It’s a Jerseyliscious Life! (Mega pics album)

28 Feb

Straight from the airport to the bar.
We hit up a place in Morristown called the Office.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a “whiter” place.
It was like I was transported onto the set of American Pie
a logwood cabin/Abercrombie & Fitch commercial.
Culture shock, for sure!!!

Me and my boricuas were cold enough.
Standing in line to get into one of the bars
on the same street were 3 chicks, in short, skin tight dresses…
FREEZING their asses off.
Yeah, wonder f-in why dipshits.

I didn’t have anything to eat since lunch time…
so was nausceously hungry.
Being in the care of two young men
(under 33 years of age)
I was shit outta luck so had to settle for condiments from the bar.

My frustrations diminished when I looked up at the WALL full’o’beers.
Saw Duvel and wanted to treat them to the beer I discovered while in Holland.
(My Belgium husband introduced me to it)
(8.5% compared to the average 4-5% of normal beers)

One of my favorite, yet calorie-filled and easily consumed in large quantities beverages came to mind…
so I thought I’d see if they had it.
And, did they!!

I mix it half and half with a light beer so the sweet taste is weened off a bit.
I love my Lambic Framboise.
Just not the extra “cushion” it puts on me if I get on my fix and start to go overboard with it.

After a late night out we decided to begin the “day after” properly…
with SANCOCHO!!!!

I was missin’ my favorite soup peppers though.
Indy’s ex’s mom makes a PERFECT pepper sauce for this soup.
It wasn’t the same, but still hit the spot!!!!
(I personally like your sancocho better though Indy)

This one had short ribs, chicken and ox tail.

My boricuas.

Mmmmmm. Cocina dominicana!
I miss my DR family!!!!!!


First time at Hamilton Park.
(At least, from what memory serves)

Checkin’ out the Manahattan skyline.

Finally. After countless drive arounds for parking all over New Jersey…
just to get a drink
we run into THIS place…with an actual parking lot!

3 letters is all we needed to see…

I don’t know if it’s “old” age…
but after countless travels to different cities around the world
I’ve come to appreciate Florida.
I see why old people migrate there…
Parking lots.

The ease of going somewhere and just damn PARKING!!!
Instead of driving street to street hoping for a spot to open up.
Too much aggravation for my blood.
In the city, I just go into a parking garage.
Fuck it.
But even then, sometimes THEY are full!!!

Is it old age?
What say you?

Ahhhhhh. Finally. Gettin’ our drink on!

We’re so angelic, our “purity” shines right through us.
See it?
Bright angelic beacons.

Or, maybe it was our guardian angels.

My apartment building.

Amazing skylights, “environmentally” friendly and “natural” aircon and heating.

The security line that went for “daze”

Gearin’ up to go.

Bye bye NYC!!!!!

My Afghan Ahmed who’s “adopted” me into his family.
“You have problem, call Ahmed!”

A pic a friend of mine posted yesterday on Facebook.
A mutual friend informed me that he massacred the poor thing.

He/she was so beautiful.
Makes me sad.

(Maybe I should tell him to send the carcass to my parents. Maybe they can stir fry it.)

Almost caught up!!!
Still haven’t really slept. Popped open a can of jalapeños I picked up at the airport at around 3 something AM
to snack on, cuz…hell, I was bored and that was the only thing I had at my disposal.
I think it cranked a bit of energy in me…
cuz I was basically up all night.
May have caught 30 mins of sleep at around 6 something…

then up again at 7AM.

Fun times.

Ah well.

No sleep = get shit done

Works for me.


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