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Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone? – Must Watch Video

Exactly. Yet another serendipitous moment in life which connected me to this video.
Here is where I’ve been for the last few weeks and it’s refreshing to HEAR it back.
Disconnect from your distractions and truly CONNECT to yourself and the REAL world.

If you could watch a video…of a “fictional” time in the future of WHERE we WILL
be heading if we don’t slow down, disconnect and change our ways…
you’d think it scary and foolish.

But it isn’t.

We are becoming robots of flesh, soon to befriend, connect and find comfort in the

Here was my status the other day:
As I step back to absorb what’s happening in the world I feel like I’m in a movie. One of those movies where I’m one of a scant few that sees the evil slowly coating our existence, microchipping humans into drones, and programming them into mindless, thoughtless bodies walking straight into their own destruction – with a smile. I’m not allowed to say what I’ve seen, all I’m saying is “WAKE UP!!!” and “BALANCE” your technological connections. Facebook is merely a big domino in a line of seemingly harmless yet HARMFUL innovations. – Wake up, balance and learn to detach. Shit’s about to get a bit CRAZY! Take baby moonwalks back to Mother Nature. She misses you. ♥♥

Enjoy the video. Take the time and watch it. Trust me.


Beautiful Music. A very well-done, yet heartwrenching look into reality…


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(GFE) Girlfriend Experience – ‎”If it flies, floats or fucks…it’s cheaper to rent.”

Sometimes after I have sex, I wish, I dunno like, you know I hadn’t done it.
I hate it when it’s over. It’s like, is that it?
The chase is the best part. That’s where all the excitement is.
You know, it’s, it’s…it’s a turn on that somewhere there’s a girl,
standing on a corner and she’s waiting to have sex with me.

You can approach these perfect 10s and you know you are going to get somewhere.
I can have plenty of good sex with tons of decent looking women, but what I can not get is that kick ass
super tight body 19 year old man, I would DEFINITELY pay for that.

Well, we all wish we drove a Porsche, but realistically all we are ever gonna own is a Honda
so we are lucky that we can always rent one for a couple of hours.

** Priorities. Guess I should be “lucky” that I’m not ugly, gross and pathetic
and can have my “Porsches” (I’ve actually had a 911, don’t know what all the hooplah’s about)
and “drive” em too? **

I guess for me, I think of it as…”If you put ALL that energy you use (waste) into trying to get laid…
into something of actual substance, can you imagine all the awesomeness you can generate?
Instead of just shootin’ a load…?”

Therein lies my frustration.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience (2008)
Love is more expensive than sex.

Stumbled upon this by accident while lookin’ up the original stream for the above movie.
The Girlfriend Experience (2009)

Yes, different movie.
A drama set in the days leading up to the 2008 Presidential election,
and centered on a high-end Manhattan call girl meeting the challenges of her boyfriend,
her clients, and her work.


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“No religion is higher than humanity”

Abdul Sattar Edhi, (Urdu: عبد الستار ایدھی, Gujarati: અબ્દુલ સત્તાર ઇદી) – 84, gave up everything to devote his life to helping Pakistan’s poorest. From standing on the foot paths to beg for the poor, to establishing Pakistan’s biggest network of shelter homes and ambulance service, here is the selfless journey of a true living saint.

I hope in my very near future I can begin to help better the world around me in as grand a scale as he.


Born Into Brothels – Eradictating Human Suffering

Apr 01, 2011

I ordered the DVD “Born Into Brothels” and have finally taken out the time to watch it. As you know, I’ve decided to focus most of my time and energy into human trafficking and forced prostitution, so I’m trying to find out all I can in order to find ways in which to eradicate it.

I know. I know. As long as men have erections, this despicable industry will continue to thrive, however…a dent, is still progress.

“Born Into Brothels” is a documentary following the lives of several children that live in Calcutta’s red light district. The sounds of the children’s laughter shows the sweet innocence still alive in their tormented hearts. There’s this one girl in particular, her name is Puja Mukerjee, what a spirit! A little cutie who has a wisdom and strength way beyond her years. I’m still in the process of watching the film so I don’t know what becomes of her but I can’t see how ANYONE could cross her path and leave her to waste away within her current predicament.

She has so much more to give the world.

People say I’m great with children. They wonder why I don’t want kids of my own. Well, it’s because of stories like these. If I were to have a family, I’d want to give it what it deserves, my undivided love and attention. I don’t have time for that. I’d rather build “families” with those already out there in the world who are suffering.

In general, men are the weight that brings the world down. It’s a harsh thing to say, and there are the “angels” among the demons, but the facts speak for themselves. Men, unfortunately, have this poisonous seed in them that grows and becomes a wand of mental destruction. It clouds the light of virtue just to feed its singular goal and this, among all else, is what disgusts me about those without self control.

It’s just a DAMN ORGASM! Jesus! Men drive around in cars, up and down city blocks, looking for a prostitute. They fly HALF way around the WORLD to get a cheap fuck or even worse, a CHILD to have sex with. After I got my period, at 11, I always wished I was a guy cuz they didn’t seem to have so many afflictions. However, as I write today, I could dance around the room at how happy I am to be a woman because I was born with the power of mind over body. I’m not a slave to the flesh and I possess the mental power to NOT cripple someone’s life just for my own selfish pleasure.

When you “support” prostitution, brothels and “massage parlours” you’re doing so much more than just getting your “rocks off.” The ripple effect of that single orgasm creates a collateral damage so revolting that once I begin to open your eyes to its aftermaths I hope you’ll never fall prey to these types of services again.

I have friends who go to massage parlours and who also takes trips to asia for purposes of sex. I find it pathetic, but I try not to judge. But knowing what I know now, I will inform them of the ills within the industry they support and if they can still turn a blind eye JUST to get their dicks hard, I’m cutting them off.

I can’t be associated with individuals who knowingly give in to human mistreatment and suffering.

I know of a lot of girls who “whore” themselves out from time to time. That’s a different story. They choose to out of their own FREE WILL. Whatever FLOATS YOUR BOAT! That’s just “business.” A simple exchange of goods to satisfy wants. What I’m talking about is organized crime.

What I can never understand, is how one can find pleasure having sex with someone who doesn’t even want to sleep with you. Who you have to PAY to have sex with?!?!?! I just don’t get it.

I’m happy that my life has been so fast and furious because I’ve done so much in the years I’ve walked this earth, that now…I have a freedom from curiousity which grants me the focus to drive me through this cause.


These are the contaminents of the world that bring it down. How can we snap the earth’s people out of this damaging thought structure? Away from the me, the you, the and more towards the us?????

“One has to accept life as being sad and painful.” – That was a quote from one of the young boys. How heart-wrenching is that?

There are so many children born into hell. What use is giving them a God, when they’ve already died?


Belarus – Visa Services Suspended & Government Controlled Cyber Info

First pothole in Eastern European Tour.

Because of civil unrest, visa services have been suspended for Belarus.
Now, maybe I’ll pop over to Russian en route to the Ukraine.
Upsetting, but even moreso for the citizens of Belarus and everything they are going through.

If you think SOPA’s bad
(Stop Online Piracy Act)
Try living in Belarus where internet usage is now limited to websites
that end with .by

This means that ALL foreign websites are banned.
This was sparked because of protests organized through the internet following
the election of now President, Alexander Lukashenko.

Here’s a cool documentary called the Belarusian Dream.
It is the first independent documentary film to look at what has happened in Belarus since the 2010 presidential elections.
Freedom under total control. Can it exist?
It’s heartbreaking. People of the west really don’t have a grip on how good they have it.
It’s inspiring to see, women (wives of the imprisoned presidential candidates) step into the shoes
of their husbands to continue their fight.

Жыве Беларусь!!