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Alright folks…LONG awaited June 2011 – Feb 2012 Worldwide Travel Vid UP!!!!!!

A friend once suggested that a permanent GoPro should be mounted on my head…
well, this is the next best thing.

Bahamas, Holland, Copenhagen, Sweden, Thailand, Belgium, Las Vegas, Florida, Boston, Dubai…I think that’s it? Shit. I did a lot and it continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best vid to date!!!
Love, love, love it…and LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

A few friends told me this song reminds them of me…
so, guess it’s my theme song for the moment!

((Apparently I need to clarify the “weird” gentlemen in 3:04mins in.
The were homeless BUMS! Not my friends! ha ha ha
But they were nice and well-spirited…so, gave them some vodka.))

Remember…CARING means SHARING!


Hip Hop Hooray for Orgasms!!! Finally………….

Baby. I’ve been in hell, in regards to food, here in Holland.
Today…BELGIUM made up for it.
I SWEAR to GOD, I will MARRY the person who can cook this for me…ALWAYS.

From the first spoon-not-even-full of this orgasmic creation.


I’ll bring you to Antwerp JUST so you can taste it.
Seriously. It’s THAT GOOD!
Thank you ZUIDERTERRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Snuck a peak of Mr Tough Guy before entering the building of my most heavenly oral orgasms.

Kewl interior/layout too.
2 thumbs and 2 big toes UP!
Cara approved for SURE!




A building I liked.


I’m not sure why, as I did it in Sweden…but, it seems I LOVE climbing concrete lions.


 The night before in Den Haag. (Holland)
OK Thai food, but one of the “brighter” meals I’ve had in this seemingly non-existent taste bud of a country.


Yes, it IS what you think it is.
THIS untouched piece of dog shit is why I’m forever INDEBTED to Rick.
He saved me from stepping in it.
I still shudder at the thought.
You KNOW how I feel about shit.

I would have DIED.

Right there…in Antwerp, on the spot.


A drink I bought, because one of the bartenders at the hotel was so excited to share, but no one would order it.
~ $9 down the drain.
Just brought it to the room. I didn’t tell him I didn’t like it.
Couldn’t break his excited little heart.


I dunno. Thought it was cute seeing the two just chillin.


The seafood salad I had after my yummy stew.
Next time…I’mma just get BOWLS and BOWLS of the stew.
Fuck everything else.
I can die happy now. Happy without shit on my shoes.


There’s swans everywhere here (Holland) honey.


BUT(T) this is what entertained me – for a good 15 minutes – and made my night.
Both of them were doing this. I got it on video too.
Will compile something (one day) when I’ve got the energy, time and desire.




There you go baby.
A picture album. Indy’s gonna like this one too. I know it. Takin’ care of both my bitches at once.
Ha ha ha

Life’s sweet.

I wanna get some real “chatting” in soon.
Maybe we’ll have a “date” on Wednesday.

Love you.



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