If you look hard enough, the beauty in the world disappears and becomes darkness.

07 Mar

So should we stay in ignorance?

In a world where marital rape/spousal rape (non-consensual FORCED SEX) is still legal and illegal but tolerated and accepted as a husband’s right…how are we ever going to change the sick and twisted world around us involving the sexual exploitation and abuse of women and children by men?

RESPECT. How can a person treat another like a toy? An inanimate object without feelings?

A long term cure is to flip the switch on what is tolerated. Start in the homes and schools, kill the ignorance that has been carried and passed down from generation to generation. However, to have that…we must also have government cooperation.

Well, guess who heads most governments?


I’ve said it before, and I’ve said it again…the biggest blessing to the world, would be to destroy it. In your “safe” little homes, on your comfy little couches and with all the new technological and material distractions…

most of you experience compassion for the world outside of you, in the moments you are exposed to it, but like a light switch, once the movie/documentary/news report is over, you are back to your bubbled lives living each day without remembering the darkness of so many.

Eastern Europe and Scandinavia made spousal rape illegal before 1970. Other countries that outlawed it, did it much later. Some as late as the 2000s. So imagine what a long road ahead we have. Actually, don’t. Cuz it’s a dark one with not an ounce of light in sight and I wouldn’t want to invite you into the ever-growing realm of indescribable, depressing and monstrous human behavior to where once you begin digging into it, the more shit begins to unearth and will eventually consume you like tidal waves drowning the small particles of good you see, and replacing the filter you see the world with the reality of humankind (human “kind” ironic) as we know it.

I wish I had a magic wand so I could flip the proportions of good and evil around us. At least the simple thought gives me a few minutes to smile and lose myself in the possibilities. Gotta grab “light” from wherever you can man!

It saddens me to report, that the country I am from…the SELF-PROCLAIMED Christian Nation of the Bahamas criminalizes spousal rape BUT ONLY when the couple is separated.

Currently there are still 32 countries in which marital rape is NOT a criminal offense.

That’s almost 20% of the world’s countries where women are seen as mere property for the gratification of men. No rights and no repercussions for abuse. LOVELY.

Around the world, BASIC human rights of women and children are mere ghosts. Absent. Sex slavery, child pornography and the child sex trade is so rampant, it would shock you to know the amount of men privy and active to these types of industries.

Thank God I have so many wonderful men in my life, because without them…I’d hate men as a WHOLE. One of my pet peeves is someone lacking control. In this instance it’s the lack of control these men have in regards to their PECKERS to where they have to succumb to the abuse and purchase of individuals for sexual gratification…WELL knowing the illegalities of the situation.

I’m ALL about freedom and happiness. I make sure push and snap friends out of situations that drain them and leave them living life under their full potential. It’s just not right to take away “life” from a person. Living, is sometimes, in itself a struggle let alone these FUCKERS feeding such low, selfish and despicable lifestyles.

The population of the Bahamas is around 350,000.

Millions of women and children are trafficked around the world per year.

That means, I can take the population of my ENTIRE country and not even produce 25% of the actual victims taken for the mere (ab)use of their bodies for the financial gain of other’s and TOO MANY revolting pleasures of thousands of men.

These people need to be wiped off the earth like the vermin that they are. They are walking diseases. Unnecessary bodies of flesh taking up precious space and sucking up are glorious oxygen. Why are we spending so much on space exploration, wars and technology when we have such a monolithic “plague” destroying so many precious lives?

I guess the eradication of human suffering, just ain’t profitable enough.


Everyone can do something. You don’t have to throw out cash. Start within your home; especially if you have kids. Teach girls to respect themselves and to know they are NOT rugs to be trampled on, used and pushed around. Teach boys to love, cherish and respect others. Spark love not hate within our youth. Not separation, “ownership” and dominance between genders.

It saddens me that the battle today, is such a hopeless one. Yet, the future doesn’t have to be.

Work on making a difference, every day by the way you approach and influence the world.

–          Cara xoxo

Check out this documentary done by Journeyman on the sex trade in Cambodia.
I’ve kept it on loop for a while today.
“Stolen Innocence”

I plan on heading out to Cambodia later on this year.
I wish I could just go “ninja” over there, stalk these sick bastards, sneak up on them and slit all their throats.
Me? issues? Nah……..


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