No Wonder My Laptops Don’t Make it Past a Year…OVERLOAD!!

01 Mar

Searching for video to make a new 2011-2012 world travel compilation
and Mmmmmmmm. Found some fun stuff.
ha ha ha

Time whisks by and ya kinda forget some of the “precious” moments.

These are the PG-13 pics.
My favorite part of a woman is her back.
Back…but I’m sure that’s not what you are looking at in this pic.

Awwwweeeee. Someone was sitting down for too long.

Are you a pervert?

This is the tramp stamp on my back.

Someone just decided to pinch in my back.
See…told ya I had “Mental Patient” written on me.
Sucks the pic’s kinda blurry.

These are the only pics out of hundreds that I could actually post.
You had to be there.


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Posted by on March 1, 2012 in Art, Photography, Pictures, Sex, Tattoos


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