When Life Beats You Down, DRINK!

06 Mar

So. Ever since I arrived here in Holland I have been on a phenomenal high.
Glorified’n’extended manic episode?
Well, it got a little knocked yesterday. Yesterday was the first day in a week where
I was…sad.

Sad, with a heavy heart and knotted mind.

Amazing how shit like that just zaps your energy and your being.
The happiness of the ones around me is directly related to my actions and contentment with life
and I have a friend that’s going through a lot of shit at the moment and there’s nothing I can do about it
and that kills me.

I don’t know where I get this “Mother Teresa” shit from.

I seriously feel I was born to “save” cuz it just comes naturally.
To bring happiness, hope, justice and strength to the ones around me
is not a decision, it’s more like breathing.
A must.
My favorite accolade to date, is an award I won, year after year when I was little.
“Friendliest Student Award.”

 ha ha ha

I don’t remember what made me so damn friendly I got awards for it…
I just have the certificates to prove it ever happened.

Had plans with my friend from See Me See You
and invited the boys to tag along.
While waiting for her to pick us up, I had a Bloody Mary.
Too much blood and not enough Mary.

Seriously though, tasted like luke warm tomato juice.
Wonder if he forgot the vodka?
Thank God for the shrimp/prawn crackers…
they helped bring a little joy to my moment
while my beverage lacked its luster and left much to be desired.

She took us to an sushi restaurant she used to work at.
Presenting the successful “picture dodge!”

Made me think of my momma…cuz she loves squid.
(Daddy too)

Anthony had a friend in his coffee.
Apparently, he was down in the dumps too.
Or, maybe this was just my reflection.

Hit up Bed Rotterdam afterwards and got me a port.
(Dunno why it’s called Bed cuz there wasn’t one in sight. Cock tease of a title!)
Closed that bar down and ended the night at Coconuts.
(At least I think that’s where we were. NO I wasn’t too wasted to remember…)

At the end of the night, me and my “brother” Anthony got some much needed talk time in
and the dark cloud that hovered over me for most of the day
floated away.


I increased my sleep time by 30mins last night.
Or, should I say, this morning.

2.5 hours sleep. I feel the difference!
I know, for the most part, why the extra NO sleep.
It’s cuz I wanna be around and chat up my folk in the US…
and also be around for the folk around me, here in Holland.

So…what does one do?
Keep chuggin’ til ya can’t chug no more I guess!!!!!

Chooooooo chooooooooooooooo!!!
Gotta keep the train on the tracks and moving as long as the steam is available!
My friend Desda says, I can’t be human.

I’m starting to believe, maybe she’s on to something!


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