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R.I.P. Peter Rose

Your sun has finally set and blanketed its last rays upon the waters of the earth.
No longer struggling or suffering, but at peace
and this is where one must pull happiness from while living through the beauty of the life you left behind.

I can’t even remember the last time I saw you
but I can still hear the sound of your voice, like you are speaking to me right now.
It’s crazy to think, how many years have past from the days I’d rise before the sun and
join you out at sea.

Fishing was your life, and you shared it with me.
Out to sea’n’back then off to school.
Fun times.

 And man, what an AWESOME tan I used to have back then.

I thank you for the trips…
the knowledge, the time and the experiences I will never forget.
Our win at Walker’s Cay.
My “Largest” dolphin catch
and my “Youngest Angler” award.

You’re existence is definitely one of the prized building blocks that make me who I am today.
Thank you.

Rest in Peace my friend.
Always and forever.
Cara xoxoxo


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