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(TONS OF) Picture(s) Walk – A Day in Holland: Thai, Wine…and DUTCH SHIT. he he

Just as I was gonna say I don’t know what this is???
There you go. In plain English.
((Gas & Water))

Dunno. It called to me and said, “Take my picture!”
So I obliged…as always.

Too cute. Had to ask the owners for a picture.
THIS my dear friends, is what they refer to as the “Bentley” face.
At least, that’s what they called it when my mom was buying her teacup yorkie.
These people looked more “sane” though and most likely just happened to get one of the most
adorable doggies on the planet without paying the price of a kidney.

My soupie fav. Tom Kha Gai.
Restaurant: Khan Thoong.

Saw this off in the distance and had to walk up and snap it.

A little starter treat the restaurant serves once you’re seated.
It changes.
I love it. Great touch…plus, gets you EATING ASAP!

Dessert. I wanted to try peanuts…
but, I think this was pieces of caramel instead.
OH well.

COMPLIMENTARY glass of wine from Sue.
A waitress I started a convo with last time I was at the restaurant.
Awwwweeeee. I’m so SPWECIAL!
She came up to the table and was like, “This one me, and here’s your bottle.”
I thought homegirl was gonna DRINK with me.
((We got things clarified, and I thanked her accordingly.))

Escapes into solidarity, wine and self-reflection are a VERY GREAT “pairing”
even though it’s more than 2 elements.
((I was trying to stay within the “wine” theme))

I never have Benzir Bhutto far away when I’m on my solo wanderings.
This pic has elements of VERY special meanings.
I noticed this while I re-read something I underlined, which says:
“It is so much easier to blame others for our problems than to accept responsibility ourselves.”
I love this women. Too bad she was assassinated, making ever meeting her
quite HIGH on the difficult scale.
The pen has Frida Kahlo on it and was given to me by my VERY dear and
AMAZING friend Erika.
This year, DRAGONS have a very special meaning…so everything combined just had to be

People at restaurants must take me for crazy…OK, fine. Everyone who meets me.
I love getting lost in things that capture my eye until I’ve snapped it JUST RIGHT.
(Even if it’s not right to you, it is to me. So, **STICKING OUT TONGUE** making a “HMMM” simultaneously.)

Looked down at the railing while walking over the canal and wanted to photograph it somehow.
And here you go.

Captured this, because it was the first signs of spring.
I looked and was like “AHA! LIFE!”

A lock on a railing a few minutes away from the hotel.

And there you go.
Catching up with my pics.
Still have a few more entries…

however, jumping over to the airport and then Amsterdam for the night.
And ummmmmmm…

Need to leave, like


Thanks for stopping by.

Oh yeah, I must admit. I’m slightly impressed at how the pics came out.

I’m my worst critic, but sometimes, I manage to actually pat myself on the back.


I just CREAMED my pants…CUM check out some of life’s Treasures. You know you wanna.

And it wasn’t for a motorbike…OR vibrator.
However, if this has enough “shake” to it…I’d slap my legs around it and take it for a spin.
My buddy Lamar posted this on Facebook.

This is like the (I’d say the 2010 Agusta MV 1000 F4) but I think most of you would understand…
of boat engines. Holy shit. Problem is, if I ever had these puppies on the back of a boat
in the Bahamas? It’d cause such a stir, they’d be gone once my back was turned.

I’d need to build one of those boat garages…WITH Tungsten 1 foot deep thick doors and strategically
place mines around the entrance and surrounding area.
Even then, I wouldn’t feel my babies were safe.

So I guess, the good news…is my fear is going to save me $70,000 a pop.

If you want more info…

But IF…just IF I were to get these beautiful engines…
We’d have to join the forces.

The red two-wheeled slice of heaven.

The Red Hello Kitty Ferrari.

All of my sweetest’n’sexiest friends in their FINEST red bikinis…
Or not. Free will. Clothing optional…however, maybe AT LEAST a red scrunchie to keep with
the theme. I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

This one. (below) is mine. Don’t make me throw you off the boat, in VERY deep water
VERY, VERY far from any piece of land mass available.

I can’t forget my Indy.
Need something for HER to play with as well.
Bald and speedo. This is the best I could do honey, sorry!

Nah man. Those weren’t good enough for you.


Photoshopped for your fantasizing pleasure.

Photoshop makes life just THAT much more entertaining…doesn’t it?

Diana. I dunno man. Your guy, is followin’ me! Where do you see “red speedo” anywhere here?

So, who’s in???


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R.I.P. Peter Rose

Your sun has finally set and blanketed its last rays upon the waters of the earth.
No longer struggling or suffering, but at peace
and this is where one must pull happiness from while living through the beauty of the life you left behind.

I can’t even remember the last time I saw you
but I can still hear the sound of your voice, like you are speaking to me right now.
It’s crazy to think, how many years have past from the days I’d rise before the sun and
join you out at sea.

Fishing was your life, and you shared it with me.
Out to sea’n’back then off to school.
Fun times.

 And man, what an AWESOME tan I used to have back then.

I thank you for the trips…
the knowledge, the time and the experiences I will never forget.
Our win at Walker’s Cay.
My “Largest” dolphin catch
and my “Youngest Angler” award.

You’re existence is definitely one of the prized building blocks that make me who I am today.
Thank you.

Rest in Peace my friend.
Always and forever.
Cara xoxoxo


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Alright folks…LONG awaited June 2011 – Feb 2012 Worldwide Travel Vid UP!!!!!!

A friend once suggested that a permanent GoPro should be mounted on my head…
well, this is the next best thing.

Bahamas, Holland, Copenhagen, Sweden, Thailand, Belgium, Las Vegas, Florida, Boston, Dubai…I think that’s it? Shit. I did a lot and it continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best vid to date!!!
Love, love, love it…and LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

A few friends told me this song reminds them of me…
so, guess it’s my theme song for the moment!

((Apparently I need to clarify the “weird” gentlemen in 3:04mins in.
The were homeless BUMS! Not my friends! ha ha ha
But they were nice and well-spirited…so, gave them some vodka.))

Remember…CARING means SHARING!


Race Around the World

The Clipper Race.
40,000 miles and 10 months.

Can you imagine?


Do you SEE the size of those things?
I’m not sure I’d last 24 hours!!!!

Grand Bahama Island is 96 miles long and 17 miles wide
and I struggle to stay HERE for more than 3 months.

To each their own I guess.

The boats LOOK pretty.
But yeah, I rather bounce around in the air or DRY LAND!

Map of races.

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