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Cheeky Bastards! WD40 & Cocaine. – Connection???

A friend of mine from Copenhagen just dropped into town.
I don’t know how the topic came up, but he told me about a new trend at the clubs and bars…

spraying WD40 on toilets, basins and mirrors.

A method started by a Swindon bar owner in the UK.
(I googled)

It creates an invisible film that absorbs the cocaine, causing it to congeal
and prevents it from being sniffed.

Get a kit people!
It makes you more “professional.”

My first Milton Bradley game.

ย Think WB40 was just for SQUEEKY joints?

Click here for a list of the 2,000 and growing list of uses for the talented lubricator:


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I Have…Returned! Cool motorcycles, automotive pre-war eye-candy, Turkish hot sauce, alcohol, alcohol and MORE alcohol.

I took the day off yesterday (from blog-world – couldn’t be arsed)
like a Romanian on their Orthodox Easter Sunday.
(Many Orthodox churches base their Easter date on the Julian calendar)

Do these easter egg painting skillz make you feel inferior?

My friend Mark spotted this lovely beast when he went out for dinner the other night…
Nice, huh?
(Apparently the “lady” friend of the guy who owns this bike, is rather on the yum side.)
I dunno why he tells me that and doesn’t bring her to me?
(Quality “help” is a rarity nowadays)

Ran out of Tabasco, jumped into the Turkish market and picked this up.
Can’t put anything in my mouth without PEPPER!!!!!

My lil Dragominator took this at the Second Saturday arts thingy in Sacramento, CA.
Sweet pic. I made a few tweeks. Didn’t really need it but I thought I’d have some
fun with it since I also changed the name of the brand.
She said this: “Yeah I love how the colors came out. I could just eat that one in front. It looks like chocolate”
Did you KNOW that C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E
has the same amount of letters as: C-H-E-V-R-O-L-E-T?
Sweet, huh?

Passed White’s today while going into Rotterdam.
It’s an upscale, LIKE UP-FUCKIN-SCALE brothel. If I remember the convo correctly, it’s $300
JUST to enter…
I talked to someone about it last year sometime. Their company takes clients there to “seal” deals.
Their “tab” went upwards to $30,000 one time.
(And THAT number MAY have been in Euros, not USD. I can’t remember now)
Link to site will be at the end of this entry. You’ll wanna check it out.

2 of the many, MANY glasses of port last night.

Cheersing to my dessert.

Sweetie pie JoJo. Such a cutie.
Someone gave me a port in the wrong glass. Ummmm…the word “JIPPED” comes to mind?

Just plonkin’ around…as always.
Switched to white cuz we drank them out of red.

Think I should give some of these key cards back?

See the plastic thingy that’s holding the lemon?
I think that’s one of the saddest and most wasteful inventions.
It’s used for like, what? The time it takes a waitress/bartender to deliver a drink?
And then possibly a few minutes thereafter then gets thrown away?

One of the many buildings I appreciate in Rotterdam.
The green lights sporadically shift all over the building.
You know me… “LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTSSSSSS!” Thank GOD I’m not a moth. I’d be dead by now.

Boohooooo. Cloudy day filled with bursts of drizzles. Oh Holland.

Went for a walk the other day and spotted this poster. It reminded me of my friend in NYC.
Whatchu think girl? C’mon. Kyant say dat ain’t you! <– Sorry, I went Bahamian for some reason.

This is only a sample. I’m so behind on the adventures.
Will put more pic stuff up tomorrow. TRUST me, you don’t wanna miss what happened this weekend!
Let’s just say it involves…a buncha nudity, getting oiled up by a cutie named Kimberly,
great food, Colombians and back injuries.
(May or MAY NOT be in the same order)

My little leave of absence has something to do in terms of my personal mental
journeys into solitude which in turn will change the “flow” and approach
of this blog.

I hope you enjoy the evolution!!!


Forgot to give you the link on the first upload. WHOOOPS.


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When Life Beats You Down, DRINK!

So. Ever since I arrived here in Holland I have been on a phenomenal high.
Glorified’n’extended manic episode?
Well, it got a little knocked yesterday. Yesterday was the first day in a week where
I was…sad.

Sad, with a heavy heart and knotted mind.

Amazing how shit like that just zaps your energy and your being.
The happiness of the ones around me is directly related to my actions and contentment with life
and I have a friend that’s going through a lot of shit at the moment and there’s nothing I can do about it
and that kills me.

I don’t know where I get this “Mother Teresa” shit from.

I seriously feel I was born to “save” cuz it just comes naturally.
To bring happiness, hope, justice and strength to the ones around me
is not a decision, it’s more like breathing.
A must.
My favoriteย accoladeย to date, is an award I won, year after year when I was little.
“Friendliest Student Award.”

ย ha ha ha

I don’t remember what made me so damn friendly I got awards for it…
I just have the certificates to prove it ever happened.

Had plans with my friend from See Me See You
and invited the boys to tag along.
While waiting for her to pick us up, I had a Bloody Mary.
Too much blood and not enough Mary.

Seriously though, tasted like luke warm tomato juice.
Wonder if he forgot the vodka?
Thank God for the shrimp/prawn crackers…
they helped bring a little joy to my moment
while my beverage lacked its luster and left much to be desired.

She took us to an sushi restaurant she used to work at.
Presenting the successful “picture dodge!”

Made me think of my momma…cuz she loves squid.
(Daddy too)

Anthony had a friend in his coffee.
Apparently, he was down in the dumps too.
Or, maybe this was just my reflection.

Hit up Bed Rotterdam afterwards and got me a port.
(Dunno why it’s called Bed cuz there wasn’t one in sight. Cock tease of a title!)
Closed that bar down and ended the night at Coconuts.
(At least I think that’s where we were. NO I wasn’t too wasted to remember…)

At the end of the night, me and my “brother” Anthony got some much needed talk time in
and the dark cloud that hovered over me for most of the day
floated away.


I increased my sleep time by 30mins last night.
Or, should I say, this morning.

2.5 hours sleep. I feel the difference!
I know, for the most part, why the extra NO sleep.
It’s cuz I wanna be around and chat up my folk in the US…
and also be around for the folk around me, here in Holland.

So…what does one do?
Keep chuggin’ til ya can’t chug no more I guess!!!!!

Chooooooo chooooooooooooooo!!!
Gotta keep the train on the tracks and moving as long as the steam is available!
My friend Desda says, I can’t be human.

I’m starting to believe, maybe she’s on to something!


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It’s a Jerseyliscious Life! (Mega pics album)

Straight from the airport to the bar.
We hit up a place in Morristown called the Office.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a “whiter” place.
It was like I was transported onto the set of American Pie
a logwood cabin/Abercrombie & Fitch commercial.
Culture shock, for sure!!!

Me and my boricuas were cold enough.
Standing in line to get into one of the bars
on the same street were 3 chicks, in short, skin tight dresses…
FREEZING their asses off.
Yeah, wonder f-in why dipshits.

I didn’t have anything to eat since lunch time…
so was nausceously hungry.
Being in the care of two young men
(under 33 years of age)
I was shit outta luck so had to settle for condiments from the bar.

My frustrations diminished when I looked up at the WALL full’o’beers.
Saw Duvel and wanted to treat them to the beer I discovered while in Holland.
(My Belgium husband introduced me to it)
(8.5% compared to the average 4-5% of normal beers)

One of my favorite, yet calorie-filled and easily consumed in large quantities beverages came to mind…
so I thought I’d see if they had it.
And, did they!!

I mix it half and half with a light beer so the sweet taste is weened off a bit.
I love my Lambic Framboise.
Just not the extra “cushion” it puts on me if I get on my fix and start to go overboard with it.

After a late night out we decided to begin the “day after” properly…
with SANCOCHO!!!!

I was missin’ my favorite soup peppers though.
Indy’s ex’s mom makes a PERFECT pepper sauce for this soup.
It wasn’t the same, but still hit the spot!!!!
(I personally like your sancocho better though Indy)

This one had short ribs, chicken and ox tail.

My boricuas.

Mmmmmm. Cocina dominicana!
I miss my DR family!!!!!!


First time at Hamilton Park.
(At least, from what memory serves)

Checkin’ out the Manahattan skyline.

Finally. After countless drive arounds for parking all over New Jersey…
just to get a drink
we run into THIS place…with an actual parking lot!

3 letters is all we needed to see…

I don’t know if it’s “old” age…
but after countless travels to different cities around the world
I’ve come to appreciate Florida.
I see why old people migrate there…
Parking lots.

The ease of going somewhere and just damn PARKING!!!
Instead of driving street to street hoping for a spot to open up.
Too much aggravation for my blood.
In the city, I just go into a parking garage.
Fuck it.
But even then, sometimes THEY are full!!!

Is it old age?
What say you?

Ahhhhhh. Finally. Gettin’ our drink on!

We’re so angelic, our “purity” shines right through us.
See it?
Bright angelic beacons.

Or, maybe it was our guardian angels.

My apartment building.

Amazing skylights, “environmentally” friendly and “natural” aircon and heating.

The security line that went for “daze”

Gearin’ up to go.

Bye bye NYC!!!!!

My Afghan Ahmed who’s “adopted” me into his family.
“You have problem, call Ahmed!”

A pic a friend of mine posted yesterday on Facebook.
A mutual friend informed me that he massacred the poor thing.

He/she was so beautiful.
Makes me sad.

(Maybe I should tell him to send the carcass to my parents. Maybe they can stir fry it.)

Almost caught up!!!
Still haven’t really slept. Popped open a can of jalapeรฑos I picked up at the airport at around 3 something AM
to snack on, cuz…hell, I was bored and that was the only thing I had at my disposal.
I think it cranked a bit of energy in me…
cuz I was basically up all night.
May have caught 30 mins of sleep at around 6 something…

then up again at 7AM.

Fun times.

Ah well.

No sleep = get shit done

Works for me.


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It’s Closing Time. Goodbye Nassau. GREAT TIMES.

The best souvenirs, to me, are the memories and the people you meet;
Little treasures you carry back with you, in your heart, mind and if they have it…FACEBOOK.


The bee I saved from Erika’s Strawberry Daiquiri. See the red in its wings?
Thank God it was a VIRGIN. Dunno if the sucker woulda made it out alive.

VERY entertaining sights at this event.
Our last minute, random pop over to Fish Fry to grab a bite before heading to the airport.
Woulda snapped pics, but…I didn’t think it was right to entertain oneself and the world
with what some people think is “normal” attire and extensive use of BLUE eyeliner.

Saw plenty GROWN…SEXY? Was nowhere to be found.

My baby Burton!!!! I love this man. One of my besties. Unfortunately don’t get to see each other enough.
He’s always damn working, stackin’ up da paper.

Needed to hike ma leg up for balance. Thanks for the support Erika!!

Sweethearts, James and Calvin.
Sweethearts, but NOT sweethearts. K? Just clarifying. 2012. Gotta make it clear.
NOT that there’s anything wrong if they were.

Calvin’s pussy.

Ninja boi Larado and Patty creepin’ in the pick. The late beginnings of an even later night.
Or should we call it morning?

Hungover like a bitch, my body SCREAMED for souse.
Calvin thought we may get lucky here.
Nassau Stadium. “GREAT Bahamian Cuisine”
Uh huh. Don’t you love how people enjoy labeling their own food as great?
Or, how some places like to say: The World’s BEST! Or, #1 Spot in town!!!
And not live up to it?
False advertising. **sigh** From fake boobies, to food, to exercise equipment and beyond.
We’re surrounded!

Mr Otis. Thought I looked like someone he knew. Approached me while in line getting me my Iced Soy White Chocolate Mocha with a quick hello and handshake…
then, after a few hours…
joined Erika and I outside.
He’s attempting to form a new political party here in the Bahamas…
so we sat and chatted for a bit.

A pic I stumbled upon of my best friend, Natalia, from boarding school.
Ain’t she an ABSOLUTE cutie?
Argentinian and French I believe is her mix, but she lives in Haiti.
Memories of concocting different cocktails for her mother at 14
Going to nightclubs in old castles
and being pulled over by guys with machine gunsย instantly come flooding back.
“Don’t tell your parents, ok???” Nata would say in fears that they’d order my shipment back home
where it’s safe and void of random men galavanting around with machine guns…

She’s one of the few of my past, that have actually stayed the same, maybe even gotten better, with age
after 15 years.
Cuz good God, there’s some scary ones out there!
Crazy how some can change so much in 15 years! Like, almost unrecognizable!

I miss you!

Right. Gonna get a move on with my day. Called my buddy Jim up and will be poppin’ by
his house for a little game of “catch up.”

Happy Sunday!



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Procrastination to me is an AFRODISIAC……

Cuz fuck, I must get SOME pleasure out of ALWAYS leaving things
for the last minute thereby causing the onset of premature ventricular contractions!
I don’t consider myself a procrastinator though.
I just remain in denial of things that need to be done, that I don’t want to do
until the last minute shows me:

Look bitch. This shit’s real.

And there’s my life. Just an endless series of FIRE UP THE ASS wake up calls.

My brain’s still a little on the dull side.
Getting too old for night’s such as last night.

What was SUPPOSED to be a quick “innocent” run for ice cream and a drink
turned into a bar hopping extravaganza til 6 something this morning.

But, those are the best of times, aren’t they?
The unscheduled, random, just go with life’s flows kinda moments?

First stop was the Hookah Lounge.
Which is turning out to be one of my “spots” in Rotterdam.

Stumbled upon it while on a mission with my “brother” Anthony.
He’d never tried Hookah before, so I got us one.
I never really cared for it, but I’m starting to take a liking to it.

Went to go see a friend of mine who works the bar there.
Since I’m leaving on Tuesday, wanted to sit, chat and say goodbye.
Well, that sit and chat turned into CLOSING the bar down and moving on to countless others.

Her younger sister came along as well.
My friend Rick was with me, and for an old man, hung in there like a CHAMP!
(He’s gonna love the old man part)

I’m really glad I muscled my way outta bed and the hotel cuz I was feeling
rough from the night before.
I’m not sure if both the sisters have the same parents
(hey, I come from the Bahamas. Who’s YO DADDY land)
but my friend’s

1/4 Brazilian
1/4 Surinamese
1/2 Dutch

Pretty cool mix.

I’m really beginning to LOVE my time here in Holland.
All the people I’m surrounded by and that keep adding to the mix
fucking ROCK!

I wanna shrink em all down and pack em in my luggage with me!

(Speaking of luggage – and procrastination – I need to start packing and boxing shit to ship back home)

Which I KNOW will be done LATE SUNDAY into the WEEE hours of Monday
before I head into Amsterdam.
Cuz, that’s just how I do things.


Looks like I might be making this my second “home”
well, third, fourth…


Who’s counting?



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