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Psssht! Who said you can’t be a BRILLIANT THAI Chef from RIGHT outta your hotel room!

Presenting: Tom Kha Gai.
Oh yes, I did.

I’ve been obsessed with this soup for a few weeks now…
and the idea of trying to cook it in my hotel room’s electric kettle popped into my head.

So, as happens with most things that pop into my head, I tried it!!!
(I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook my fav Thai dishes, just never got around to it
or don’t have a kitchen at my disposal or the ingredients available.)

Recipe I used.
Well, glanced at. Basically used it to see ingredients and went from there.

Laurier blad is wrong though. That’s Bay leaves.
I needed basil OR…in Dutch, basilicumblaadjes.
(Yeah, looks like a mess in Dutch, but what I’m learning is they like taking words and pushing ’em together
maybe thereby giving them more power. Or, maybe they don’t like to breathe when they speak.)
I’m not Dutch, I don’t make the rules. Don’t ask me.

I used wings, cuz I like wings and DON’T have a proper knife to cut chicken breasts.

I put chili in the soup too, but I always need more “UMF.”
My Tom Kha Gai ain’t GOOD until it’s RED.

The soup can be made blindfolded it’s so easy.
Main flavors of importance MOST needed is the lemon grass, fish sauce, lime,coconut and ginger.
I don’t think missing the basil really effected it. Must try again, another time…
however…I may have just broken the POT!

It was something to do, on a cold, wet, yucky day.
And now another curiosity has been quenched. Another score for the knowledge bin.

Just a random shot that came up on Facebook.
It made me smile. That’s my Paki, Manin. She’s a beautiful woman…but doesn’t like pics
just like me, (on right) so yeah. Makes faces. I’ll see if I can pic a “normal” face one for her.
Her kids are f-in gorgeous. (Italian-Indian mix with MIND-BLOWING EYES and skin color.) I told her prep her boy or daughter…cuz I’mma be takin’ one of them in 15 years.

I like this pic of me. I really do. I dunno why.