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Et Voilà! For you…madame. Your animated .gif

I always take the piss that my friend Diana lives in the forest.
Well, today…she tagged me in her new FB Cover Photo and said:
“Cara I had to add a pic of my place. This is what a house with internet looks like in the middle of the woods.”

One of my last comments:
“Just stopping by, to lose myself in the internet forest while I have some awesomely sweet chill out music piping through the speakers. Ahhhhhhh. We need to animate it. Make it truly sparkle!
‎(Maybe I can make it into some kind of animated .gif? Right. I HAVE a mission!) :P”

And well, here we are.

Yay! Didn’t know it was so damn easy. Nor did I know you could animate in Photoshop!
Cool beans.
I love adding new wrinkles to my brain.
Thank you for all the inspirations Diana…guess you’ve become my muse as well.
Touché to balance!!!

Click this video so you can get the entire experience. Then scroll down to the animation.

You have to CLICK the picture below.
The animation doesn’t just roll of the page. Dunno why and NOT about to go on THAT
mission right now. Open up another browser so you can hear the music.
You MUST wrap yourself in the ENTIRE experience!


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