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Belarus – Visa Services Suspended & Government Controlled Cyber Info

First pothole in Eastern European Tour.

Because of civil unrest, visa services have been suspended for Belarus.
Now, maybe I’ll pop over to Russian en route to the Ukraine.
Upsetting, but even moreso for the citizens of Belarus and everything they are going through.

If you think SOPA’s bad
(Stop Online Piracy Act)
Try living in Belarus where internet usage is now limited to websites
that end with .by

This means that ALL foreign websites are banned.
This was sparked because of protests organized through the internet following
the election of now President, Alexander Lukashenko.

Here’s a cool documentary called the Belarusian Dream.
It is the first independent documentary film to look at what has happened in Belarus since the 2010 presidential elections.
Freedom under total control. Can it exist?
It’s heartbreaking. People of the west really don’t have a grip on how good they have it.
It’s inspiring to see, women (wives of the imprisoned presidential candidates) step into the shoes
of their husbands to continue their fight.

Жыве Беларусь!!