Rotterdam Therapy, Pedophile Zones, Yummy Thai food and Amazing People

01 Mar

My friend Rick was caught in a rather sudden and out-of-the-blue verbal confrontation
yesterday. It was like something got lost in translation and was blown WAY out of proportion.
He kept his cool though…(good boy, learning the way of the Cara).
As I watched him remain calm, even give the guy space to see the error of his ways
and back down…
I felt like a parent watching their child mature into a fine gentleman.

I knew it took a lot outta him, so I already had it set in my mind that we were going to head out
to get some grub and more importantly…

When I see these signs I think
“Pedophile Zone”

THIS sign, is on the SAME post but on the opposite side.
No Pedophile Zone.

If these signs mean hold your child’s hands…
I wanna know WHY the no holding child hands sign is on the side with the train tracks?
Explanations anyone?

Awesome find!
Electric stair lift!!!!
Instantly reminded me of the Gremlins movie.

Mmmmmmm. Best Thai restaurant in Rotterdam.
See You See Me.

Much deserved. Cheers!

I didn’t even have time to fully remove my coat when I hear:
I was like, “Who’s a callin??”
I came to this restaurant 2 times within the 5 months (on and off) I was here last year
so that my name was remembered and with such enthusiasm caught me off guard.
I was like, “AWWWWW. You remember my name!”

Awesome chica. Such a vibrant, sharp and bubbly attitude.
We’re meeting up on Monday.
Her instant hit list:
Sushi, wine bar (my suggestion as she’s taking a sommelier course) and lounge.
She’s gonna pick me up at the hotel and said there’s extra space in the car if I wanted to invite
other friends.

So, Ant and Rick.
You be mine Monday.

She gave us a grapefruit shot concoction, on the house.
How awesome is my life?

My girl hooked me UP with the hot sauce.
They usually bring it in smaller dishes, but she remembered how much I use.

This is what she wrote to me later on that night…
“Yeahh!! When i see you i automatically go: INEED2STUFF HER WITH PEPPERZ!!! ;)”
I love being taken care of and spoiled!

People are always commenting on how they don’t know how I do it.
(my life and all the traveling, etc)

Well, my one tip…beyond anything would be
Be nice.
Don’t be dorky, desperate, overly I-need-friends nice or fake.
Be genuine and open and you’d be astonished at everything that will place itself before you.

Everytime I post how much I LOVE my MAGIC BULLET…
I get pervy comments on my Facebook.
THIS, my friends…is my Magic Bullet.
Just stocked the mini fridge up.
2012, bringing healthy back.

Smoothie ingredients and insomnia snacks.

Looked on the table today and saw “13” on the notepad.
Weird, I don’t remember writing anything…
Even stranger that that number just recently has a very special meaning AND is my newly adopted lucky digits.

And yes, I’ve just given up where I am…
but ahhhh. Whatever. There aren’t any crazy stalkers in Holland…RIGHT??!?!?!?!

Yeah, that just doesn’t look right.
Lotion spillage that landed on my shoe.

Bringin’ back the classics.
Electric stair scene from the Gremlins movie.

It took me a VERY long time to accept the fact that I couldn’t obtain a Mogwai of my own.
Gizmo’s the shit…and so adorable it hurts.
I better not fester on it, or I’mma go through a depression again cuz I can’t have one.


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