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Come and Czech THIS Out! Prague – Final Album

OMG. Didn’t sleep ONE wink last night. Not even a few minutes.
I was JUST about to attempt sleep at around 4AM, but then I got this message:
“Hi, I don’t know if you knew , mike passed away Thursday night.”

I tagged my buddy Mike in my last entry and a friend of his saw it and contacted me.
Needless to say, I wasn’t in the mood to sleep anymore.

That’s 2 people within the month.

Anyways…here are the final pics from my Prague trip.
I hope you enjoy.

Yeah, another hand job. My brother and I needed to eat and a place to stay…
so, a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do!

Followed the advise of good ole and tried out Mlejnice.

I had the beef goulash in a bread bowl.
Nom, nom, nom.
Very nice!!!!

A similar sign to what I call “Pedophile Zones” in Holland…
however, they actually give you a description in Prague.
“Pesi Zona” means Pedestrian Zone. See what clarity a few words can bring?

The Rudolfinum.

Some priests catchin’ a drag.

My TB. (Travel Buddy) makin’ an appearance.
Ain’t he just ADORABLE?!?!?!?!

While Ant was studying the map…I looked down to this peculiar stance.

I told him I don’t like the “tourist” look (as he pulled out the map)
so he snuck off in an alley way to try and study the map, undetected.

Right. After many a day feening for my Soy White Chocolate Mocha.
All it took was 4 days, 3 cities and 2 countries.

Thank you Schiphol Airport.


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Come and Czech THIS Out! Prague Album 2 (Still more on its way…)

First ever pic in documented history of me sitting on some chick’s face.
(at least the only one I know of)
The statue was smiling. Trust me on this one.


After feening for days in the Netherlands, getting to Schiphol LATE
(ahem…not mentioning any names)
so close yet so far…had to walk past my beloved Starbucks.
Ahhhh. Salvation at last in Prague!!!!
Yeah no. Cara ain’t that lucky. False advertisement. NO WHITE CHOCOLATE!
Talk about a bubble burster. Jeeeez.

But the chica under the green arrow was kinda cute, so softened the blow of disappointment.

Yeah yeah. Smile away fucker.
Anthony relishing in the fact that HE got what he wanted.

Look mom!!! I went to CHURCH! Well, close. I let Anthony go through the gates.
I’m still in fear of lightning striking me if I venture too close to holiness.

Czech Koruna.
(ha ha ha that song…ma ma ma my Sharona just popped into my head. ha ha Still laughing)

We (evil) capitalists support one another.
Go Ant!!!! Keep the circulation in motion!

Hit this hip little spot for din din the first night in.
(Oh, FYI…smoke, smoke, smoke! Eating out in the Czech Rep. makes you feel like you’ve been clubbing all night)
Didn’t want to risk NOT having anything to eat after a long day.
“HI” to the cutie Katie that served us.

MmmmmmmmMmmmmm good. Food wasn’t that bad either.

This was the restaurant we were SUPPOSED to go to and that was recommended by the hotel.
However, we chickened out and hopped in to the other restaurant instead cuz we couldn’t find it.
(Which we later discovered was just one block down from where we were)

OMG. Looks sooooooooo good.
Ant…we must go back!
Indy, coming?!!!?

First thing that came to mind is “helicopter”
Ready for take off?

This is a close up view of the barred section of above pic.
Creepy much?

Similar to the design I had in my head for the wall around my future house.
The “commune” that Indy’s waiting for.
Once I get all this travel over and done with, I’mma start building my own slice of heaven
so that “my” world can start coming to me.
Mi casa es tu casa!!!

Happy Anthony!!!
(inside joke)
Oh, you don’t get it? Must mean you are on the OUTSIDE!

Sweet installation. Gave me a cool idea for more designs in my future estate.
However, no photos allowed inside and even though I could’ve snuck one…
I do respect rules from time to time.

I’ve still got a bootyliscious ass load of pics to go…
and I ain’t about to stay in a do more now or I’ll go stir crazy!!!!
so ta ta for now.

I hope you enjoyed and I made you smile, or better yet crack the fuck up.


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Come and Czech THIS Out! Prague Album 1 (To be continued…)

Waiting for train. Rotterdam Centraal.

This should actually say:
“Pay attention to your departure gate.”
I allowed Anthony to lead the way. The “way” turned out to be the line to Milan!
Had to book it, Bahamian track star-style speed, to M7.

OMG. Never again! Since it was very last minute (1-2AM booking for a flight out that very same day. I had to wait on Ant to confirm his “greenlight”)
prices shot up and a lot of the favorable options weren’t available.
So, had to settle for EasyJet or pay $600+ which was NOT going to happen!

To describe the experience in 4 words:
A herd of livestock.

Hello Kitty!

Wait, I thought we just left Amsterdam?

At first, Ant and I were like: “OMG, snow!”
It was the ice from the fish display at the sushi restaurant.

Food you can SEE! What a concept!

I liked her outfit.
The curves ain’t bad either…

Let’s take a closer look.

GINORMOUS sign book at the hotel.

We were thinking of daddy Rick.
There you go, your beloved Thai massage!

I call this: “Too Much Party”

Ha ha Whoops. Left doors open. Walked into North Pole like conditions.
Sorry Ant!

Ant being his DUTCH self.

I don’t like this ice formation.
Makes sipping up every last drop a mission!

Mustard anyone?

I LOVE this thing!
Čekejte means “wait.”
The light comes on when you push the button.
As I said before, I LOVE LIGHTS!!!!!
(The raver in me will never die.)
So, this was the first item to tickle my fancy upon arrival.

Just me, giving out a little hand job.
Hey…how else you think I travel so much?!?!!

Abandoned sock on building’s ledge.

Apparently picking up dog shit isn’t a requirement here.


That’s it for this entry.
A ton more pics on the way…but I thought I’d spoil you with another taste.
Mmmmm. Yeah baby. I know you like!




A Little Taste of Prague

No, not an “actual” taste, as in a fine ass Czech girl…
but a sample of pics to hold you over til tomorrow.

Got tons of amazing, fun and entertaining shots.
So, check back!

That guy on the 200 note is a scary mofo. Ain’t he?
His name’s Jan Amos Komensky. He was a teacher, educator, writer and bishop
who eventually became a religious refugee.
(There, want more…google the shit. I ain’t a history teacher)

I LOVE countries that have their own currency.
I hate how the Euro wiped out the monetary individuality of certain countries in the EU.

Cara sized!

**thinking of you**

One of my TOP travel buddies.
The brother the universe granted me without any sexual participation on
my mother nor father’s part.

I love you Ant!!!!!

There. Time to unwind a bit, eat some grub and just chill.
Hope you all are having a FANTASTIC weekend!