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Meet Afghanistan’s NEXT President!!!

Afghan Parliament member and NOW declared Presidential candidate…Fawzia Koofi.

She was initially condemned to death by her own family for being born female
(She should’ve KNOWN BETTER! Pssssht!)
and she’s already had a few assassination attempts.

In 2014 she plans to run for President…the very same year
that all foreign troops are supposed to withdraw from the country.

I wish you well Fawzia.
Evil doesn’t take well to those wishing to change it.

RIP Benazir Bhutto


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Alright folks…LONG awaited June 2011 – Feb 2012 Worldwide Travel Vid UP!!!!!!

A friend once suggested that a permanent GoPro should be mounted on my head…
well, this is the next best thing.

Bahamas, Holland, Copenhagen, Sweden, Thailand, Belgium, Las Vegas, Florida, Boston, Dubai…I think that’s it? Shit. I did a lot and it continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best vid to date!!!
Love, love, love it…and LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

A few friends told me this song reminds them of me…
so, guess it’s my theme song for the moment!

((Apparently I need to clarify the “weird” gentlemen in 3:04mins in.
The were homeless BUMS! Not my friends! ha ha ha
But they were nice and well-spirited…so, gave them some vodka.))

Remember…CARING means SHARING!


Hangin’ with Ma Muslims…….

I have a lot of Muslim friends.
Even more so after visiting Holland and Dubai.
For some reason, I have a pull inside me to go East.
It started last year.

I WAS about to head over to China and spend some time with ma “peeps”
ha ha

But, they have a block on Facebook.
I must find a way around that, because it is my main form of contact to “my world.”
If I leave my Facebook for more than a week, I’ll be swamped.

I always used to HATE.
Hate on myself.

Hated, that I was Chinese.
Not until this year, have I actually started to accept it, and somewhat, be PROUD
of the ancient culture I belong to.

I grew up in the Bahamas.
I was BORN…in the Bahamas.


Not many asians around back in 1979.
And if they were here, they were brought down by my family to work in their businesses.
I wanna actually find out if I’m the FIRST Chinese to be BORN IN the Bahamas.
Cuz other than my parents, I can’t think of any other Chinese that were around.

However, maybe someone in Nassau beat me.

Would be pretty cool though, no?
I still look in the mirror most days and hate what I see.
When I actually gave a shit, I always contemplated getting plastic surgery on my eyes.
My mom even said she’d get me it as a graduation present.
But shit, what if they fuck up?

Now, I just go through life, avoiding mirrors.

Yeah, I know I have my cute moments.
ha ha

However, most of the time, I just wish I were invisible.

I’m watching All-American Muslim now.
Cuz I’ve been trying to truly understand the religion and their culture.
It intrigues me.

I don’t know why the sudden interest in the ancient cultures.
(Indian, Arabic, Chinese)
I think it’s because there’s a certain mystic.

I know many STRONG Muslim women that would NEVER back down to a man telling them what to do.
And I know a few Muslim men, that are absolute teddy bear sweethearts
so the general “terrorists” view of the whole from acts of a few, saddens me.

I have friends that range from Billionaires to those living in back yard sheds in the ghetto.
I don’t care what you look like, what religion you believe in, or what you’ve got.
For me, it’s always what’s in your heart and how you treat and respect others.

If more people would just drop the judgements, the slandering, etc
and learn to work on themselves instead of using most of their time hating…

Imagine what a beautiful world we’d live in?
We sure wouldn’t be where we are today.

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Oh no no no. Cara DON’T play that!!!

Swung the door open, was greeted by this and was like:
“Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?”
Uh uh. Yeah. Cara don’t play that.
Thankfully most of the other stalls were “normal.”
(Dubai airport)
It’s like: “Ummm guys? You forgot the seat man! Plumbing’s there, throne’s missing.”


Yeah man. I don’t squat.
I remember when I went to Korea like 12 or so years ago.
First time I ever saw a hole in the ground to which I’m supposed to dispose of my human waste.
Was a REALLY nice restaurant as well so it came as a mini shock.
I vowed to NEVER go where I don’t have the “normal” option…
Was going to invent a portable toilet to place on TOP of these holes.


Cuz yeah, this shit really depresses me.

View from our table at the Arabic restaurant which SERVED ALCOHOL!
Thanks again INDIRA!!

My angel from Kazakhstan!
He he


Mannequin with a face as depressing as the clothes she’s wearing.


A 17 year reunion!
Time truly f-in flies!!!!
You have become an amazing woman, both inside and out.
Let’s not wait another 17 years to get together again!!!


I have returned to CIVILIZATION!


Room comes with a snuggle buddy.


Cool ass shower. Me loveeee the lights!!!


I wish someone would’ve informed me of my sex change, cuz this is the second hotel
in a row where I’m a “Mr.”
This is the remote I was telling you about.
(A Phillips system)


I had a nice nap.

Mind wasn’t in a very good place, mentally.
Alcohol, lack of sleep, lack of YOU.




Kisses to you my love.


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Found 50 Euro in ma pocket.
To most everyone who knows me, this isn’t a surprise.
Money management, ain’t my forte!


M.T.B. (My travel buddy) – attention whore that he is – wanted to be in the shot.
An outfit I saw for V’s baby Bella.
See Ash??? I can pick pink shit! ha ha

I know you are probably wondering WHY all the girlie pink shit…
as I always bought Kaylie tomboy/skater/goth gear…but that’s what I felt at the time.
And, we both know she’s always been more me than you.
For V’s baby…this is what came.
And that’s my explanation.


Needed new tennis.
Ain’t she pretty?!?!!?
No NIKE sweatshop purchases here!


First thing I read was: ASS in WORK.
Thinking I was back in Holland.


Sky view.
Sorry, told ya I wasn’t into the tourist shit. So, just a view from my hotel room.


First time ever I read a woman’s loo sign and thought…
“Women. Huh. So, this is where I get em.”


Headband thingy I thought my mom would like.
C’mon. It’s PURE Daisy. You know it!


Where I bought my little Bella’s things.


After seeing a horrendous outfit posted on Facebook…
Bought a few items for Veronica’s baby Bella.


Start playing “Pretty Woman” theme song. HE HE
We just gotta find the hat!


Only time I see an ICE BUCKET without a champagne bottle in it.


M.T.B. wanted to be in a shot…AGAIN! High maintenance fucker.


Tease. Such a fucking TEASE!


Even the head gear gets “poshness!:


Ski Dubai inside Mall of the Emirates.


Talk about a cock tease. Whenever I see VINTAGE on a menu…I think wine.


Right, just came in from a FAB dinner. Drunk as fuck.


I have a pic of Indira and I.
But will post…after some sleep and when I’m sober again.
ha ha

Best night ever, sweet blast from the past.
Loved every minute of it!!!

Dormies, are the best!!!

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Que Sera, Sera


Mi vida.


Como estas? I don’t know what it is, but in my most intense of moments, where I wish to express a strong emotion, that which stems from the deepest part of myself, I switch to Spanish. Crazy, huh? Maybe it’s because it’s the language of cultures that possess the same passion and strength I feel in my heart? Today, I stayed in my hotel room. It’s 4:29PM. I stumbled upon a Spanish soap opera online. (telenovela) It’s called “Los Hombres de Paco.” – Paco’s Men or The Men of Paco.

I’ve been watching clips of the romance between two of the characters; Pepa and Silvia. Their ups and downs, highs and lows, fallouts and makeups twist my heart from happiness to understanding to frustration and back. I’m hooked. I arrived at an episode where someone dies; their body, limp and lifeless. It made me think of us. (Well, I think of us all the time, what I mean, is it made me think of us and life and it made me question: what are we doing with ours?)

We are born. We live, we struggle, we hurt, we cry, we laugh, we deceive, we step. Step to each path we choose and are presented with their consequences. Bad or good. Right or wrong and then, we’re gone. Our essence disappears. Just like that. Our spark, our spirit, our breath, what makes us…US, vanishes and all that we leave the earth is the shell we occupied. Motionless. Worth no more than a rag. How fuckin’ exciting.

We’re going on almost 9 years. 9 years since my heart was ripped the worst. I had two of the people who filled me up the most, who filled me up when I didn’t even know I was empty, clawed, scraped and TORN out of my life and in 2007, when I thought I had my family back, it happened again.

2005, I had to rip yours, because I was caught between you and someone else I had in my life. Someone else I felt deserved the respect of me standing by their side, when they became ill; mentally and physically, because of me. For that, I am sorry. I was trying to do, what was “right.”

And then again, at mom’s funeral. When I heard the stories of how you waited and constantly turned back at the doors for me to enter – your blue eyes filled with hope and tears, telling people over and over, “She’ll be here. She’ll be here” – waiting for me to come and I never showed. I can picture the moment as clearly as if I was there, standing at the back by the doors, watching as every turn, darkened your beautiful blue eyes with disappointment.

I know I promised, but I wasn’t in a good place and my hands, again, were tied. Story of our lives, huh? Our hearts know one thing, yet our lives lay out another.

Anyways. The scene made me reflect on our lives. Filled and emptied so many times. Every time we think we’ve got it all, our walls crumble and our foundation becomes quicksand; sucking us down, faster and faster every time we try to fight it.

At least, you only lost one person. I lost two. You still remain with 2/3rds of our pie.

I can’t say that all my days have been miserable. Quite the opposite, but, that’s because I fight every day to find something to fill me up and help me face another one, as I’m only 1/3rd of the whole. Every country I visit, every hotel room I find myself in, there you are the most. I enjoy my solitude but will always welcome you, here, sharing this space with me.

I don’t have the fight in me anymore. I thought I could conquer the world and fight off all who were against us, because of love – the purity of ours – determination and focus, but I was wrong. Guess we’ll see what the future holds, cuz I damn sure ain’t trying to force my wants onto “life” again, cuz I was SLAMMED with the harsh realization – that I was the weaker of the two.

Back in the day, every time I’d sit in a plane with 3 seats to a row, I’d smile and think, “perfect” because it was just enough; just enough, for you, me and Kaylie. I haven’t had those thoughts in years.

Since I arrived here in Dubai, I wanted to share with you, the day I flew in from Amsterdam. It was a miraculous experience, but, that’ll take more energy and time and I don’t have the strength in me today, but it will come soon.

You should be in my head throughout my days. Well, you ARE in my head, but you know what I mean. I converse with you constantly. (do you hear me? Ha ha) One day, when I was “conversing” with you, it had me thinking of people’s relation to God, to Allah, to Mary, Jesus, etc. Even though you can’t hear me, my thoughts to you, give me strength, make me smile and help me through my darkest days and brighten up even the happiest of ones.

It also made me think of prayer. Of how, having someone to talk to, to go to even though they aren’t tangible and right before you, helps. You are where, in one point of my life, I felt the most safe (or shall we say, SAFE AT ALL)…so there, when I feel the most alone, is where I run to. Maybe this is why “faith” and religions are so powerful.

If I wrote down everything I wanted to tell you, every moment I thought of talking to you/telling you, you’d need another lifetime to read it.

I’m on the 35th ~ 10 min clip of Pepa y Sylvia. It’s the one that had me up, in the shower and crying.

That which I run away from, caught up to me. I don’t need you in my life, to go on. I just want you to be happy and then, I can be settled. I’ve always felt you deserved so much more. So much more than the life you’ve lived and continue to live. Me? I have my emptiness, but I also have my friends. (And alcohol, UNLESS as I’m finding out, I’m in The United Arab Emirates!!!!!) I have such beautiful people in my life and I know you don’t have anyone besides the ones around you that wish to control you, who “think/say” they love you.




That’s my desire, as it’s always been for you; freedom. Freedom to truly smile again and to live your life, without strings; to be the MASTER of your life, and not the puppet. No matter what happens in life, as long as I am able, I will be here for you.

For it’s your happiness and well being I find myself living for.

It’s weird. I know what I want, yet don’t at the same time. I feel secure in the sanctity I find within you, but am unsure about solidifying a life with you. Does that make sense? Maybe I’m, dare we say it? Scared? Scared to recreate a history we visited OH too often?

I guess that’s what happens, when true love is severed by outside forces. There’s always a sense of, incompleteness. Doors that stay, swinging open in the wind for the other to enter, yet in between them, lay mines filled with surprises just waiting to explode that keep you from your desired destination.

You’ve been through so much mi preciosa. I know life doesn’t owe any of us anything but it is my dream, that one day, you are blessed with the fairytale you so deserve.


Te quiero linda.
(Sorry if I seem scatter-brained in this post, it’s because I am. Brain’s a little off and not focused, but I wanted to get this all out.)

My heart misses the presence of your smiles.

What a life, huh? It’s like I fell asleep in a dream, and woke up…interrupted.


Que sera, sera.

Here’s a sweet clip.
Just go with it.
POOR POOR music choice, but the scene kept me, because the
the sweet and pure intensity between the two, in this scene, I’ve only felt with you.
((Our make-outs were SOOOOOO much better though!! ha ha))



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Dubai Daze………

Room service when I arrived at the hotel.
Couldn’t decide on what…so ordered a few things.
Pasta was blah.
Steak was blah as well.



Time to Roll!
(AED) United Arab Emirates Dirham.



Burj Kahlifa
To date, tallest building in the world


Found out my cousin’s “happy place” is her stomach.

(There’s MORE to come)
Dim Sum at Ping Pong in the Dubai Mall.


Sky filed with butterflies.


Prayer room at mall.
“Dear God, thank you for Prada…Gucci and Bloomingdales.
Oh, and Chopard. Happy Diamonds, Happy PEOPLE!”


Went to the Atlantis Hotel.
(As Audrey has NEVER BEEN TO ONE!!!)

I thought the service in Dubai was supposed to be impeccable.
BETTER service in the Atlantis in NASSAU, BAHAMAS!
Can you imagine?!?!

Go Bahamas!

Hotel was blah as well.

Was chatting with Audrey about the “future.”
She said she’s been thinking of taking a pastry cooking course in France…
So…as she’s never been to France, nor a French restaurant and there was one in the hotel

I took her to a FRENCH restaurant!

Awww. Look at HAPPY AUDREY!


Lobster bisque
Mushroom and spinach crepe


Told Audrey to pick the main dishes, as it’s ALL about Audrey day.
ha ha ha

Duck and beef stroganoff.


Spice and liquor.

What more could one ask for?



Opted for the newspaper to be delivered to the room.
Will report anything interesting.


After frantically SEARCHING for the hair dryer…
I arrived back at the hotel, with THIS staring me in the face.
Audrey, FOUND IT!!!!!!!


Market area in front of Audrey’s bus stop to Oman.
Lulu is my auntie’s nickname.



Lollipop bunch I saw in Schiphol airport.
I thought it’d be a cute “greeting” present when I saw Audrey
so bought it for her.
Unfortunately, we ran late so she had to go directly to her bus.

Guess there’s only ONE thing to do!

Enjoy them myself!
he he
Sorry Audrey!




I’m off to check out the Mall of the Emirates


to find a place that’ll sell me a BEER…or two.

(This Indian movie is playing in the background. It’s dubbed in Arabic.
The main character keeps damn crying. I wish I knew why. It’s been playing randomly on loop between shows like Brothers & Sisters and ER

If they play it again while I’m in the room, I’mma watch it and see if I can figure it out.
It’s kinda bothering me that I don’t know.



Laterzzz blue eyes.


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