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How do I love thee (Marion Motin)? Let me count the ways………

I β™₯ this woman! (Sucky screenshot, BTW)
Talent, sweetness, grace, CUTE AS HELL, with a strong personality without a hint of annoying cockiness.
GOT to love it. Back off, she’s MINE!

Go to minute 6:21 if you don’t speak French. (STILL WORTH IT THOUGH)
She’s a KICKASS dancer. CHECK CHECK!

I LOVE the Mad…MOI…Zelle too. Kewl name.

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Fashion Representing Freedom

Fashion designer Tala Raassi recalls being lashed in Iran as a teenager for wearing a skirt. Raassi’s experience led her to embrace fashion as a symbol of freedom. She now designs swimsuits, including the fashions worn by Miss Universe contestants


What are YOU made of???

‘Bout to head out to Den Haag (The Hague) on a Starbucks mission, lunch and just…whatever floats by.
Looked down at my shirt just now and spotted this:



I liked the cut and the shirt instantly caught my attention (not its contents). I needed some new threads.
My packing, or shall I say last-minute-lack-thereof, before I came to Europe was
quick…basically non-existent (besides socks and underwear)
so needed to plump up the wardrobe lest I walk around naked or
in dirty clothes.

In Mexico or somewhere warm, I might have been able to pull off the prior


Tiz COLD out dere!
Picked it up at the Sting.

Cool store. I can run in and run out with some nice stuff.
NO stress.
I hate shopping so it’s a great hit and run store.

Right. I’m OFF!!!!!!
Adios muchachos!



Surf’s UP Baby!!! Like my new bikini????

Oh shit.
I hate when I forget it back there.

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Ruthie Davis…is a F-in BITCH!!!!!!

Don’t let this angelic, innocent, sweetly blue-eyed face fool you.
She’s a demon!!!
Filled with spells and witchery. EVIL! EVIL!

I swear, I’ve felt this pang in my chest before.
It’s called HEARTBREAK.
I look at these and seriously fall…(in love)
but my fruitless attempts at finding a pair to make my own
is giving my heart a rather ferocious wrestle.
Like, really.
I’m a VERY picky person when it comes to my shoes and partners.
So, when I find something/someone…my whole heart goes into it.
Depression is setting in.
Ruth, I hope you are happy.

Time for TNBT.
The next best thing.
I NEVER go for the next best thing…
but I’m so in love with the styling of these shoes…
I just got this one.
Not as sexy and night-time sleek as the silver ones.
More subtle and refined.
Yet, still catches my eye.
I’ll make the fuckers work.

Hopefully they fit properly. They’ll be waiting for me in Florida.
(Whenever it is I finally leave Europe)

YOU, are such a temptress!
Came across these on my hunt for the black and silver robotic heel.

Seriously Ruthie. GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!


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Versace, Ruthie Davis, Creatively INSANE heels and a little bit a Kimmy. Kardashian, that is.

Ruthie Davis.
The black ones.

I need them.

Seriously though, I’ve been in need of a new pair of black heels.
When I travel, I have a pair of sandals, sneakers and black heels. Well, it’s about time for a NEW sexy pair!
I just haven’t come across any that have jumped out at me, until now.

I have to try shoes on…**sigh** so can’t order them online.
Must reach out to friends in Italy, the UK and Switzerland to see if they’re still available in stores.
Mind checking to see if they have size 36 or 37?
For yours truly!?!?!
(Places I’m willing to fly to to get the fuckers. I’m currently in Holland, FYI.)

I don’t mind spending the cash for my heels, but they must be heaven.
I have to put them on and not be able to take them off unless they are going in a bag
to be carried home by me.

I’m a true believer, that if you ARE going to dress up…
don’t fuck it up with a cheap ass shoe.
C’mon now, if you are GOING to put the effort in…don’t forsake the feet man.
There’s nothing more of an eyesore and turn off for me, than a chick with cheap ass Payless, etc shoes.

It’s better to have 2 PHENOMENAL heels than 20 shitty ones.

(Old Versace and Gucci snob. Sorry. Even though my dress doesn’t reflect it nowadays, yeah
I worked within those companies in the past when I was lost in fashion, jewelry and all that glittered.)

Sweet lil Versace number. Especially for a night out on South Beach.

Now to some cool ass creative designs.

And just a pic of an overall look that I favor. It just so happened to beΒ Kim Kardashian.
Just can’t seem to keep the shit clean.
Seems to be a magnet for RED WINE!

Oh look!!!!
They have my shoe and it’s on SALE!!!!!!!!

Just not my size.

I just saw the damn thing on a foot, and my heart just cracked a little.

The mission, begins!!!!!!!!


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842K – Downloading a Smile. My Pretty (lil) Woman.

Got this in my email account today. I’m hardly in there. I correspond mainly through Facebook.
(business and personal)
But…ahhhhh. What a nice surprise.

I bought this jacket back in November or so when I went to Dubai.
However, there were no cold fronts during the winter months in the Bahamas so she was unable to use it…
until recently.

So, her mommy took a pic for me.
Woulda liked a nice, “happy face” but the hoodie attitude works too.

“Yo, wassup?”
She’s feelin’ the jacket.

I needed new sneakers

So thought my babygirl should be a lil Adidas girl too.

Spotted this store.

And saw this cute dress and jacket.

The dress instantly reminded me of Julia Robert’s dress in Pretty Woman.

cuz I want her to grow up to be THIS Julia

and NOT this one.

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