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Pretty Sweet. I like it, what do you think? (Video)

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Prostitution, Religion and YOU – Combat your ignorance, evolve & BETTER the world around you.

Unlike what people LOVE to spit out…
prostitution is NOT the oldest profession.

I find it highly ignorant and sheepish to hear this response during discussions of sexual slavery
and forced prostitution.
Like, because it existed A LONG time ago, it should be somewhat accepted?

And also, if these individuals would actually use their BRAINS for once in their simple lives
they’d figure out, that you can’t have a supply without a demand.
Were they whoring themselves out for free?

No, obviously someone ELSE started working and earning some form of payment for this
so-called OLDEST profession.

It is not thee, but yes, it is ONE.
(Sumerian records in 2400 B.C.)

600s B.C. (7th Century B.C.) Legal brothels were set up in China by the stateman-philosopher Kuang Chung as a means for increasing the state’s income.
(Not much different than today’s reason. Glad to see, how far we’ve evolved in our management of commodities,
oh, I mean humans – mainly women)

 Late 500s
“A decree of Recared, Catholic king of the Visigoths of Spain (596-601) absolutely prohibited prostitution. Girls and women born of free parents convicted of either practising prostitution, or inducing debauchery, were condemned for the first offence to be flogged (300 strokes) and to be ignominously expelled from the town.”

A woman enters into prostitution (talking about her own free will) usually out of desperation, or as a means to get through the moment and out of certain situations to hopefully gain a better life for her and (usually present)
her children.

I don’t believe in punishing the prostitutes.
It’s like lashing punishment on someone who’s already damned.
History and present day ALWAYS punish the women while the men, equally associated, most times walk off with
a slap on the wrist.

Why expect anything more from a world where men are constantly on the role of suppressing women?
The majority of men, whether they wish to admit it or not…
want their women as rag dolls. POSSESSIONS. Items “belonging” to them
who they can order around, who can SERVE them and who are accessible whenever their whims
desire, to please them.

It’s the average. The majority. The typical space within humans, men and women, where you find “evil.”
“Ignorance” and “mindless sheeple.”

A great way to analyze, what’s wrong, is to see how many people are behind it.
The greatest acts of humanity, of selflessness, don’t crowd.

REAL issues are always masked and hardly ever placed on “HIGH alert” and importance.
However, things that “sound” good, that have “sparkle” or is “preached” by a celebrity
are all jumped on without personal research.

How does one fully invest themselves into something without picking it apart from its beginning to end first?

Back to prostitution, if the world would stop fucking fighting and squash their ego trips, races for power
and insatiable GREED we wouldn’t have hunger or desperation because we’d work together as
a whole for the greater good. But, yeah. I know. FAT FUCKING CHANCE.
Which is sad, don’t you think?

If we looked out for one another, people wouldn’t have to turn to desperate measures to “survive.”

I agree with this:

2002-MAY: Nigeria: A man, Sarimu Mohammed, 50, was sentenced to be stoned to death by a court in Jigawa for raping a nine-year-old girl.

I don’t agree with these:

1996-MAR: Afghanistan: Some strict interpretations of Islamic law calls for the death penalty for any woman found in the company of a man other than a close family member. Sexual activity is assumed to have happened. A woman, Jamila, was found guilty of trying to leave the country with such a man. She was caught and stoned to death on 1996-MAR-28

1996-NOV: Afghanistan: Under the previous, Taliban, regime, a woman, Nurbibi, 40, and a man Turylai, 38, were stoned to death in a public assembly using palm-sized stones. They were found guilty of non-marital sex.

However, I DO respect their adherence to their scriptures.
As with most religions, hypocrites are rampant. However, if one enforces the laws of their religion
and also LIVES by their religion 100%.
They have my respect, no matter how disturbing because they are living and acting upon their beliefs.

I’m a FULL supporter of all the way or no way.
You can’t put yourself in 30%-50%-99%
and LASH out your HATE against things you PICK apart in the Bible, etc
and run with while YOU yourself are the worst of sinners, etc.

This is for my Christian Nation Bahamian Haters and others who show such repugnance and venom
towards gays who are usually the most LOVING people you’ll ever meet
because similar to those also oppressed and feeling the sour pangs of

they usually possess open hearts and open minds.

A GREAT person accepts all humans as one, no one above or below, with their own individualities
that aren’t boxed in merely by skin color, sexual orientation or gender.

Really, HOW IGNORANT ARE YOU?!!?!?!?

Exodus 20:14 “You shall not commit adultery.”

Deuteronomy 22:22 “If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die.

Leviticus 20:10 “If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife–with the wife of his neighbor–both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death.

So, according to this BIBLE you so like to PULL out and use in your FIGHT WITH the God your wish to “honor”
what say you now? How many of my Bahamian “brethren” with yer “proud” culture of “sweetheartin”
need to be lined up and PUT to DEATH?

How many of you Christian mothers wish to follow the scriptures along with the government and watch your
child be killed because they can’t control their hormones and sexual desires?

STOP hating.
STOP judging.
STOP placing yourself on this HIGH horse of playing “God” through a damn BOOK!

The world and its ills is so simple yet you choose to complicate it with your beliefs and religions.

In other news: Like, OMG! I just discovered the “Kitchen Sink” button on WordPress!!!!
I’ve had a go back option and document editing capabilities!?!?!? ALL THIS TIME?!?!?!!? AAAACK!

Anyone else wish to share what other amazing things I may be missing in my blogging experience?

Thanks for your time.

Love Cara.

This entry took about 2 hours. Some, take longer than that. I still have the one I spoke about a few
entries before. But, it’s a BIGGY…I was actually in the middle of doing it
when my mind spun off to this.

Maybe I’ll never get it done and have it spun off in sections instead. Only time will tell.
Whatever flows, is what will be delivered.

Here’s the song I’ve been listening to on loop.
((I need to put a constant in my head so my mind stays as focused as it’s gonna get.))




The Origins of Evil

Amazing how a people (Japanese) who’s army once killed and raped 20,000 – 80,000 Chinese men, kids and women (Nanking) are now presently known for their humility, respect, cuteness and gentleness.

Don’t you think?

Humility is a virtue the Japanese hold dear: “The heavier the head of rice, the deeper it bows”.

The Nanking Massacre happened December 13, 1937.

Can a people change that much in less than 100 years?
Imagine how many ruthless acts of man happened within the last 100 years?

And look at the state of the world today.
Have we improved?
Or have we just masked the demons within?

Each generation “seems” to get a little more “civilized”
but I fear, by the time we get enough people “to get with the program”

there won’t be an earth to enjoy.


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Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

My mom was in the kitchen since earlier this afternoon.
Like, OMG! My mom



I shoulda taken pictures!

My parent’s wanted to take me to China Beach this evening…
one of the only “upper scale” asian restaurants on the island
but they were closed today.

So my mom decided to cook.

I helped my dad put the xmas tree box back up on the shelf in the garage.
The VERY HIGH shelf.
It was definitely a sight to see.
My father and I had a nice laugh, during and after.
This is why I’m home.

Time’s like these.
The moments.

The moments I took for granted, or was never around to have.
I’ve now driven the strength and dedication of love towards them, instead of you and Kaylie
and it’s helped, tremendously.

I find joy to my days again.
Like, FULL joys.

Sometimes, life takes you away from your dreams
the things in life you strive for and care about the most
it puts problems and obstacles in your way to where you can’t even focus on the thing
that’s in your heart to pursue.

And this is where I’m at.
So I’m focusing on those I have around me
instead of looking over their heads to the currently impossible.

I’m releasing again.
Can’t force a square block into an equally sized circle.

Here’s one of the mainy dishes we had tonight.
Freaky huh?
It’s a baby octopus.
Awwwww. Just wook at da wittle guy!!!

I learnt something from my father the other night.
Jewish lightning.

Do you know what that is?

It’s when someone sets their house or business on fire on purpose to get the insurance money.

It came up cuz we saw someone’s house on fire on tv.
I swear, sometimes my father surprises me with the quirky little things he knows.

2012 baby.
It’s the Year of MY Dragon.

Watch out world!!!
Cara’s back!

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Say WHAT?!?!?!

Did you know that a common ingredient in commercial bread comes from
human hair harvested in China???

And where does the hair come from?
The floors of barbershops and hairsalons.

Check your labels for L-cysteine next time your shopping for bread, patries or pizza
and think of him…


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The Chinese Are Coming!


What’s that?
Brain’s kicked into gear and I can’t settle it enough for even 3 hours of a full night’s rest.
Ah well.

Could be worse.

Looked up a movie recommended by my friend Marije.
She couldn’t remember the name, but remembered key points
like the three cities, Bangladesh, Bangkok and Mexico.
I found it.

The movie’s called Whore’s Glory by Michael Glawogger.

How one can smile and find entertainment at set ups like these, is beyond me.
Shit like this creates a broken sadness in me of hopeless desperation.
I have not been able to find a version online to watch.

Hopefully it’ll come out for purchase/viewing soon.
It was hard enough to find a trailer in English!!!

So, the Chinese are in Africa.
ha ha Not really.
The damn Chinese seem to infiltrate even the SMALLEST of countries.
Like, the Bahamas!

(Yours truly!!)

On my first trip to Holland, I signed up for a Kung Fu course.
In the first lesson, my teacher (sifu) discussed the history of martial arts and how it originated in China.
As I grow older, I’ve learned to embrace my heritage.

I’m always usually the only asian in my “herds” of friends.
Or, at least the only Chinese.
My collection of asians has been growing in the last few years…but they mainly consist of Thais, Filipinos
Indonesians, and Indians.

I plan on heading out to China next year.
Need to hit up ma peeps, as I like to say.

I’m currently watching “The Chinese are Coming.”

Very good documentary.
(2 hours long)

First hour is about the Chinese current presence in Africa and the ways in which they are influencing the
lives, culture and work ethics of the Africans.
The next hour covers the Chinese influx of Brazil.
(Where I’ll be living soon…need to get my Portuguese back up to par)


Description of film:
(Full-length video below)


Travelling across three continents, Justin Rowlatt investigates the spread of Chinese influence around the planet and asks what the world will be like if China overtakes America as the world’s economic superpower. In the first of two films, he embarks on a journey across Southern Africa to chart the extraordinary phenomenon of Chinese migration to Africa, and the huge influence of China on the development of the continent.

While many in the West view Africa as a land of poverty, to the Chinese it is seen as an almost limitless business opportunity. From Angola to Tanzania, Justin meets the fearless Chinese entrepreneurs who have travelled thousands of miles to set up businesses.

Justin Rowlatt crosses Brazil and the United States on an epic journey as he continues to investigate the spread of Chinese influence around the planet.

In Rio, local industries, including bikini factories, are threatened by cheap Chinese imports, and in the Amazon, Justin witnesses the phenomenal impact of the Chinese hunger for resources on the indigenous people and the environment.

In the US, from California to the rust belt, Justin encounters the rising undercurrent of American fury over their own decline in the face of competition from China.

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