Disappointments, that Inspire

31 Mar

I’ve been in a zone for the last couple of days. Staying mainly inside myself.
In my head. Not really saying much and not wanting any other energy around me but my own.
Today, I went through my friend list on Facebook.
Since I’m in Holland I wanted to tag people, time appropriately for the early AM hours.
I haven’t been down my friend list in a while. When I had more time and energy…
I’d periodically go through it so I’d remember people and write to them if I hadn’t heard from them in
a while. I don’t want people to feel forgotten or unimportant.

 However, with all the traveling, the list just grows and becomes quite overwhelming.
Anyhow…what’s COOL about Facebook now is people that DELETE you or put their accounts on hold
are shown.
I love that, cuz if someone removes themselves, I want to know WHO it is.
Ya know?

I’m very vocal on FB. I speak my mind and my actions (what I’m doing at the moment)
which is mostly for entertainment, but some tight-asses take it to offense.

Sometimes it’s too much for people to stomach, but it’s kinda sad though.
Cuz, it’s ME!
So, if you aren’t accepting what I write or say, then you don’t except/appreciate me…
and that “kinda” hurts?

But whatever, I can’t let that get me down. It’s just rather, “blah” cuz I love and see the brightness in all
of my friends and see our differences as a part of us being individuals.
And you know what? The friends that I’ve lost along the years, through stupid Facebook…ha ha ha
are the ones I’ve known the longest, but who…I guess, never knew the real me?
Or have never had it IN their FACE as loudly as Facebook can provide.

It also gets to me, that the sexy bikini pics and sexual matter I post gets SOOOOO much more attention
then when I put my time, heart and soul into entries that I feel can “make a difference”
or  “educate.”

Anyways…that entire SPIEL was to explain my status update for today.

I also saw new pics of someone who came off as so amazing, in heart and beauty
who now, is a fraction of the beauty I saw in her, cuz of the inside I’ve discovered.
Crazy how someone can go from a 9 to 3 after you get a taste/knowledge of their rotting cores.

I have many model friends/acquaintances/beautiful people in my life.
I find it sick how just because of the package on the outside, people are willing to over look things and
bend over backwards for someone.

And, the opposite…as well. If a person sees a bum, or someone fat, or someone ugly…
they outcast them. They don’t allow the time to see what’s on the inside.
EVERYONE has a story.
EVERYONE has some kind of struggle…whether small or large…

and I feel a lot is lost by just using ones eye to see the shell and not the soul.

Or in my case, the silliness and playfulness (what some deem as immaturity) before the message and the heart.
There’s so many depressing things in life, I’m sorry if I try to make the light of what I can and LAUGH!

OK. I’m going to shut up now.

My status:

If the majority of the world would take the time to see beyond the surface, instead of losing themselves solely in what’s before them…they’d see the poison in some of its flowers and the beauty in some of its thorns. Open your eyes and don’t get lost in the mirage. You’d be surprised at what’s really there.


Posted by on March 31, 2012 in Beauty, Hate, Humanity, Injustice, Life, Love


2 responses to “Disappointments, that Inspire

  1. modastarfashion

    March 31, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    Fuck em if they can’t take a joke. 🙂


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