I Dim U Dim We ALL Dim for Sum!!!!!!!!!!

13 Mar

My refuge from the prison of blandness around me.

I don’t think I’ve eaten so much ASIAN in my life!
(Food, that is)

One of my amazing gifts of a friend here in Holland and her momma.
She surprised me with the white goodie bottle.
White Chocolate Liquor!!
I feewl so spwecial!
Thanks again lovely!

Reasons why, a simple STEAK and potatoes just doesn’t do it for me.
Nor does just one person.
(oh I joke)

I’ve been cursed with variety and multiple selections since birth!

Took this pic for my mom.
Who suffers from the asian limits of the Bahamas.

Glasses I found on my walk to the parking garage.

Little light I found a little further down same path.
(My mind-control, anti-sleep device implanted in my skull by aliens)

The picture Chu Yun calls “My mom at work.”

Guess what I’ve got!

Yeah, saw spoons in a window in Prague.
(I suffered the humiliation of “tourist-type” behavior, walked in and picked up another spoon for you!
Holland and the Czech Republic.
Mandy, you will forever be my spoon lady now.
So…sit tight. I have more countries to go. By the time I make it back stateside…
I may need a forklift to pick up the box of em!

Whenever anyone places “EXPECTATIONS” on me…
they usually lose out…so, take this as your blessing, for just being YOU!
Mandy’s a Facebook friend who I met when the Graffiti app was all the rage.
(she’s a great artist)

Here are some cool samples…

She mentioned how she collects these tourist spoons
while I was in the Schiphol airport…
so I checked to see if any were there.
And voila.

Got her one.
Now…it seems wherever I go, I’ll forever grab up a spoon for my buddy who I have yet to meet in person.

When some of my past gfs, got too “comfy” with the way I spoil and “take care” of them…
and begin to “expect” things and fall into the revolting realms of “entitlement”

they’d soon enough get the bitch slap wake up call of:

Yeah, bitch.
**yanking rug up from under them**
There. Feel that nice, hard ground? Stay there…cuz that’s where you belong.

**Beware, niceness can easily create MONSTERS out of seemingly sweet individuals…or
maybe it just brings out what was there all along!?**

What say you?

The world belongs to those that don’t even know how much they deserve it.
And remember, when I bring you into MY world…

I can also, very swiftly, kick you the fuck out.
Happy 13th folks!



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