What is the MOST important thing in life? – DESIRE

04 Apr

“You can achieve anything you want, all you need…is to desire it.”
To CRAVE for something.
To want for something.
To YEARN and…
LONG for.

With a line like that, you know you’ve got a great movie.
1 out of 4 movies I watched yesterday.
Yes, I’m still in my Batbitch Cave.
Silence. Mute. Zoned.

Starring Eva Green. Great movie, a little on the disturbing side…
but what great girl’s boarding school movie isn’t?

The Terminal (Tom Hanks) Awesome movie. Cute. Only saw posters when it came out, never saw an
actual trailer, if I did, I wouldn’t have taken so long to watch it.

After Sex. Entertaining. Simple. And a kinda girl scene between Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana. More people.
We needed MORE.

The Beach. Watched it before, but a friend I met in Mexico is moving from Mexico to NYC…
She said she needed a change, to start anew and experience anything that strikes her curiosity.
I asked what happened, she said, “Just think of the movie, The Beach.” Hmmmmmm.
Hope she didn’t get doped up, go crazy and kill somebody.

Was re-introduced to this yummy morsel.

Virginie Ledoyen, who, surprisingly enough looks like my Mexican friend. I’ll grab some pics once I decide to re-enter
the world of Facebook.

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