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Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone? – Must Watch Video

Exactly. Yet another serendipitous moment in life which connected me to this video.
Here is where I’ve been for the last few weeks and it’s refreshing to HEAR it back.
Disconnect from your distractions and truly CONNECT to yourself and the REAL world.

If you could watch a video…of a “fictional” time in the future of WHERE we WILL
be heading if we don’t slow down, disconnect and change our ways…
you’d think it scary and foolish.

But it isn’t.

We are becoming robots of flesh, soon to befriend, connect and find comfort in the

Here was my status the other day:
As I step back to absorb what’s happening in the world I feel like I’m in a movie. One of those movies where I’m one of a scant few that sees the evil slowly coating our existence, microchipping humans into drones, and programming them into mindless, thoughtless bodies walking straight into their own destruction – with a smile. I’m not allowed to say what I’ve seen, all I’m saying is “WAKE UP!!!” and “BALANCE” your technological connections. Facebook is merely a big domino in a line of seemingly harmless yet HARMFUL innovations. – Wake up, balance and learn to detach. Shit’s about to get a bit CRAZY! Take baby moonwalks back to Mother Nature. She misses you. ♥♥

Enjoy the video. Take the time and watch it. Trust me.


Life, is ALL about attitude…ya big PANSY!

Little guys I ran across on a walk I took the other day.
Cute, no?


I Told You, My DiMattCa Clan, that I’d have something for ya……..are you sitting down? Sit down.

We left off with Matt impregnating a dolphin…
so while you guys passed out on me
here are the treasures that I stumbled upon.
(Which then in turn lead to adventures and creative genius. Don’t you just LOVE when that happens?)

We wondered what the baby would look like..
well, here’s Matt and Flipperina’s child, as a teen.
(Takes more after Matt it seems.)

When he was a baby, we weren’t quite sure who the father was.

Kewl pic I came across while on the search of Matt’s porpoise offspring pics.


Sweet, no?

Diana’s porpoise offspring.
Cute little thing.

Remember my adoptive family?
Found a pic of my brother. His such a pimp.

Imagine takin’ this guy to bed.
(Actually, it might make a threesome kinda fun. Or at least, interesting.)
Nice butt.

Which then brought me to multi-limbed frogs.
Believed to be caused by a parasite called Ribeiroia.

Awwwweeeeee. Why are baby things always so cute?

Which brought me to him…

And then to polydactyly. No Photoshop here. Tiz real.

A guy in my class had thumbs like this. HE could actually control it like a crab claw.
Twas neat. There was a girl in my same class that was missing a thumb
because when she was younger she sucked on it and to stop her, her mom bandaged it up.
Well, that thumb eventually fell off.
I always thought, “HEY! Why don’t you give your thumb to her!”
(BALANCE, no?)

Then KFC came to mind…

Which all at once inspired an ad campaign.
C’mon. Just TELL me I’m not a advertising GENIUS!!!
That’s why they pay me the BIG bucks!


Then, a buncha other randomness.
A freaky fish face

With all the work to create the frog tongue, don’t you think they coulda
Photoshopped the damn fillings out of her mouth?

Oh Kermie. What would Miss Piggy say!

Throwback to the topics:

Oh wait.

I got something for ya.

Right. I’m back.
To ma Dragomir:
Your very own Dragominater poster.
Coming to a theater near YOU!
I know you gonna just LOVE this. Again. I’m good.
You love it, yes??? Say you love it.

Shit’s good when I’m not distracted by you. Huh?
Me likey. Makes me smile.

Hope this finds you to a pleasant “wake up” once you rise again to greet another day
well, the SAME day…just later on in the afternoon.


Toyama, Japan – Full Moon Party the Way GOD Intended!!!

Sweet, huh?
Glowing firefly squid.

My favorite things. LIGHT and BLUE!
Cara’s Ultimate HappyLand!!!!!!!


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From start to finish? Fiiiinnnnnish. What’s that? – (One of my past lovers?)

The maid didn’t clear out my bottles of shampoo and body gel.
Which is a good thing, I wouldn’t want them to waste.

However, what clicked in my mind is:
HA. Here’s an example of how I don’t finish what I start.
Perfect symbolism via shower/bath products!
(They eventually will be finished, but let’s not get nit-picky. I’m trying to share my initial “aha” moment)

Me, leaving things “incomplete” is comparable to my procrastination.
If I lose interest, or get bored…
I’m gone.

Or, never arrive.
(as procrastination is a future action or, in my case, NON-action)

As I’ve said before I’m a heat-seeking, cannot be waivered, take cover, missile…
if it’s something I’m passionate about and that inspires me.
But, bland, “why in the fuck am I doing this” shit?

You WON’T find me doing very often.
When I see people in certain mundane jobs, it’s not rare for you to hear me say:
“I’d rather shoot myself.”

Cuz I know how my brain works…and I’d literally go insane…
so, a bullet, to me, just seems the better of the two outcomes.


Right, I’m getting a weeeee bit of the sleepies.
3 hours sleep. Was awakened by a dream of my dad’s parrot Nelson.
(The one that past a few months back)
I dreamt he was alive. I was so excited to bring him to my father…
and then, the FUCKER dies again.

Woke up with tears.

My father’s bday’s coming up. (April) I strive for his happiness…and I know the parrot was a big, unexpected blow for him.
Broke my heart, still does.
I’ve decided to fly back to the Bahamas and take him, my mom and my bestie Indy to
dinner at a new restaurant on the island.

My buddy Steve will be flying in from Nassau to join us. I’ve just got to solidify dates and travel plans.
(Check it, looks YUM right???)
Funny, I just “liked” the page today, and lo and behold…

an article with my mother in it.

Oh mom.

First the girl kiss, then the pole, yes, dancing on tables, let’s not forget the boob grab…
and now she’s takin’ my “thumbs up”?


We ARE an interesting little family, aren’t we?

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Engineering Humans to Save the Environment and Finding the Humane in Humanity

How far would YOU go to save the environment?
Me? I do my thing, here and there. If I don’t need a bag, shopping, I don’t take it.
If it’s paper, I always crack the joke: “Nah, save the trees.”
I try to utilize what I have and try not to go beyond what is needed.
But far from a saint.
It’s crazy to see, how much the average family accumulates in trash…

Especially, from my observation, families with boys.
Endless pits of activity and EATING
They’ve got singly packed prunes now…
have you seen that?

C’mon. Talk about waste.
Convenience is making the world FAT and is also destroying it.
But in the end, who cares? Right?
That’s tomorrow’s worries, not today’s.

Coming from the Bahamas, I’m exposed to how global demand
can damage ecosystems and rob oceans or their bounties.
If we were to live, solely on what our surroundings can provide…
we’d be one step ahead of the game.

But instead, we have our massive meat factories, over-fishing of oceans
and waste.

In order to make a significant impact on mending what we’ve destroyed
we’d need a world-wide, ALL TOGETHER NOW!!

And we AREN’T going to get it…
because, simply, people SUCK.

I’ve already “tested” ’em out.
Most people are too selfish, too ignorant, too blind, too corrupt…
too much of what we don’t need
and too little of what we do.

Let’s take this Kony movement.
Most people get this HIGH for thinking they are helping.
For being a part of something “good” and BIG.
My friend Ant and I write and share important issues all the time
yet…once something gets sensationalized and “Hollywood”

It takes off.
However, what are you really doing?
How are you helping?
Do you really think, the ailments of Africa will magically heal after the capture of Joseph Kony?

He’s “small fry.” Merely a puppet of the higher, evil of GREED fed by consumer demand.

If the “world” of this fleeting and substance-light “Let’s save it”
movement truly wanted to make an impact on the lives which are sucked under in chaos and suffering in this world…

they’d have to do a HELL of a lot more
than a simple “like” and “share” on Facebook.
However, beyond that, is where we unearth the TRUE nature of most of humanity.

Most people are only willing to give up that which does not
bring them discomfort. Natural, no?
The relationship between the desire to make a difference
and the effort and sacrifice it takes
is inversely proportional.

Desire decreases when one’s comfort level’s disturbed.

Liking, sharing and giving money to someone
is a small, quick act. Bravo to you…
but what else?

Yay. We can all recognize Kony and the elephant-donkey merge pic.

Now what?
How long will this “fad” last for?

And, what about all the other warlords and violent leaders?
Oh what? Huh? There’s just him?
Ahhhhh. Ok. Sorry, my bad. I didn’t know.
Yay! The bright future for Africa and its people is on its WAY!


Let me give you a small list of things you CAN
do, to eradicate the multiple harsh realities of those in Africa.

Stop buying these:

Who’s onboard? Ready to save the world!!!
Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!
(Yeah, I thought so.)
Hard to separate this “new” world we’ve created for ourselves
without damaging the less fortunate worlds we use(d) to get here.

A line, a damn line to get the latest and “greatest.”
Fucking pathetic.

 Camping out for an iPhone.
Nice to see where priorities lie in some.

And guess what?
I bet a nice percentage of these folks…with their latest and greatest in technology
are the same supporters of Occupy Wallstreet.
Crying over the “evil” 1% like spoiled brats not getting their way.

The lovely west. No wonder so many people hate and want to destroy it.
Would be nice, for some, to be able to stand in line…just to merely get something to eat
or freedom from slavery, rape, abuse and violence.

Where’s that line?

Conflict minerals.

Gold, coltan, tungsten, wolframite and cassiterite.
These commonly mined minerals are estimated to be worth

$30 trillion dollars.

Yay for Africa, right?
I mean, LOOK! Just look at the luxurious lifestyles of the citizens of this RICH nation!

Some of the beautiful faces of repetitive rape, torture and slavery.

And…a once beautiful face, unrecognizable.

Hard to look at, huh?
This is “life.”

These are the faces and lives, or lack there of (life that is), of your precious diamonds and minerals.


Doesn’t look so pretty/flashy now huh?

This is why kids that WHINE about video games, iPads, phones, useless material wants, etc etc etc
need a damn SLAP. Anyone for that matter who whine about shit they WANT
yet don’t NEED.

It’s fine to “enjoy” the finer things in life, if you can afford it.
But crying about material and useless luxuries
when people are out there shedding tears for the simple “luxury” of a decent life
without the option of even trying to create a better one…

I dunno.
to me, is just.



You’re so quick to see the “EVIL” in the top dawgs. The 1%.
How about the “evil” that lies in you?
The 1% just supplies.
If you stop the demand…

where would they be?

1% can’t support the 1%.
Ever thought about that?

 ((This wasn’t the “stay tuned” entry I was talking about yesterday. But, it just came. Flowed. Sprung forth from an article a friend sent me. I started reading it but then my mind went off on its own little “adventure.”)

I dare you…

The world can only begin to repair itself
after it finally realizes that it’s broken.

Open someone’s eyes, today.

Quickly touching on the “engineering humans to save the environment” part in bullet point because I just can’t be bothered to write out what I initially started off wanting to write about:

  • A stop eating meat pill
  • Genetically engineering humans to be smaller (Thereby consuming less)
  • Drugs to increase empathy and altruism (over the counter ecstasy??? 🙂 I’m up for that! Prescribe me please!)
  • Making human’s eyes more cat like so they’d need lighting. (decreasing energy demand) Yeah no, like really.

So what say you?
Ready to save the environment too?

You can read more on that here:


Yes, Cara Chan, is drinking up the HATER-ADE!

The Chanderlust has finally fallen to the darkside
but owning up to it.

Shelina Moreda

I ain’t gonna lie, girl’s pretty cute.

Randomly came across this vid of her showcasing the new
CRP Electric race bike.

I have to admit, I got a few seconds worth of jealousy in there!

I wouldn’t go as far to say that I wish I was her…
but it does bring me back to the moments in my past where I chose something else
over racing.

My days on the track will come again.
I know it.
It’s too much in my blood not to.
Just gotta be patient and let life do its thing.

I plan on being on the track at least ONCE this year…
(Aiming for Phillip Island, Australia)
then, if all goes well
hitting it hard in 2013.

There’s just to much too do, too many to help, too little time,

and only one me.

 I do my best at trying to do it all, but if you saw what my ALL was…
you’d allow me a little leeway when it comes to the failure of hitting 100% on my to be done list.


Top Speed: 136mph
0 to 60 in 3.2 secs

Bike’s not on the market yet for purchase but can be rented for racing purposes.

Price starts at $7200 per standard three-day race.
I was just thinking the other day how it’d be cool to get away from the
evil gods of the oil industry.
Glad to see it may not be only a fairy tale.