when I put my time, heart and soul into entries that I feel can “make a difference”
or  “educate.”

Anyways…that entire SPIEL was to explain my status update for today.

I also saw new pics of someone who came off as so amazing, in heart and beauty
who now, is a fraction of the beauty I saw in her, cuz of the inside I’ve discovered.
Crazy how someone can go from a 9 to 3 after you get a taste/knowledge of their rotting cores.

I have many model friends/acquaintances/beautiful people in my life.
I find it sick how just because of the package on the outside, people are willing to over look things and
bend over backwards for someone.

And, the opposite…as well. If a person sees a bum, or someone fat, or someone ugly…
they outcast them. They don’t allow the time to see what’s on the inside.
EVERYONE has a story.
EVERYONE has some kind of struggle…whether small or large…

and I feel a lot is lost by just using ones eye to see the shell and not the soul.

Or in my case, the silliness and playfulness (what some deem as immaturity) before the message and the heart.
There’s so many depressing things in life, I’m sorry if I try to make the light of what I can and LAUGH!

OK. I’m going to shut up now.

My status:

If the majority of the world would take the time to see beyond the surface, instead of losing themselves solely in what’s before them…they’d see the poison in some of its flowers and the beauty in some of its thorns. Open your eyes and don’t get lost in the mirage. You’d be surprised at what’s really there.


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The Power of Mind Ripples

This morning, I was playing a set by Armin van Buuren.
(My all time, FAVORITE DJ)
If you don’t listen to the whole song, cuz maybe this isn’t your kinda music, just jump to mins 2:28.

I don’t know if it’s all the ecstasy I’ve consumed in my life…
but this kinda music really goes right down to my bones.
If I close my eyes, it’s like jumping into a wave then riding it to shore at sunset.

It reminded me, of my days in Tampa when I was 17.
17, on my own and having the TIME of my life.
Getting into every and anything that curiousity presented to me.
(Nope, things haven’t changed much since then…however, I’m finding less and less things
to actually be curious about, since I’ve almost done it all.)

** Which leads me to my lackluster status **

Which is a good thing, cuz now without distractions…I can give myself to worthier causes…
full force.

I was mind-locked in Tampa til I headed out to meet my PT/PA/buddy Rick for breakfast.
Guess what happened at breakfast?
One of the songs, that just SCREAMS Tampa to me, came on.

Like, OMG!
Then, double…OMG, cuz it played TWICE.
It has a darkened peacefulness to me. When I heard it for one of the very first times…
I was told, it was a friend’s song for her brother who was going to jail, for a very long time
wrongfully convicted.

I dunno. When I hear the song, that’s the moment I think about.
(lyrics at bottom of entry, you’ll see how fitting the song is.)

I don’t know what plane I’m on
or what I’ve done to “deserve” such “powers”
but it’s like, if something strikes my heart…some form of it materializes.
Do you get where I’m coming from?

It’s like, when you are painting, racing, writing or doing anything you are passionate about
and in “the zone.”
That spot when you are on fire, nothing can stop you and things just fall effortlessly into place.

This is where I’m at, whenever I’m flowing with life.
Every person, every moment, every distraction, every delay…
has a purpose.

I know it may sound cliché, but it’s true.
One sec, a left instead of a right, should I go, shouldn’t I go…
should I talk to this person, should I not.

There are so many facets in our everyday and, I believe, with awareness of our mind, our actions and
our surroundings we have the power to make our lives sparkle.
Yes, if you’ve been following, I definitely have my dark moments…
but that’s because I take on too much. I don’t live for me, I live for “my world.”
I literally, and by choice, put “the weight of MY world, on my shoulders.”

Only a handful of the thousands of people in my life, know exactly what I’m talking about.
And even then, they probably know about 80%.
Cuz I’m not one to talk or share, MY problems, but sometimes it is necessary for others
to understand you more.

Sometimes, it’s not my problem to share, but I make it my problem, to solve.
Make sense?

Over time, I’ve learnt to balance myself. If you start from the beginning of this blog, til today…
you can actually see some of the transformation.
Some of my “shedding” process.

Deal with what you can, NOW.
Do your best, and if your best is not enough, what else is there?
But ALWAYS do your best so in the end, you know, you’ve done your all.
You can’t stress over things you have no control over…
you can just do the best with what you do.
It is my stance that if you can help, then help, however…don’t overextend yourself while doing so.
When you learn to save someone from drowning…
the very first rule (just like oxygen masks in planes)
secure YOUR safety first and THEN, assist those around you.

It makes sense in ALL aspects of life. It is not selfish, it is not thoughtless
it’s self-preservation.

I am 32 years old. Can you believe it’s taken me THIS long to hone in on this concept?
For MOST of my life, I’ve exerted my last drop to “save” others.
Within the last…say, 5 years, I’ve finally started to take pieces for me, but still, not fully.
It wasn’t until recently I’ve let go, 100% and given in, to me because I’ve learnt
to be of use, I must be alive, well, balanced and secure.

Everything I do in my life, has a purpose and sometimes, I blast through things, just to get
them out the way so I can hurry on to my next “stage.”
Traveling, as I’ve said before feels more like a “duty” or “work.”
I strategically map out my future footsteps so I can see all the ones I love, splashed around the globe.
It does get exhausting, but they mean a lot to me and it’s my way of expressing how much they do.

I’m planning to finish ALL of Europe in the next few months, while I’m on this side of the Atlantic.
When I go into my next phase of life, I don’t want any…”Oh, I wish I could go there, do that, etc”
Even though my life looks sporadic and unplanned…
I do have my calculations.

My roads just aren’t militant and one way.

This was cute, I totally don’t remember it, but I stumbled upon it while looking through old tagged pics.

Like, really? Are you SURE?!?!?!
My expression here is like, “Oh boy. You SO don’t know what you’ve just gotten yourself into!!!” HA HA

I have certain goals in my heart, that will never go away.
If I ever attain them, or even come close…
remains in the eyes of the future
but every day…I accomplish something positive…I brighten people’s lives…
and inspire someone.

All in all, if that is my accomplishment at the end of this lifetime
“I’m cool with that.”

However, that doesn’t mean I’m quenching the FLAMES of my desire to TAKE DOWN a world I don’t believe in.
I’m here, to fight.

 For me, you are only as good as your intentions for actions are sometimes fake and with
a hidden purpose. You yourself, know what’s truly lying within.
When you look inside, are you happy with what you see?

If not, change it.

Be of use to the world, not a waste.
Thanks, I’d appreciate it.

Change the world for the better with the power of POSITIVE and PURE Mind Ripples.
Actions start from the mind, so use it.


This happened yesterday. I don’t look at the time often.
But yeah, something’s telling me…the journey with the association to these numbers (321)
ain’t over yet. Oh Future, what in the hell do you have in store for me!!!!!!!!!!!
(Incase you’ve just started following:

You’re Not Alone lyrics

In a way, it’s all a matter of time
I will not worry for you, You’ll be just fine
Take my thoughts with you, and when you look behind
You will surely see a face that you recognize


You’re not alone, I’ll wait till the end of time
Open your mind, Surely it’s plain to see
You’re not alone, I’ll wait till the end of time for you
Open your mind, Surely there’s time to be with me

Verse 2
It is the distance, that makes life a little hard
Two minds that once were close, Now so many miles apart
I will not falter though, I’ll hold on till you’re home
Safely back where you belong, And see how our love has grown.

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“No religion is higher than humanity”

Abdul Sattar Edhi, (Urdu: عبد الستار ایدھی, Gujarati: અબ્દુલ સત્તાર ઇદી) – 84, gave up everything to devote his life to helping Pakistan’s poorest. From standing on the foot paths to beg for the poor, to establishing Pakistan’s biggest network of shelter homes and ambulance service, here is the selfless journey of a true living saint.

I hope in my very near future I can begin to help better the world around me in as grand a scale as he.