Strippers, alcohol, insomnia, the devil…and chicken?

04 Mar

Stats at 4:30am yesterday.

My dear, sweet, amazing friend…who’s wife’s getting in the way of our friendship…

Got these for me, for Christmas.
Just getting them now. SOMEBODY who was “HOLDING” them for me…
drank one.


But funny. Cuz he’s a lightweight, drank one of the golds (9.4%)
and was like, OMG. Those are TOO strong.
Grow some BALLS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And to the “other” one…thanks for the prezzies and I miss you)

Was looking online to order some grub…
and got a chuckle outta this.

I tell ya.
Only in the Netherlands can you order up chicken to come to your room and strip.

34 mins ago, I had the HARSHEST craving for my Starbucks Soy White Chocolate Mocha add whip and cinnamon. Like, deathly I’mma pop outta my skin and decapitate someone.
Possibly even a PUPPY if one so crossed my path.

 Well, ok. Not the puppy.

I haven’t had a desire like that, in possibly EVER!
Probably cuz what I want is usually always accessible.
That’s one biggy I’ve had to get used to here in Holland.
Shit closing…and shit I just can’t get.

A true test of strength.
I tell ya!

After freaking out, asking around for another type of coffee shop opened late…
contemplating an hour mission via trams and trains to Schiphol airport (but found out that one closes at 10pm)

 and taking into serious consideration, a possible flight to NYC…
I’m not a Starbucks addict, in the least. It’s more like a little treat I find myself wanting every
now and again. This was just a random…mouthwatering just by the thought…
I WANT moment.

I’ve decided, Baileys, while not the same
would quench this crack-like desire.

Heading down to the bar!
Cheers all.

Cheers to satisfaction.
Ahhhh. To smile again.


(And yes, I know what you are thinking…coffee…for the insomniac. I’m wise and intelligent, but I never said I don’t make idiotic decisions.)


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