“the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”

05 Apr

How many of you would describe YOUR love as such?
I “love” this definition, because it pinpoints exactly how I feel and what I mean
when I tell someone I love them.

“I love you”

those three words, to me, mean:
(when I say it)

I will do anything within my power, to be there to any extent in which you may ever need me.
You are, exactly as I desire you. Nothing more, nothing less, in every minute and at every turn.
I appreciate the person that you are.
Your heart, is golden.
Your happiness and well-being is always my concern.
Get on my back, I rise, you rise.
You are important to me.
You are AWESOME!
My shoulders are here for you to lean on, always.
To betray you, would be like stabbing myself, because you are now a part of me.
Thank you, for being you and enriching my life while doing so.
If you are sad or in pain, so am I.
My world, is yours because it’s now ours.

I think Paris Hilton really kicked it off, or at least made it ULTRA trendy to just spit out
“Love you!”

Most people who just throw around these words are too toxically in love with
themselves to even know what it truly is to love someone.

Love is almost always confused with:

None of these exist within love.
To love, is to let go.
Love is freedom.
To love is to nurture not suffocate.
Love is respect.
To love is to embrace not segregate.
To love is to want the best for someone not just what’s best for you.
Love is understanding.
To love is to look beyond yourself and your wants to truly focus on another.
Love is gentleness not aggression.
Love never lives in your loins.

Love is powerful.

The wolf that hides behind the sheep of false love…

is what destroys.


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