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Just BE the Buddha……..Footsteps of a Murderer and WHIPPED CREAM. Mmmmmmmmm.

Yeah so……..that “DETOX” thing.
It took a little detour last night. For GOOD reason though!
Had to go out and celebrate my new inspired project. It has to do with the 13 Eastern European
countries I have planned starting in May.
However, in between I may add MORE…cuz it’d work well with the rockingly SWEET idea I have in my head.
I was on a high for like 3 hours. So psyched. Couldn’t stand still. Can’t wait to start planning it.

Answer is NO.
You’ll just have to wait and see.
I imagine it to be finished some time in July/August…depending on how many countries and cities I
decide to include.

** Work in Progress…stay tuned! You’re gonna wanna! TRUST ME!!!! **

Headed out for Thai, again.
I can basically hit 3 restaurants now, between Schiedam and Rotterdam…
2 Thai 1 Italian
WITH my earphones in (if I’m alone)
and have my drink and meal all decided without saying a word.
I love it.

Little shriny thing at the entrance.
(sorry, iPod pics)

This is MY kinda Buddha.
Buddy’s chillin and lookin’ out the window.
Buddha-life. Observe and chill.
Take notes.

After a beer for the car ride and about 4-5 glasses of wine I was like, Hmmmmm.
I should get a bottle, huh?
(I don’t remember what the waitress said, but it was along the lines of…
“You drink fast and much!”
Just because I was on my 3rd while everyone was nursing their 1st.

And yes. bottle ALL mine.
(That MIGHT explain the headache today.)

2-in-1 cappuccino. 1st one didn’t cut it.
Willem hooked it up for me.
This hotel makes me feel so special and loved.
(Well, except when my room’s cleaned and I’m missing things…)
And yes, they satisfy my slagroom (whipped cream) desires quite well, as you can see.

Went for a walk the other day and spotted this “horrific” explosion of feathers.
You’d think I’d find a carcass of a bird WHACKED by a car…
however, couldn’t find it.
No body, no crime?

Why? Why is this done? Does anyone know?
If you have a PUBLIC video…why block out different parts of the world?

Also got to use the night to meet up with my “brother” Anthony (as a last drink before he head’s off
to the Bahamas)
who gave me a jacketΒ he wore, that I liked the other night.

I failed to calculate our difference in size.

Going to see if I can get it altered tomorrow.
Thank you Anthony.
LOVE YOU and SAFE travels!!!!!!!!!!



Psssht! Who said you can’t be a BRILLIANT THAI Chef from RIGHT outta your hotel room!

Presenting: Tom Kha Gai.
Oh yes, I did.

I’ve been obsessed with this soup for a few weeks now…
and the idea of trying to cook it in my hotel room’s electric kettle popped into my head.

So, as happens with most things that pop into my head, I tried it!!!
(I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook my fav Thai dishes, just never got around to it
or don’t have a kitchen at my disposal or the ingredients available.)

Recipe I used.
Well, glanced at. Basically used it to see ingredients and went from there.

Laurier blad is wrong though. That’s Bay leaves.
I needed basil OR…in Dutch, basilicumblaadjes.
(Yeah, looks like a mess in Dutch, but what I’m learning is they like taking words and pushing ’em together
maybe thereby giving them more power. Or, maybe they don’t like to breathe when they speak.)
I’m not Dutch, I don’t make the rules. Don’t ask me.

I used wings, cuz I like wings and DON’T have a proper knife to cut chicken breasts.

I put chili in the soup too, but I always need more “UMF.”
My Tom Kha Gai ain’t GOOD until it’s RED.

The soup can be made blindfolded it’s so easy.
Main flavors of importance MOST needed is the lemon grass, fish sauce, lime,coconut and ginger.
I don’t think missing the basil really effected it. Must try again, another time…
however…I may have just broken the POT!

It was something to do, on a cold, wet, yucky day.
And now another curiosity has been quenched. Another score for the knowledge bin.

Just a random shot that came up on Facebook.
It made me smile. That’s my Paki, Manin. She’s a beautiful woman…but doesn’t like pics
just like me, (on right) so yeah. Makes faces. I’ll see if I can pic a “normal” face one for her.
Her kids are f-in gorgeous. (Italian-Indian mix with MIND-BLOWING EYES and skin color.) I told her prep her boy or daughter…cuz I’mma be takin’ one of them in 15 years.

I like this pic of me. I really do. I dunno why.


Rotterdam Therapy, Pedophile Zones, Yummy Thai food and Amazing People

My friend Rick was caught in a rather sudden and out-of-the-blue verbal confrontation
yesterday. It was like something got lost in translation and was blown WAY out of proportion.
He kept his cool though…(good boy, learning the way of the Cara).
As I watched him remain calm, even give the guy space to see the error of his ways
and back down…
I felt like a parent watching their child mature into a fine gentleman.

I knew it took a lot outta him, so I already had it set in my mind that we were going to head out
to get some grub and more importantly…

When I see these signs I think
“Pedophile Zone”

THIS sign, is on the SAME post but on the opposite side.
No Pedophile Zone.

If these signs mean hold your child’s hands…
I wanna know WHY the no holding child hands sign is on the side with the train tracks?
Explanations anyone?

Awesome find!
Electric stair lift!!!!
Instantly reminded me of the Gremlins movie.

Mmmmmmm. Best Thai restaurant in Rotterdam.
See You See Me.

Much deserved. Cheers!

I didn’t even have time to fully remove my coat when I hear:
I was like, “Who’s a callin??”
I came to this restaurant 2 times within the 5 months (on and off) I was here last year
so that my name was remembered and with such enthusiasm caught me off guard.
I was like, “AWWWWW. You remember my name!”

Awesome chica. Such a vibrant, sharp and bubbly attitude.
We’re meeting up on Monday.
Her instant hit list:
Sushi, wine bar (my suggestion as she’s taking a sommelier course) and lounge.
She’s gonna pick me up at the hotel and said there’s extra space in the car if I wanted to invite
other friends.

So, Ant and Rick.
You be mine Monday.

She gave us a grapefruit shot concoction, on the house.
How awesome is my life?

My girl hooked me UP with the hot sauce.
They usually bring it in smaller dishes, but she remembered how much I use.

This is what she wrote to me later on that night…
“Yeahh!! When i see you i automatically go: INEED2STUFF HER WITH PEPPERZ!!! ;)”
I love being taken care of and spoiled!

People are always commenting on how they don’t know how I do it.
(my life and all the traveling, etc)

Well, my one tip…beyond anything would be
Be nice.
Don’t be dorky, desperate, overly I-need-friends nice or fake.
Be genuine and open and you’d be astonished at everything that will place itself before you.

Everytime I post how much I LOVE my MAGIC BULLET…
I get pervy comments on my Facebook.
THIS, my friends…is my Magic Bullet.
Just stocked the mini fridge up.
2012, bringing healthy back.

Smoothie ingredients and insomnia snacks.

Looked on the table today and saw “13” on the notepad.
Weird, I don’t remember writing anything…
Even stranger that that number just recently has a very special meaning AND is my newly adopted lucky digits.

And yes, I’ve just given up where I am…
but ahhhh. Whatever. There aren’t any crazy stalkers in Holland…RIGHT??!?!?!?!

Yeah, that just doesn’t look right.
Lotion spillage that landed on my shoe.

Bringin’ back the classics.
Electric stair scene from the Gremlins movie.

It took me a VERY long time to accept the fact that I couldn’t obtain a Mogwai of my own.
Gizmo’s the shit…and so adorable it hurts.
I better not fester on it, or I’mma go through a depression again cuz I can’t have one.


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Plonkin’ Around and Playin’ Tourist at the Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island Bahamas. (Mega pic album)

Yes, no…I don’t act my age.

NBC preppin’ up for a shooting of the Today Show.

Next time, we’ll go HARDCORE tourist and actually get into the pool.

Catchin’ Erika catchin’ a pic of the sharky.

Underwater pic of the Atlantis Hotel.

Was runnin’ outta juice on my iPod…
so juiced it military style while still on the go.
Woulda been a great day to have my pro DSLR and lenses…
But ahhhh well.
Don’t worry. I’m bringing it, where it’s most important.

I liked the colors in this tank.

I used to LOVE playin’ with these guys on my dives.
Fun, slimy suckers.

You shoulda seen the flex action while Erika tried to snap a shot of this sucker
as it cruised with quite a bit of speed above her.
Look at the concentration in her face.

Another hotel shot, with fishes.
Oh, and Erika.

Yay! I swear, it was like we were transported back to boarding school.
Fun fuckin’ times.

Ain’t those some FAT ASS PRETZELS!?!?!?
If I wasn’t on my “OPERATION” slim down for Vegas…
I woulda SO killed one.

I wanna get these for the house.
And takeΒ ecstasy. HA HA HA

I so don’t get these things.
I’d bore myself into drowning.

Caught on film!

Another Jelly.

Cool color tank, I wonder if the difference in light bothers them.

These boxed up pics came from Erika.
She has a fancy schmancy iPhone…better pics.
And analy keeps using her Instagram setting.

Erika was takin’ a pic, and my mind just said, CLIMB.
The drop wasn’t the best, kinda higher than expected and the heavy ass laptop filled
backpack didn’t help matters!!!

HA HA A pic of a pic. Convinced Erika she missed this.

Singing: “My buddy, my buddy, my buddy. My buddy and ME!!!”

Not a fight boo boo. Apparently, sharks like ROUGH SEX!

Slipped on this. I left it on the floor last night.
Then, used it to surf around the room.
Fun times!

Grabbed lunch before setting off to the airport.

Playing tourist to the extreme.
Decided, calories don’t count and got a Bahama Mama.

Ending with my girl.
I love this chick.
So happy life has brought our lives to the Bahamas again to spend some MUCH needed quality time.
Can’t wait to get back from Europe to have more adventures.
Some Other Island Hopping Adventures!!!!

Gotta run.

Heading to the movies with the girls!!!!!!



Day 10: What’s up with BITCH ASS Housekeeping???

This morning, there wasn’t even the annoying RAP at the door with a key followed by
the dreadful “HOUSEKEEPING”
that wakes one out of their slumber for the morning.

It was just a barging in at the door.
However, the slide bar locky thingy was in place
so she couldn’t get it.
(Apparently called a Hotel-style swing lock)

Like, WTF dude?

I went to bed past 1am…then woke up at 4am and tossed and turned.
Then turned down the air cuz it got HELLA chilly in the room.
Had to turn it off this morning, cuz it was still freezing with the lower setting I placed.

I sooooooooo did not feel like I was in the Bahamas!

Reason I’m up, is I’m meeting with someone at around 10:15am.
So, must get showered and fill my belly with the complimentary hot breakfast menu.
Whatever that is.


Time to jump into the shower and get a move on things.

Adios amigos!!!!
Have a BEAUTIFUL Hump Day!!!!


Now, if this was the housekeeper that was knocking at my door, I may not throw such a hissy fit.

Selita Ebanks.
She came up on something I was looking up yesterday.
I didn’t know she was somewhat famous until I clicked around.
I think I met her once, actually.

Awwwwwww. Look at that cute wittle butt.
Nice huh?

ha ha


(And no, not getting off. Did that last night.)

I’m so silly.


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Touchdown, NASSAU!!!!

Almost, NOT touchdown.
I went to the bar, grabbed me a Cheetos, cuz that was the lesser of all evils.
Wanted it to be a nice healthy day, but f*ck…I got HUNGRY!

Went to the restroom, came out and was like, my flight’s at noon.
Why hasn’t it been called yet?
I look at the board, see my flight…and flashing in green lights before me



Like, WTF?!?!?!
Ran out to the counter to check, cuz other than that…the place is empty
in regards to staff.

The ladies at the counter said: “Oh, don’t pay no mind to dat.” (speaking of the flight board)

I had a few nibbles, just to kill my starvation…
then, when I got onto the plane, I was like…lemme finish it off.
BUT THEN, I looked at the calories in this WEEEEE half filled bag.
Since I was “thinking” we may have lunch upon my arrival to Nassau, I just ate half the bag.

I told Erika when I came over, we were gonna go on an adventure.
he he
She didn’t wanna get her feet wet on the short stretch of beach so we “trespassed” the wall of
beachfront homes.

“Beware of Dog”
Just a sign…


Sorry Erika.

Β Callin’ up to see where her lil cousin was.
Picked her up from a Track and Field day.
Awwwww. Memories. Twas fun. I had flashbacks of my Sunland Bahama school days…
cuz all the black kids and no white in sight…
And Pine Crest, my old boarding school days cuz I used to do track with Erika.
Kewl memories all around.

Just a funny sight.
I’m in the SUN, trying to SOAK IT UP since Freeport was covered in clouds and rain all week…
while everyone’s under awnings and umbrella’s trying to escape the sun.

Unda da bleachers.

This chick ran a 4 x 100, was the last leg and fucking TORE shit UP!
Her teammates didn’t give her a good positioning, but the girl turned some TURBO boosters on and OWNED the race. BRA-fuckin-VO!

Erika forgot toothpaste, and I didn’t bring any cuz mine is over the 3oz and something carryon limit.
However, got this STUBBY little tube from the hotel!
Generous much?!?!!?

My way of TRYING to be healthy while holding out for din din.
Hey, we stopped at a damn gas station near the tracks.
It was the best I could do.


Didn’t have iPod ready to snap the pic from the side.
Funny ass sight.
The man’s sleeping.
Hope he made it to his destination without falling off.

Right. Time to chill and enjoy my Bloody Mary.

Night night. Catch ya tomorrow!

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Lots of Sex, Lots of Money…Yes 2012. I say YES YES YES!

So yeah, 2011 I was ALL onboard with my save the world mission.
Well, the world of the unfortunate victims of sex trafficking.
Visions of a self-sufficient recovery compound was building itself in my thoughts.


2012 came in.

2012 and the last few months of 2011 flipped my switch.
I became such a depressed and stressed individual…
my life was consumed with combating this disgusting injustice.

I lost myself and my light.
I feel so alive right now.
I have more weight on my shoulders than EVER in my life.
(but I’m amazingly, mentally, ON TOP OF THE WORLD)
**maybe it’s a manic phase…stay tuned and see if I have a breakdown in the next few days)
ha ha
I have no kids but somehow I have dependents.

Go figure!

I can’t concentrate on fixing the world when the loved ones close to me are falling through the cracks.
When I get ALL of my world safe and sound…

then I can concentrate on the rest.

So for now, that compound may turn into a resort.

Gonna bring back the carefree me and see where we go from there.
Need to re-strengthen my foundations again.
Time to start building the empire.

Here was my fb status the other day:
You know what I finally realized? GREED is what pays. And ta think I lived my life being honest, kind and generous. What an idiot! Maybe I should try the ying side to my yang and see what happens…2012. Enter EVIL Cara!!!!

We all know I can’t be evil…but, something has clicked in my brain
and I’m not gonna sit back and let all the evil have ALL the fun.
Can’t take ALL their pie…

but I’m sure gonna cut me off a HUGE SLICE!!!

Happy Friday ALL!
And CHEERS to new beginnings!

Let’s have some FUN shall we??
Forget sexy, I’m bringin the naughty back!