I hope I don’t make Brad (Sony Rep) blush…

27 Mar

but if he were RIGHT here in front of me…I’d so DROP to my knees and give him a blowjob
and LOVE IT!
Everyone that knows me…knows


THAT act is always 10 billions miles past a MIRACLE!!!
Ewww. Just EWWWWWWW!!!!

But I’m just feeling THAT GOOD! After all these days of back and forths…
(Apparently, demand outweighs the speed at which they can produce these fuckers!!!)
nice to be able to solidify something.
Twas an awesome experience. Sony ROCKS! He said that they pride themselves
on good customer service experiences, etc.

And I gotta say, “HE AIN’T LYING!!!!!”

One thing is, I gotta go back to the US to pick it up.

BUT, I shall have it in time for my Eastern European TAKE DOWN
(gotta be nimble…may have to run away from angered pimps and johns, etc)
I can unload my Nikon behemoths back home along
with a buncha winter shit I’ve been lugging around with me.


** I can see her smiling right now **
I’m GOING HOME (Bahamas) to surprise my baby for her bday.

Well, I guess the surprise is here.

There you go baby, I just wanted to hit two birds with one stone and I got it!
I be coming HOME!
I wanted to save it til the 20th, but I’m just to PUMPED the fuck up!


((Yes baby…8,000 miles back and forth…just for you))
DAYM. I don’t even think any of my gfs had it so good.

(And Brad, since it’s against company policy for YOU to give me your email and YOU to write down my contacts…
I sure hope you found your way here. And if you did, leave a comment. I’d love to hear back from ya!!!!)

** And, ummmm, yeah. That blowjob was in the moment. It can’t be collected later. Just sayin. **


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