If Idiots Ruled the World…Oh wait, they kinda do.

08 Apr

I might just have to start a series of these entries.
Cuz, things are getting a little too outta hand here. Not because of these “leaders” that
are popping up, but (SHOCKINGLY SO) because of the people who actually FOLLOW THEM!

Meet Rev Anthony Clark.
Handsome, no?

He says, WOMEN should NOT wear pants.

He asked how women could be spiritual when they are wearing pants as it touches their private parts.

First, why in the HELL is he even THINKING about women’s privates
when the thought of pants come up? He must have some camel toe fantasy running through
his damn head.

Underwear touches privates. Want women to STOP wearing those too?

We should all go to church NAKED then. The way “GOD” intended.
(An argument I had with my mom once when she disapproved of my track pants,
sneakers and baby-t outfit on one of the LAST times I went.)

“As a result, women, in their surge to become equal to men and supported by the United Nations recent declaration of Women’s Day on Friday 9th March, 2012, there is a continued erosion of self-esteem and confidence of men in the society,” Clarke said.

So, WOMEN wanting EQUAL rights, is a bad thing because it shatters men’s self-esteem and confidence?
WHAT?!?!?!! Are you fuckin’ as STUPID as you look Rev?
So, all the knocked down self-esteem, self-worth, control and abuse MEN have dished out onto women
all these years, is what???

“This has led to an increase in the divorce rate and the falling away of the family unit as we once know it.”

Man. You just LOST. (Not bad English, when I get worked up, my Bahamian comes out.)
Women are rising above being slaves and ragdolls to men by gaining their own independence.
If this means the RISING of divorce rates because they aren’t going to sit, silently and idly by…then so be it.
Religions have been and are currently using “GOD” to maintain men’s superiority over women.
Women, especially…
y’all better just wake up and open your eyes.

Men will always try an hover over us, because…deep down
they know we’re better.


C’mon ladies, let’s show ’em who’s BOSS!


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