What are YOU made of???

07 Apr

‘Bout to head out to Den Haag (The Hague) on a Starbucks mission, lunch and just…whatever floats by.
Looked down at my shirt just now and spotted this:



I liked the cut and the shirt instantly caught my attention (not its contents). I needed some new threads.
My packing, or shall I say last-minute-lack-thereof, before I came to Europe was
quick…basically non-existent (besides socks and underwear)
so needed to plump up the wardrobe lest I walk around naked or
in dirty clothes.

In Mexico or somewhere warm, I might have been able to pull off the prior


Tiz COLD out dere!
Picked it up at the Sting.

Cool store. I can run in and run out with some nice stuff.
NO stress.
I hate shopping so it’s a great hit and run store.

Right. I’m OFF!!!!!!
Adios muchachos!



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