Now…THAT’S what I call ART!

03 Mar

Clip from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
and the bike that inspired this entry.

Those tires excite me to the point of ovulation.
Nice, rugged and chunky.
Bike, overall…two thumbs up!

I never really paid any mind to these kinda bikes (apparently, cafe racers? Please correct me if I’m wrong)
…but it looks like a fun, zippy
light ride.

Yes please!

I know, I know.
You just creamed yourself. It’s understandable.

THIS, out of ALL on this page…is something I’d DEFINITELY like to add to the collection.
It’s so sexy, it hurts. Seriously. I wanna rip outta my skin and turn into cyberwaves just so I can merge with this sucker staring at me behind the glass screen of my laptop.
Come to momma baby.
Let me wax you down and rub you GOOD!

Hell. Who’s kidding? I want them all!!!

My friend John’s Bultacco.
Just recently added this addition to his house.
Gotta appreciate one who mounts a motorbike on his wall.
I don’t know what the count is now…but the man had about 100 bikes when I saw him last in California.
Me? Envious?!!?!?!?
Not a cheap collection either. Got a buncha Ducs (Ducatis) too.


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