842K – Downloading a Smile. My Pretty (lil) Woman.

02 Apr

Got this in my email account today. I’m hardly in there. I correspond mainly through Facebook.
(business and personal)
But…ahhhhh. What a nice surprise.

I bought this jacket back in November or so when I went to Dubai.
However, there were no cold fronts during the winter months in the Bahamas so she was unable to use it…
until recently.

So, her mommy took a pic for me.
Woulda liked a nice, “happy face” but the hoodie attitude works too.

“Yo, wassup?”
She’s feelin’ the jacket.

I needed new sneakers

So thought my babygirl should be a lil Adidas girl too.

Spotted this store.

And saw this cute dress and jacket.

The dress instantly reminded me of Julia Robert’s dress in Pretty Woman.

cuz I want her to grow up to be THIS Julia

and NOT this one.

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Posted by on April 2, 2012 in Beauty, Fashion, Photography, Pictures


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