Neder Nederland. Rotterdam delights………and then some.

02 Mar

That’s the first name that popped up when we saw this store.

I dunno, maybe YOU can tell US.

The sign caught my attention.
Me likey.

ha ha Just realized I have that brand of lube (blue bottle) in my bathroom medicine cabinet.
Where’d it come from?
And if I’ve ever used it or anything…is a mystery.
Same for random underwear and clothes that just “show up.”
(I should really start backing off on the partying. Blackouts make you miss all the fun.)

For real. Like, the mannequin works in conjunction with the shirt.
There were “non-brother” mannequins in there as well.

Shabu Shabu.
We had it in our plans to eat there last night…
however, jammed packed as always.
Like, daym. What’s so special??
Made a reservation yesterday for today…
There’s actually a time limit to stay.
(2 hours)
Will report (if found) what magical elements make this place so desirable.

Hit up one of Ant and I’s favorite little spots.
(Caffe Italia)
It’s really nice, when the weather permits, for an al fresco dining experience.
Good people watching spot…
and ORGASMIC carpaccio.

I like the pic on the menu, hence the photo.

Nice little touch.
LOVE the knife.
Almost makes me wanna ORDER pizza.
(Stole this from Rick so I could snap a shot)
**Mental note: Bring a purse/bag next time so I can swipe one**
I kid.

That’d be stealing.

Didn’t know what this was.
Didn’t feel like asking…but I liked the building.
Lights are my fav. Blue light? Even better.
(I point the finger to the raver chick still trapped inside me)

Asked a Dutch friend today about it though…
and it’s apparently a theater for student productions.
I’ll look it up later.
Right now…
I’m HUNGRY!!!!

Gonna go grab some lunch.
Running on 2 hours sleep today and have dinner and a movie planned.
Uh oh.

It may be nap time in the movie theater…
however, I’m feelin’ pretty pumped.

So who knows?

I have the rest of my life to sleep.




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