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I just CREAMED my pants…CUM check out some of life’s Treasures. You know you wanna.

And it wasn’t for a motorbike…OR vibrator.
However, if this has enough “shake” to it…I’d slap my legs around it and take it for a spin.
My buddy Lamar posted this on Facebook.

This is like the (I’d say the 2010 Agusta MV 1000 F4) but I think most of you would understand…
of boat engines. Holy shit. Problem is, if I ever had these puppies on the back of a boat
in the Bahamas? It’d cause such a stir, they’d be gone once my back was turned.

I’d need to build one of those boat garages…WITH Tungsten 1 foot deep thick doors and strategically
place mines around the entrance and surrounding area.
Even then, I wouldn’t feel my babies were safe.

So I guess, the good news…is my fear is going to save me $70,000 a pop.

If you want more info…

But IF…just IF I were to get these beautiful engines…
We’d have to join the forces.

The red two-wheeled slice of heaven.

The Red Hello Kitty Ferrari.

All of my sweetest’n’sexiest friends in their FINEST red bikinis…
Or not. Free will. Clothing optional…however, maybe AT LEAST a red scrunchie to keep with
the theme. I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

This one. (below) is mine. Don’t make me throw you off the boat, in VERY deep water
VERY, VERY far from any piece of land mass available.

I can’t forget my Indy.
Need something for HER to play with as well.
Bald and speedo. This is the best I could do honey, sorry!

Nah man. Those weren’t good enough for you.


Photoshopped for your fantasizing pleasure.

Photoshop makes life just THAT much more entertaining…doesn’t it?

Diana. I dunno man. Your guy, is followin’ me! Where do you see “red speedo” anywhere here?

So, who’s in???


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The Numbers Game…….and Bahamian Recording Artist, the SCRUMPTIOUS Alex 242

Everywhere I go, daily…these are the numbers that pop up.
I HATE pot, so dunno the purpose of this one, however, maybe it’s to remind me
of all my loved ones that do.

This one I see all the damn time.
It’s associated with my special baby. The area code where we met, fell insanely in love, had a life
and where she still lives.

My new “lucky” number. It has many crazy associations this year…and is now also a constant.

The area code of my home-base, where I was born and grew up.
The Bahamas.

Do you have any groups of numbers that constantly pop up in your life?

Below is a pic of Alex 242.
Came across her pic searching for a pic of the digits, “242”
Didn’t find any I liked so quickly zapped up my own.

She’s a cutie eh?
And FROM the Bahamas!
(I know my buddy Steve Riely will appreciate her)
She’s a recording artist. Full name: Alex Christie.
Funny, my best friend while growing up name’s Alex Christie, but it’s a guy.

 Here are some of her tunes.
I enjoy this one. It’s smooth and easy listening. Island-style.

Let Em Know feat. Eve

Just as I posted this entry, my eyes fell on the time…and, not a shocker…here we are.

 Never a day forgotten baby…cuz, FUCK. Life’s not LETTING ME!

Love always, YBE to MBE.

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Prostitution, Religion and YOU – Combat your ignorance, evolve & BETTER the world around you.

Unlike what people LOVE to spit out…
prostitution is NOT the oldest profession.

I find it highly ignorant and sheepish to hear this response during discussions of sexual slavery
and forced prostitution.
Like, because it existed A LONG time ago, it should be somewhat accepted?

And also, if these individuals would actually use their BRAINS for once in their simple lives
they’d figure out, that you can’t have a supply without a demand.
Were they whoring themselves out for free?

No, obviously someone ELSE started working and earning some form of payment for this
so-called OLDEST profession.

It is not thee, but yes, it is ONE.
(Sumerian records in 2400 B.C.)

600s B.C. (7th Century B.C.) Legal brothels were set up in China by the stateman-philosopher Kuang Chung as a means for increasing the state’s income.
(Not much different than today’s reason. Glad to see, how far we’ve evolved in our management of commodities,
oh, I mean humans – mainly women)

 Late 500s
“A decree of Recared, Catholic king of the Visigoths of Spain (596-601) absolutely prohibited prostitution. Girls and women born of free parents convicted of either practising prostitution, or inducing debauchery, were condemned for the first offence to be flogged (300 strokes) and to be ignominously expelled from the town.”

A woman enters into prostitution (talking about her own free will) usually out of desperation, or as a means to get through the moment and out of certain situations to hopefully gain a better life for her and (usually present)
her children.

I don’t believe in punishing the prostitutes.
It’s like lashing punishment on someone who’s already damned.
History and present day ALWAYS punish the women while the men, equally associated, most times walk off with
a slap on the wrist.

Why expect anything more from a world where men are constantly on the role of suppressing women?
The majority of men, whether they wish to admit it or not…
want their women as rag dolls. POSSESSIONS. Items “belonging” to them
who they can order around, who can SERVE them and who are accessible whenever their whims
desire, to please them.

It’s the average. The majority. The typical space within humans, men and women, where you find “evil.”
“Ignorance” and “mindless sheeple.”

A great way to analyze, what’s wrong, is to see how many people are behind it.
The greatest acts of humanity, of selflessness, don’t crowd.

REAL issues are always masked and hardly ever placed on “HIGH alert” and importance.
However, things that “sound” good, that have “sparkle” or is “preached” by a celebrity
are all jumped on without personal research.

How does one fully invest themselves into something without picking it apart from its beginning to end first?

Back to prostitution, if the world would stop fucking fighting and squash their ego trips, races for power
and insatiable GREED we wouldn’t have hunger or desperation because we’d work together as
a whole for the greater good. But, yeah. I know. FAT FUCKING CHANCE.
Which is sad, don’t you think?

If we looked out for one another, people wouldn’t have to turn to desperate measures to “survive.”

I agree with this:

2002-MAY: Nigeria: A man, Sarimu Mohammed, 50, was sentenced to be stoned to death by a court in Jigawa for raping a nine-year-old girl.

I don’t agree with these:

1996-MAR: Afghanistan: Some strict interpretations of Islamic law calls for the death penalty for any woman found in the company of a man other than a close family member. Sexual activity is assumed to have happened. A woman, Jamila, was found guilty of trying to leave the country with such a man. She was caught and stoned to death on 1996-MAR-28

1996-NOV: Afghanistan: Under the previous, Taliban, regime, a woman, Nurbibi, 40, and a man Turylai, 38, were stoned to death in a public assembly using palm-sized stones. They were found guilty of non-marital sex.

However, I DO respect their adherence to their scriptures.
As with most religions, hypocrites are rampant. However, if one enforces the laws of their religion
and also LIVES by their religion 100%.
They have my respect, no matter how disturbing because they are living and acting upon their beliefs.

I’m a FULL supporter of all the way or no way.
You can’t put yourself in 30%-50%-99%
and LASH out your HATE against things you PICK apart in the Bible, etc
and run with while YOU yourself are the worst of sinners, etc.

This is for my Christian Nation Bahamian Haters and others who show such repugnance and venom
towards gays who are usually the most LOVING people you’ll ever meet
because similar to those also oppressed and feeling the sour pangs of

they usually possess open hearts and open minds.

A GREAT person accepts all humans as one, no one above or below, with their own individualities
that aren’t boxed in merely by skin color, sexual orientation or gender.

Really, HOW IGNORANT ARE YOU?!!?!?!?

Exodus 20:14 “You shall not commit adultery.”

Deuteronomy 22:22 “If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die.

Leviticus 20:10 “If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife–with the wife of his neighbor–both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death.

So, according to this BIBLE you so like to PULL out and use in your FIGHT WITH the God your wish to “honor”
what say you now? How many of my Bahamian “brethren” with yer “proud” culture of “sweetheartin”
need to be lined up and PUT to DEATH?

How many of you Christian mothers wish to follow the scriptures along with the government and watch your
child be killed because they can’t control their hormones and sexual desires?

STOP hating.
STOP judging.
STOP placing yourself on this HIGH horse of playing “God” through a damn BOOK!

The world and its ills is so simple yet you choose to complicate it with your beliefs and religions.

In other news: Like, OMG! I just discovered the “Kitchen Sink” button on WordPress!!!!
I’ve had a go back option and document editing capabilities!?!?!? ALL THIS TIME?!?!?!!? AAAACK!

Anyone else wish to share what other amazing things I may be missing in my blogging experience?

Thanks for your time.

Love Cara.

This entry took about 2 hours. Some, take longer than that. I still have the one I spoke about a few
entries before. But, it’s a BIGGY…I was actually in the middle of doing it
when my mind spun off to this.

Maybe I’ll never get it done and have it spun off in sections instead. Only time will tell.
Whatever flows, is what will be delivered.

Here’s the song I’ve been listening to on loop.
((I need to put a constant in my head so my mind stays as focused as it’s gonna get.))




I hope I don’t make Brad (Sony Rep) blush…

but if he were RIGHT here in front of me…I’d so DROP to my knees and give him a blowjob
and LOVE IT!
Everyone that knows me…knows


THAT act is always 10 billions miles past a MIRACLE!!!
Ewww. Just EWWWWWWW!!!!

But I’m just feeling THAT GOOD! After all these days of back and forths…
(Apparently, demand outweighs the speed at which they can produce these fuckers!!!)
nice to be able to solidify something.
Twas an awesome experience. Sony ROCKS! He said that they pride themselves
on good customer service experiences, etc.

And I gotta say, “HE AIN’T LYING!!!!!”

One thing is, I gotta go back to the US to pick it up.

BUT, I shall have it in time for my Eastern European TAKE DOWN
(gotta be nimble…may have to run away from angered pimps and johns, etc)
I can unload my Nikon behemoths back home along
with a buncha winter shit I’ve been lugging around with me.


** I can see her smiling right now **
I’m GOING HOME (Bahamas) to surprise my baby for her bday.

Well, I guess the surprise is here.

There you go baby, I just wanted to hit two birds with one stone and I got it!
I be coming HOME!
I wanted to save it til the 20th, but I’m just to PUMPED the fuck up!


((Yes baby…8,000 miles back and forth…just for you))
DAYM. I don’t even think any of my gfs had it so good.

(And Brad, since it’s against company policy for YOU to give me your email and YOU to write down my contacts…
I sure hope you found your way here. And if you did, leave a comment. I’d love to hear back from ya!!!!)

** And, ummmm, yeah. That blowjob was in the moment. It can’t be collected later. Just sayin. **


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March 22nd – Official Rape Day (Did ya miss it?)

So yesterday, I posted about my own personal encounter with unsolicited, undesired, forced sex with a man.
THEN…I find out about Branville McCartney, leader of the DNA political party in the Bahamas.

So I posted THIS on Facebook.
I think it’s rather cute.

Then I get THIS under it by a mother of an old classmate of mine from grade school…
who’s never really had a nice thing to say and has always, throughout my life criticized me.
(I added her on Facebook years ago because…ummmmmm. I thought she’d “grow out of it”)
Silly me.

Branville McCartney doesn’t find premise in backing up a bill to make it ILLEGAL
for men to rape their wives.

Charming. No?

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DNA Politician McCartney (Bahamas) – Green light on NO legal consequences for Marital RAPE – “Yes, please…go ahead. Rape em!”

This is Branville McCartney.

I was up and about to sleep, however caught an article posted by friends on FB that he does not believe women should be legally protected from being raped by their husbands.


Did I read that correctly??

“When at the end of the day, you are sleeping in the same bed as your wife or spouse, you become one in that regard, and rape is very difficult to prove, especially as sexual intercourse is a part of marriage.”

I always, sadly, knew that ignorance and backwards-ass stupidity runs RAMPANT in the Bahamas…
but this, has removed me from sleep.

His wife (seen here)

should roll over one day and surprise him with a splintered broom up his ass…
cuz, I mean…

“sexual intercourse is a part of marriage.”


I think we should start a fund for his wife and child (children???)
so they can afford to go into exhile.

Cuz jeez. Would YOU want to be ASSociated with this waste of existence?
Good luck with the elections there buddy!!!!
And you have a DAUGHTER too!!?!?!
So I guess you’re basically putting the green light on her ass being raped and ragdolled by her
possible, future husband huh?
Nice, really nice.

Just because you feel something’s “hard to prove” doesn’t mean you drop it all together!

That this is even a discussion TODAY wrecks my mind.


R.I.P. Peter Rose

Your sun has finally set and blanketed its last rays upon the waters of the earth.
No longer struggling or suffering, but at peace
and this is where one must pull happiness from while living through the beauty of the life you left behind.

I can’t even remember the last time I saw you
but I can still hear the sound of your voice, like you are speaking to me right now.
It’s crazy to think, how many years have past from the days I’d rise before the sun and
join you out at sea.

Fishing was your life, and you shared it with me.
Out to sea’n’back then off to school.
Fun times.

 And man, what an AWESOME tan I used to have back then.

I thank you for the trips…
the knowledge, the time and the experiences I will never forget.
Our win at Walker’s Cay.
My “Largest” dolphin catch
and my “Youngest Angler” award.

You’re existence is definitely one of the prized building blocks that make me who I am today.
Thank you.

Rest in Peace my friend.
Always and forever.
Cara xoxoxo


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