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Back in the Day…You were my Inspiration

(July 2nd, 2005)
This pic reminded me of my Ferrari shirt. Just remembered you fucked it up! BITCH!
Still love you though.
You sweet, adorable PAIN IN MY ASS!

The sun has risen again…and I am here to greet it.
Woke up at 6AM!
Couldn’t sleep.
Got my period…so, guess that was my body telling me “A Change is About to Occur”
My body’s good to me like that.
It used to catch me off guard…but now, it treats me with respect and lets me know its intentions.

 Went through old pics last night.


We went on a wild journey with one another.
Spastic, sporatic, special and sane-less.  lol

 Two minds with only one focus…

Now, split, and heading off into the woods on their own fresh path…wherever it may lead.
No hand to hold…just Self…alone…as we were born.

As we were created.

 Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
As we come in…we must go out.
What goes up…must come down…

But does it????


Sparks from my mind to my fingers, tippin’ the keys.
Natural flow.
Here you go.


Particles of connectivity…energy…power.

Less prowess…sell to prowl.

Smokey, smokey…drink it up
Come here baby…closer up
See the distance….
See the light…
Hold on baby…
Hold on tight
Rule the beings
Rule the sea
Love all creatures
And you’ll be free
Bring me heaven
Bring me hell
What’s the difference?
Can we tell?
Heated basements…
Cold wood floors
Locked out dungeons
Milky doors
Drift into the ocean
Drift into the sea
Get lost inside the music
And come float the world with me.
Can’t wait to hear your creations
The bolts of inventions from your mind
So I can consciously fall
And leave this world behind
Take me by the hand
And walk right by my side
Wrap your arms around me
And get on for the ride
Close your eyes and fly
Boundless beings rising high
Past the heavens…
Above the sky
Thru the levels
Thru the air
Fair Air
Air up there
Adepting to clouds
Lucidly solid
Lucidly seen
Powerful night
Powerful beings
Heaven sent
Red, yellow and green
Emptiness in sorrow
Sadness that can’t be seen
No happiness left to borrow
Intimidating confidence
Soul crashing into a wreck
Infinite intelligence
Keeping my loose emotions in check
Digging holes in the sand
Buying clothes, neglecting the brand
Typing with my fingers
Moving my hands
Throwing away addictions
Tossing out the cans
Piping up the cream
Staying steady on the dream
Ice cream
Sliding doors
Shifting shelves
Frosty shores
Foreign wars
Leaky people
Freaky pores
The sores
But adores and deplores
And explores the outdoors
But ignores the underscores
In my head…
Red like my blood
Red like I bled
Holding on
Gripping to a thread
Heading towards a future
That I dread
Dread head
Dread locks
With the mind
With the spirit
With the soul
Reading the scrolls
Reading the whole
Just rolling with the punches
Just rolling with no control
Hard coal
Coals of heat
Drum rolls
Rolls drumming the beat
Life seems simple
Life seems sweet
Duck around the corner…
Trying to find a fast cheat
Under the elite
Frozen in the retreat
Juices we secrete
People we meet
Holding back our SELVES
Attempting to be discrete
Nothing solid
Nothing concrete
Places to live
Living on the street
Living on the edge
Tipping off the ledge
Life’s about to be sledged
Sledge hammer
Sledge hammered
Taken aback
Taken away
Soft like clay
You sway
You stray
You play
You pray
You’re prey
You’re preyed upon
Like demon spawn
Waking up in the day
Hailing the dawn
Night’s disappeared
Darkness is gone
Light up the abyss
Skip in the bliss
Existing to reminisce
Past recollection
Recalling the past
Passing the history
History in the making
Making your destiny
Destiny owning your
Reasoning incorrectly
Correctly unreasoning
Unknown reasons
Fallen seasons

** Just playing the game **

(When I wrote this, this song played and I noticed the beat goes real well with a few
lines above. Got the perfect speed. Try it. On the 17th sec
where the beat drops in…start “Smokey, smokey..drink it up”
I’ve been meaning to tweek it to totally work as a rap…

Life happened.

If it doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t matter…cuz it made sense to us.


Testing out my SUPER Powers in Rotterdam

Still having a bit of trouble controlling my fireballs.
But, in my defense…there was quite a breeze out that night.

This was outside the Pathé
on the night we got stuck with the movie Safe House.

I didn’t want to rush my Thai dinner, or the bottle of wine we ordered,
So, just left it to whatever movie was available once we got to the theater.

I slept through the first 20 mins.
Woke up…and wasn’t impressed. I shoulda slept through the whole thing.
At least, my time woulda been better spent.
Twas a lotta bang, bang, fight scenes and blood shed.
And notta lotta substance nor an interesting/captivating storyline.
It was as if it was Denzel’s last ditch attempt to honor the movie count in his contract or something.
Sad he had to take the cutie Ryan Reynolds down with him!

This was my initial idea with the lights outside the theater.

However, it turned out looking more like a Subzero Mortal Kombat move.

After the movie, I suddenly got an earth-shattering headache.
I discovered a bump at the back of my head, right where the skull meets the spinal cord.
I began to dig at it, breaking skin even…
As the skin broke, my friend Rick muttered: “What the fuck?”
Apparently he saw a glowing light of red shining out through the ripped skin and blood.

Got back to the hotel, sliced a clean cut where the bump and light were…
and this is what we yanked out.

My guess is that it’s a mind-controlling anti-sleep device.
Maybe I WAS abducted at some point?

Last night, I got a full 4 hours sleep…



Leapt to her death over a broken heart.

March 4th was the last time she heard from her…
until last night. She decided to call her lover out on the neglect
she was undergoing.

She was presented with her laughing her fucking ass off followed by excuse after excuse, from the object of her love and affection.
The last message she sent out:

“Save it for the next one.

damage is done.”

 From the coroners report, she watermeloned her way down to
the concrete, seconds after.

When investigators searched her apartment
they discovered:
“I hope you’re happy”
written on the walls with a thick brown substance.
One guy thought it was Nutella.
(Details of HOW the Nutella was later identified and labeled as human feces remains
to be released. Let’s just say someone’s lost the taste for all things chocolate.)

The heart’s a delicate thing folks…
play nice

cuz gravity doesn’t!
(Was it worth it Celine? Was it??? WAS IT!?!?)


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“Old Songs”

Old songs bring the beats
Awakened memories take the scene
Heart wishes to leap
But there’s nowhere to land.
Time passes, but fails to erase the cracks
Can you hear the cries?
Intense highs take me away
Darkened lows say I’m human
Mind wishes to explode
But it’s trapped in a solid prison
Time passes, but fails to erase the cracks
Can you hear the cries?
Blind silence blankets my existence
Tortured hours tick in the day
Body wishes to dissolve
But the air’s saturated by tears
Time passes, but fails to erase the cracks
Can you hear the cries?

I close my eyes
And hear the music
I float through you
And find your love
And there you are.
Right where you were
Right where we are
My someone
My dream
Without an ocean between us
Mute the cries.

And let’s hear
The music.

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Freedom & Happiness – To all the gossipmongers/haters out there. =)

The Chanderlust Mantra

To anyone who judges, assumes and gossips about my life.

Whatever you say
Will roll off my back
I do as I please
And never look back

Don’t owe you a thing
And you don’t pay my bills
So I’ll go where I want
And do what I will

I am who I am
And wish to be free
So without restraints
I chose to be me.

Don’t hate me cuz you can’t
Don’t spread what you assume
Just leave me from your thoughts
And continue through life under your fake costumes.

If you ever want to know
I’m always willing to tell
But if you just wish to pry

I’ll just bid you farewell.

as I continue to




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What Happens On a Plane, When I DON’T Have Wifi

Mile High Club anyone???


Met some cuties. Will post. My plane was FILLED with gorgeous French men.
Their sexual orientation, yet to be deciphered.
I ran out with my bestie Greg to get some breakfast, and left ALL devices at home.
So, will have to upload pics later.

Someone inspired the following, but I thought maybe a few of you would appreciate.
(Warning, you may want to get some iced water)


I closed my eyes and thought of you.

I couldn’t stop smiling. It musta been a funny sight, me, eyes closed with a big ass grin on my face.

Since I won’t give you my hotel fantasy…which is more of a what I plan on doing to you…

I’ll give you a little “in-flight” entertainment. (I was hoping there’d be wifi onboard)
boo hoo
Ah well, an excuse to touch base on a little creative writing.

Instantly, when I closed my eyes, there you were, straddling my lap, right here in my seat.

Your hair was down, sweetly wild and wavy. Splashed on your face was a beautiful smile bursting with happiness. I looked up at you as you peered into me like I was a scrumptious dessert you’ve yearned for after a strict 10 year diet.

We began to kiss.

First, just a greeting. Gently. One lip at a time. Elegantly, like a ballet.

I moved to kiss your cheek a few times…
Then back to your lips feeling my skin dissolve into yours synchronously taking in the scent of your perfume.
The intense effects of the combination activated my every sense to their optimum level.

I guided your hair away with my fingertips, kissed the spot behind your ear and began my exploration of you, down your neck, leisurely, like a stroll in the park on a gorgeously fresh spring day. A day, you never want to end.

A day, you wish to be captured by and kidnapped into.

I face you again and we begin to kiss, pressing our lips together, as if to see if they’d merge. The meat of your lips cushion the force as we begin to pick up the ferocity.

You have your arms around my neck as I maintain a slight firm grip of your hair in my right fist as my left hand remains in the nectarous neighborhood of your thigh, right before the curve of your ass.

I lift you slightly up to shift myself higher in my seat still embraced in your kiss. My hands move from your ass, sliding up your hips then up and under your shirt.

Your skin feels like a soft addictive magnet to which my hands know no distance.

We pause just to break away and look into each other’s eyes. Then begin to go in for a few single kisses mixed with a few grips of each others lips with our teeth.

Then, we continue into a deep, fastening of lips, maneuvering of hands and dancing of hips.

Right. I had some Cabernet. Planned on taking a nap before touchdown in Vegas. That’s all you get. The rest, you’ll just have to attain, in person.

I hope you enjoyed and didn’t get too frustrated by the visuals followed by the absence of me by your side.

I just closed my eyes and had a cute scene of us in the kitchen making some dinner…you were stirring some veggies in the pan on the stove and I came up behind you and allowed my hands to travel down your arms while nudging up behind you giving your ears a little playful nibble…


That’s it.


You as flustered as she was?
ha ha ha
How do you think I felt, high in the sky without an outlet nor a vibrator.

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