De-Virginizing Illustrator

04 Apr

A quickie.
Plonkin’ around for a quick 10-15 min sketch.
Didn’t really time, all I know is I ended at 11:14AM.
(Mom’s bday)

Not usually what I’d post, but I’ve never used Illustrator before and I haven’t sketched…
God. In who knows how long.
10 years?

I’m not understanding the tools, used the brush one for this as it seemed to be the
only semi-free flowing tool. Guess in time, if I start dedicating myself to it
I’ll figure out the ins and outs so I can actually produce something worthy
and not so damn frustrating. I’m so used to using real pens.
Sketch woulda been so much quicker, but tool seems to have a mind of its own?
Any tips will be GREATLY appreciated!

As in life, will learn to re-adjust to the present.


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Posted by on April 4, 2012 in Art, Technology


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