Dentists, Poppin’ Cherries, IKEA, Mini Heartattacks and Being Blessed with Unlucky 13s….

15 Mar

First stop.
Dentist! Needed to get the tooth I had fixed during my last visit to Holland
which I had fixed previously in the Dominican Republic
which was initially fixed in the Bahamas
which I broke on a hard piece of bread on an Emirates flight to Dubai.

Dear. What a tooth!

 I had the dentist in stitches. I forgot his name and may have misplaced his business card.
**shocker, yes, I know**
Me. Losing something!
We’re supposed to go and grab some din din one of these nights.
Kewl guy.
Dental assistant is named Branka. I know…cuz I plugged it into my iPod.
Her brother happens to be a pilot for Emirates!
When I walked in the dentist was excited to see me saying he missed me.
He said, “I wish all my patients came in so happy and smiley.”

It was the most awesome dental visit ever.
Anthony “escorted” me and while my mouth was occupied by hands, water and dental tools
my brother discussed the situations in Somalia (where my dentist is from)
and the rest of Africa.

We then went on to discuss travel and Colombia and how Colombia
was rated as having some of the world’s happiest people…even though they’ve lived tough lives
and has one of the highest murder rates.

We discussed how Africans are happy as well.
(for the most part, obviously not the ones being tortured)
This has been a pretty constant observation in my life.
Those with less, being more giving and happy.
Unlike those with MILLIONS who are all depressed and alcoholics.

TRUST me. I know A TON of people and are close to the majority of them
OF ALL walks. Famous, infamous, rich, poor, beautiful and the ugly.

I have a lot of free time on my hands to observe and get to know people faster and more one on one than most.
All one truly needs is a roof over there head, health, food, family/friends and a positive attitude.
Once you’ve got that, your battle’s basically won…
it’s your wants/desires which begin to bring you down.

If your NEEDS are met, there’s really no reason for sadness and discontentment with life.

Trains, buses and feet.

Yes. There’s actually a bus that takes you TO Ikea!

Bicycle anyone? They are in short supply here in the Netherlands.

The Land of the Swedish Gods! Or, at least, their furniture.
De-virginizing myself of the Ikea experience.

A Citroen. It stood out. Snapped a pic.
That is all.

OMG. Comforts to DIE FOR!
When I die, I want my coffin to be cushioned with this!

The full frontal.
Had to show you the masterpiece I’ll eventually place in my house…
once I stop traveling.
Chaise lounge. Such a fancy way to say, “long chair” huh?
Ahhhh. The French! Always classin’ up things…
(well besides underarms)

I found a bed to match my sneakers.

Now you can shit and fold your laundry without the need of a basket!

I refrained.
Can you imagine?!?!?!
Detox still a success!

(pronounced “schla-home…with a rough throatyness with the “h”)
One of my first dutch words.
Whipped Cream.
I don’t know why everyone pegs me for “kinky” because of that.

I suddenly have the urge to sing the Swedish National Anthem.
(mini flag)
Didn’t see what was so special about the damn meatballs.
My Swedish friend Dennis kept on going on and on about how he missed
them when we were on a trip to Nevada last year.

Maybe these aren’t “authentic” enough.
What say YOU Dennis?

Tray conveyor belt.

So, after eating, I noticed I felt a little lighter.

My camera!!!! Not in pocket 1, 2 or 3!
Zipped quickly around the store to our spots…especially ones I decided to lay in.
No luck. Then went to customer service. (klatenservice)
Woman looked at me like I was stupid when I asked her to call security to see if
anyone turned in a camera…
Probably thinking what in the hell was I doing with a camera in Ikea.
I need to tattoo blogger on my forehead or something.

 While waiting, I looked down at my service number

What does 5+5+3 = ?

Remember? It’s my new lucky number.
The number that just keeps on popping up and to which since January 13th I have a very big connection with.

13 when I was uploading the number 13 into my blog yesterday.

Anthony thinks me crazy…and I reminded him of the movie 23 with Jim Carey
which is downloading as we speak on iTunes!
Yes, I’m paying for something. I don’t feel like hassling about the internet only to save a few bucks.


Anthony thought it a lost cause…but when I added up my digits, I was like
they’re gonna have the camera.

HAPPY CARA!!!!!!!!!!
I wasn’t actually too bummed about losing the camera cuz after leaving the hotel
I realized I didn’t have a memory card in it.
The MEMORY CARD is what would have killed it for me.
The camera’s replaceable.

Also turned in was my VC lipgloss and train ticket.

Guess I get a little too overly excited whenever I’m in or around beds.

Anthony, you aren’t going to believe this!
Look. I fucking TOOK a picture of the shit! Crazy, huh?
Man, imagine how I woulda felt if I didn’t get it back and then saw this later?
I’m blessed. LUCK is truly on my side with this unlucky combo of digits.

And GUESS who’s NOT complaining!

These gave me an orphanage feel.
Or halfway house.

Ah. The best top off to a long, no sleep, emotionally rollercoastered ride of a day.

Thumb up! Life’s GOOD MAN!
Kristi, this last pic’s for my girls. Show em I’m thinking about em!!!!!

Finally done. I swear, I can’t wait til this 365 days are over!
I’m ready to retire!

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