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(TONS OF) Picture(s) Walk – A Day in Holland: Thai, Wine…and DUTCH SHIT. he he

Just as I was gonna say I don’t know what this is???
There you go. In plain English.
((Gas & Water))

Dunno. It called to me and said, “Take my picture!”
So I obliged…as always.

Too cute. Had to ask the owners for a picture.
THIS my dear friends, is what they refer to as the “Bentley” face.
At least, that’s what they called it when my mom was buying her teacup yorkie.
These people looked more “sane” though and most likely just happened to get one of the most
adorable doggies on the planet without paying the price of a kidney.

My soupie fav. Tom Kha Gai.
Restaurant: Khan Thoong.

Saw this off in the distance and had to walk up and snap it.

A little starter treat the restaurant serves once you’re seated.
It changes.
I love it. Great touch…plus, gets you EATING ASAP!

Dessert. I wanted to try peanuts…
but, I think this was pieces of caramel instead.
OH well.

COMPLIMENTARY glass of wine from Sue.
A waitress I started a convo with last time I was at the restaurant.
Awwwweeeee. I’m so SPWECIAL!
She came up to the table and was like, “This one me, and here’s your bottle.”
I thought homegirl was gonna DRINK with me.
((We got things clarified, and I thanked her accordingly.))

Escapes into solidarity, wine and self-reflection are a VERY GREAT “pairing”
even though it’s more than 2 elements.
((I was trying to stay within the “wine” theme))

I never have Benzir Bhutto far away when I’m on my solo wanderings.
This pic has elements of VERY special meanings.
I noticed this while I re-read something I underlined, which says:
“It is so much easier to blame others for our problems than to accept responsibility ourselves.”
I love this women. Too bad she was assassinated, making ever meeting her
quite HIGH on the difficult scale.
The pen has Frida Kahlo on it and was given to me by my VERY dear and
AMAZING friend Erika.
This year, DRAGONS have a very special meaning…so everything combined just had to be

People at restaurants must take me for crazy…OK, fine. Everyone who meets me.
I love getting lost in things that capture my eye until I’ve snapped it JUST RIGHT.
(Even if it’s not right to you, it is to me. So, **STICKING OUT TONGUE** making a “HMMM” simultaneously.)

Looked down at the railing while walking over the canal and wanted to photograph it somehow.
And here you go.

Captured this, because it was the first signs of spring.
I looked and was like “AHA! LIFE!”

A lock on a railing a few minutes away from the hotel.

And there you go.
Catching up with my pics.
Still have a few more entries…

however, jumping over to the airport and then Amsterdam for the night.
And ummmmmmm…

Need to leave, like


Thanks for stopping by.

Oh yeah, I must admit. I’m slightly impressed at how the pics came out.

I’m my worst critic, but sometimes, I manage to actually pat myself on the back.


I Have…Returned! Cool motorcycles, automotive pre-war eye-candy, Turkish hot sauce, alcohol, alcohol and MORE alcohol.

I took the day off yesterday (from blog-world – couldn’t be arsed)
like a Romanian on their Orthodox Easter Sunday.
(Many Orthodox churches base their Easter date on the Julian calendar)

Do these easter egg painting skillz make you feel inferior?

My friend Mark spotted this lovely beast when he went out for dinner the other night…
Nice, huh?
(Apparently the “lady” friend of the guy who owns this bike, is rather on the yum side.)
I dunno why he tells me that and doesn’t bring her to me?
(Quality “help” is a rarity nowadays)

Ran out of Tabasco, jumped into the Turkish market and picked this up.
Can’t put anything in my mouth without PEPPER!!!!!

My lil Dragominator took this at the Second Saturday arts thingy in Sacramento, CA.
Sweet pic. I made a few tweeks. Didn’t really need it but I thought I’d have some
fun with it since I also changed the name of the brand.
She said this: “Yeah I love how the colors came out. I could just eat that one in front. It looks like chocolate”
Did you KNOW that C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E
has the same amount of letters as: C-H-E-V-R-O-L-E-T?
Sweet, huh?

Passed White’s today while going into Rotterdam.
It’s an upscale, LIKE UP-FUCKIN-SCALE brothel. If I remember the convo correctly, it’s $300
JUST to enter…
I talked to someone about it last year sometime. Their company takes clients there to “seal” deals.
Their “tab” went upwards to $30,000 one time.
(And THAT number MAY have been in Euros, not USD. I can’t remember now)
Link to site will be at the end of this entry. You’ll wanna check it out.

2 of the many, MANY glasses of port last night.

Cheersing to my dessert.

Sweetie pie JoJo. Such a cutie.
Someone gave me a port in the wrong glass. Ummmm…the word “JIPPED” comes to mind?

Just plonkin’ around…as always.
Switched to white cuz we drank them out of red.

Think I should give some of these key cards back?

See the plastic thingy that’s holding the lemon?
I think that’s one of the saddest and most wasteful inventions.
It’s used for like, what? The time it takes a waitress/bartender to deliver a drink?
And then possibly a few minutes thereafter then gets thrown away?

One of the many buildings I appreciate in Rotterdam.
The green lights sporadically shift all over the building.
You know me… “LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTSSSSSS!” Thank GOD I’m not a moth. I’d be dead by now.

Boohooooo. Cloudy day filled with bursts of drizzles. Oh Holland.

Went for a walk the other day and spotted this poster. It reminded me of my friend in NYC.
Whatchu think girl? C’mon. Kyant say dat ain’t you! <– Sorry, I went Bahamian for some reason.

This is only a sample. I’m so behind on the adventures.
Will put more pic stuff up tomorrow. TRUST me, you don’t wanna miss what happened this weekend!
Let’s just say it involves…a buncha nudity, getting oiled up by a cutie named Kimberly,
great food, Colombians and back injuries.
(May or MAY NOT be in the same order)

My little leave of absence has something to do in terms of my personal mental
journeys into solitude which in turn will change the “flow” and approach
of this blog.

I hope you enjoy the evolution!!!


Forgot to give you the link on the first upload. WHOOOPS.


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Mindless Wanderings in The Hague (Den Haag) & Indo Food (Nom, nom) – Travel Pics

Time to hopefully NOT get lost.

I wanted STARBUCKS and FOOD.
Closest location: Den Haag.
(Crazy the mission one goes on to get JUST the right treat their heart desires.)

Made it. Snapped a pic to remember where we parked.

While aimlessly wandering having not a clue of what to eat
we stumble upon an Indonesian restaurant.
(I totally forgot my craving and desire earlier on in the week for Indonesian food.)
Life’s good.

Spicy fried rice. Just LOOK at those BEAUTIFUL peppers.

Beef rendang and pork.

LOVED this sink.

Le Throne.
One great appreciation I have, is the private toilets. I hate those swinging doors
with the free-for-view slits.
Privacy damnit! Is that so much to ask?

Cool little dolls accompanying our dining experience.

Gotta try the Indo beer. Pretty good.

Decided to wander some more.

Didn’t know what this was but we walked up on it. Through the tunnel and BANG.
Twas cool. Google searched and found out this is the Gevangenpoort Museum.
(in a 16th Century castle)

Awkwardly cute and disturbing.

Le Dessert.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Soy White Chocolate Mocha. Heaven.
And, of course…met SLAGROOM!
(with whipped cream)

Some random pics I took ages ago, here somewhere in Holland, just posting.
Hope you enjoyed.


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Medjugorje (Bosnia & Herzegovina) – Y’all ready for some apparitions?

I’m feeling lazy so here’s a copy and paste from Wikipedia:
Medjugorje is a town located in western Bosnia & Herzegovina, in the Herzegovina region around 25 km (16 mi) southwest of Mostar and close to the border of Croatia. Since 1981, it has become a popular site of religious pilgrimage due to reports of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local Catholics.

Father Jakov and I.
And no. During our introduction, I didn’t giggle…well, I did on the inside.

I actually ended up confessing to him. Like, an ALL out confession cuz I thought…
**meh** why not?
In the end, he couldn’t absolve my sins because I told him I sleep with women
and I wasn’t gonna change that.
He became “all about Cara” to “she’s troubled. I must pay (ha ha WHOOPS PRAY, PRAY – too much sex trafficking in my head) for her. Such a shame…
I really liked the sweet little asian before she turned into a lustful SINNING harlot!!!!!!”
Oh well, can’t please em all.

Sheep crossing.

My sweet Irishman Shane.

The Risen Christ. A statue made of bronze and copper that oozes an unexplained oily water like substance.

Visiting new friends at their little home.

After being around a buncha priests and holy folk, one is in need of a drink.

Viktor, owner of Viktor’s Restaurant.
He took a little likin’ to me, but I didn’t get a free drink or meal…so, fail buddy. Major fail!

Newbie friend Oliver who I think thinks he’s God’s gift to women.
I kid. I kid.

Again. NO. Just NO.
Where’s ma throne?

Enter the Holy Spirit…and DOWN YE GO!
For some reason I didn’t fall. Must have been the awesome traction in my sneakers.

I LOVE these stubbly little suckers. Saw them all over.

Me and a buncha priests.
Hmmmmmmmm. Movie set?

I have you under my spell. MUAHAHAHAA
Can you believe ALL THESE people, listened to lil ole me? HA HA
You shoulda seen the crowd OUTSIDE.
(They set up speakers for those who couldn’t fit in the church)

This guy shouldn’t be a priest. He needs to head over to Hollywood.

What? I was surrounded by priests and Catholics all day…
she was cute and, nice bod eh?!
She was a part of a tour team of equally yummy morsels.
“I’m lost…can you help me???”
Nah, I was good. I was surrounded by holiness. I can’t be the normal devil that I am!
Well, there was Marije.
(But we won’t mention her…her bible study group wouldn’t appreciate her extra-curricular activity)
I’m serious. A bible study chick. Ahhhh. Catholic girls.

(Anyone know a quicker way to upload pics…cuz OMG! I timed it, it takes AT least 10 secs to get a pic up
doesn’t sound like much, put one at a time is tedious shit! And, yeah…
shit’s feelin’ like work, and everyone knows…Cara don’t like WORK!)



Come and Czech THIS Out! Prague – Final Album

OMG. Didn’t sleep ONE wink last night. Not even a few minutes.
I was JUST about to attempt sleep at around 4AM, but then I got this message:
“Hi, I don’t know if you knew , mike passed away Thursday night.”

I tagged my buddy Mike in my last entry and a friend of his saw it and contacted me.
Needless to say, I wasn’t in the mood to sleep anymore.

That’s 2 people within the month.

Anyways…here are the final pics from my Prague trip.
I hope you enjoy.

Yeah, another hand job. My brother and I needed to eat and a place to stay…
so, a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do!

Followed the advise of good ole and tried out Mlejnice.

I had the beef goulash in a bread bowl.
Nom, nom, nom.
Very nice!!!!

A similar sign to what I call “Pedophile Zones” in Holland…
however, they actually give you a description in Prague.
“Pesi Zona” means Pedestrian Zone. See what clarity a few words can bring?

The Rudolfinum.

Some priests catchin’ a drag.

My TB. (Travel Buddy) makin’ an appearance.
Ain’t he just ADORABLE?!?!?!?!

While Ant was studying the map…I looked down to this peculiar stance.

I told him I don’t like the “tourist” look (as he pulled out the map)
so he snuck off in an alley way to try and study the map, undetected.

Right. After many a day feening for my Soy White Chocolate Mocha.
All it took was 4 days, 3 cities and 2 countries.

Thank you Schiphol Airport.


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Come and Czech THIS Out! Prague Album 2 (Still more on its way…)

First ever pic in documented history of me sitting on some chick’s face.
(at least the only one I know of)
The statue was smiling. Trust me on this one.


After feening for days in the Netherlands, getting to Schiphol LATE
(ahem…not mentioning any names)
so close yet so far…had to walk past my beloved Starbucks.
Ahhhh. Salvation at last in Prague!!!!
Yeah no. Cara ain’t that lucky. False advertisement. NO WHITE CHOCOLATE!
Talk about a bubble burster. Jeeeez.

But the chica under the green arrow was kinda cute, so softened the blow of disappointment.

Yeah yeah. Smile away fucker.
Anthony relishing in the fact that HE got what he wanted.

Look mom!!! I went to CHURCH! Well, close. I let Anthony go through the gates.
I’m still in fear of lightning striking me if I venture too close to holiness.

Czech Koruna.
(ha ha ha that song…ma ma ma my Sharona just popped into my head. ha ha Still laughing)

We (evil) capitalists support one another.
Go Ant!!!! Keep the circulation in motion!

Hit this hip little spot for din din the first night in.
(Oh, FYI…smoke, smoke, smoke! Eating out in the Czech Rep. makes you feel like you’ve been clubbing all night)
Didn’t want to risk NOT having anything to eat after a long day.
“HI” to the cutie Katie that served us.

MmmmmmmmMmmmmm good. Food wasn’t that bad either.

This was the restaurant we were SUPPOSED to go to and that was recommended by the hotel.
However, we chickened out and hopped in to the other restaurant instead cuz we couldn’t find it.
(Which we later discovered was just one block down from where we were)

OMG. Looks sooooooooo good.
Ant…we must go back!
Indy, coming?!!!?

First thing that came to mind is “helicopter”
Ready for take off?

This is a close up view of the barred section of above pic.
Creepy much?

Similar to the design I had in my head for the wall around my future house.
The “commune” that Indy’s waiting for.
Once I get all this travel over and done with, I’mma start building my own slice of heaven
so that “my” world can start coming to me.
Mi casa es tu casa!!!

Happy Anthony!!!
(inside joke)
Oh, you don’t get it? Must mean you are on the OUTSIDE!

Sweet installation. Gave me a cool idea for more designs in my future estate.
However, no photos allowed inside and even though I could’ve snuck one…
I do respect rules from time to time.

I’ve still got a bootyliscious ass load of pics to go…
and I ain’t about to stay in a do more now or I’ll go stir crazy!!!!
so ta ta for now.

I hope you enjoyed and I made you smile, or better yet crack the fuck up.


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Come and Czech THIS Out! Prague Album 1 (To be continued…)

Waiting for train. Rotterdam Centraal.

This should actually say:
“Pay attention to your departure gate.”
I allowed Anthony to lead the way. The “way” turned out to be the line to Milan!
Had to book it, Bahamian track star-style speed, to M7.

OMG. Never again! Since it was very last minute (1-2AM booking for a flight out that very same day. I had to wait on Ant to confirm his “greenlight”)
prices shot up and a lot of the favorable options weren’t available.
So, had to settle for EasyJet or pay $600+ which was NOT going to happen!

To describe the experience in 4 words:
A herd of livestock.

Hello Kitty!

Wait, I thought we just left Amsterdam?

At first, Ant and I were like: “OMG, snow!”
It was the ice from the fish display at the sushi restaurant.

Food you can SEE! What a concept!

I liked her outfit.
The curves ain’t bad either…

Let’s take a closer look.

GINORMOUS sign book at the hotel.

We were thinking of daddy Rick.
There you go, your beloved Thai massage!

I call this: “Too Much Party”

Ha ha Whoops. Left doors open. Walked into North Pole like conditions.
Sorry Ant!

Ant being his DUTCH self.

I don’t like this ice formation.
Makes sipping up every last drop a mission!

Mustard anyone?

I LOVE this thing!
Čekejte means “wait.”
The light comes on when you push the button.
As I said before, I LOVE LIGHTS!!!!!
(The raver in me will never die.)
So, this was the first item to tickle my fancy upon arrival.

Just me, giving out a little hand job.
Hey…how else you think I travel so much?!?!!

Abandoned sock on building’s ledge.

Apparently picking up dog shit isn’t a requirement here.


That’s it for this entry.
A ton more pics on the way…but I thought I’d spoil you with another taste.
Mmmmm. Yeah baby. I know you like!